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Friday, March 11, 2011

Yes, thanks.

Ah, sunshine.
Even with snow on the ground.
And I saw a woodchuck, or groundhog, whatever you want to call it, outside prowling around on the snow.
So as far as I am concerned, it's SPRING.

The eaves are dripping, the snow and ice are melting.  Do you see me doing the happy dance????

It is supposed to be in the 40's here all next week.   OMG.  Heart be still.

Do you think there is room out here for a loom?????

Plenty of clouds, but plenty of sun, too.

Driving down the highway today, I passed a guy in a battered old truck.  He had a piece of pizza in his left hand, an orange soda in his right hand, and he was driving.
On the dash directly in front of him were THREE LARGE disposable coffee cups, taking up at least half of his visual of the road.
I got by him as fast as I could.  What DO people think about???

Back at the studio, we are busier than ever.
Cut lots of fabric for some rugs.

I am worried that I don't have enough of this fabric for all 4 rugs, and of course, that would be a disaster. So I am thinking that I should be cutting all this fabric into strips half as wide, and winding it with  another blue that is close in value.  Kind of like like adding another ingredient to make more soup, if you know what I mean.
The bad news is that we may have to take this first rug apart.  How will I tell L?
Oh, that's right, she reads my blog.
Sorry, L.

On another front, I found a container of this wildly hot pink stuff to make a looper rug, or several.

All in all, life is good.  
I am sad for the people of Japan.  I worry for the people of Libya, and Egypt.
I am fortunate to live in the frozen northeast.
I am going to try not to complain so much about things that really are of little consequence in the long run.
Gratitude, baby, gratitude.


claudia said...

Oh good for you that the weather is warming, ever so slightly.
I too am grateful to be where I am. We had a tsunami watch this morning, and on into the day. They are finally letting some people who live in the low lying areas go home. That is in the town where I work. Where I live they told everyone to go east of Adobe. Well, I am three houses east of Adobe, so at home I am safe.
Nothing really came of the tsunami. A little surge of wave action at our local harbor, but no damage.
Gratitude, baby, gradtitude. ;)

TexWisGirl said...

Oh absolutely. We here in the US are extremely blessed, even if SOME of us (you) are still in snow. I LOVE your porch! Can I come sit awhile?! Especially if the sun is shining and things are melting! Woo Hoo! Spring!

Anonymous said...

So, if both of the guy's hands were full... pray tell, what part of the body was he steering with??? LOL


Anonymous said...

He is driving with his knee, i do it all the time. this is L. and yes i just read that i may have to take apart a lot of work that i did today at the Studio and it wasn't anything i did because the rug looks really nice. But hey its all a learning experience for me! Hilary can we leave it on the loom and just go backwards and pull out the weft material and save the warp material.. Just asking :) :) Lois

michelle_typicallibra said...

I love the sound of melting snow and dripping eaves. I am with you - spring is so close!

Sharon said...

I like both of those rugs but especially the blue one. Do you just lay a short strip of color into the same shed and then beat? I clicked for big and it seemed like that's what I saw.

Karen said...

Gratitude is the attitude - I'm feeling the same way.

Leslie said...

I woke to sunshine today and am so happy! I'm so tired of the cold weather. I'm not sure I'll ever thaw this "FL girl" body out!

Oh, and I love love love your rugs in this post. Re: your looper rug, how do you prepare the loops for weaving? I'm dying to buy a few bags of your loops but really need to "see the process" and work it out in my head first. Some days, ADD can be so hard to live with.

Be blessed today, Hilary.

bspinner said...

I feel very fortunate too. My heart goes out to those who lost everything including their loved ones and those fighting for a free country. I can't imagine living any where but a free country where we can change leaders every four years we don't like who's in office.

As usual your rugs are great!!

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Because every thread counts