Crazy as a Loom

Thursday, September 23, 2021


I am somewhat surprised at how much I am changing/adapting to life.   It's not something I expected.  Ah, but here it is.

Of course, as we know well, physical ailments, accidents, loss of youth, does prompt some changes, and as much as we resist them, sometimes it is just not in our best interests to do so.

Ten years ago, when I fell and smashed my head on a rock, my life changed in a nano second.  I didn't realize it at first, of course.  But as time went on, and the headaches took over my life, I was forced to accept what really seemed unacceptable.
And I adapted.

Eventually, I was forced to admit that weaving rugs, something I had done for so many years, was just too damn hard on my neck.  So I sold all the fabric, all the rug looms, and morphed into a weaver that I never thought I would be.
Clothing.  Towels.  Fabric.  
Imagine my total shock, when I discovered that I loved it, even more than I loved weaving rugs.
Who knew.

I began to understand that sometimes change can frighten, and then, delight you.   That was hard to wrap my brain around, but it proves out time and again.
Besides, what choice do we really have?   I can't undo the crack of my head on the rock.  I can't turn back the clock and be younger.
Today, this day, this body, this ME, that's what I have to work with.

Once again:  "Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today."

I was thinking about this when I woke up this morning with a slammer of a headache......and honestly, I could not remember when the last time was that I did that.  Imagine?????
I could not tell you when I had the last beastly, unrelenting headache, it was that long ago.

If I was more limber, I would jump for joy.  I'm not sure I ever expected to be able to say that.

Once my knee was recovered enough to weave, even for short periods, I began to feel more normal.

A 40 yard towel warp got me motivated.

There aren't words to explain how happy this makes me.

I am blessed beyond belief.

Lois and I fired up the cloth storage system on the AVL, which really makes it easy to cut off towels and hem them as I go along, without wasting any warp.

On other fronts, I took a ride with a good friend, to pick up our sewing machines from their service apppointments.

We stopped on the way at the Water Wheel Village in Galway, NY, where they have the best 
cheese ever.
I always buy their cheddar, and this time I couldn't resist these olives.


While wandering around the back yard one day, pondering all the yard work I am still 
unable to do, I discovered that I had a black walnut tree that I have never 
identified before.
The squirrels know, I bet.

When the chickens left, I decided to clean up that area of the yard.
It was pretty easy to find someone to take down all the chicken fence, and then the garden fence.  I gave it away, happy for the chance to get rid of it.
  As I told DH, we are NOT planting big gardens anymore.
Clearing this space out will make it so much easier to keep the sumac and the Japanese knotweed from taking over.

That's my new approach to yard work.....keep it clear, and therefore easy to  mow or weedwhack.

I still love the new space where the barn once was.  Not one bit sorry.

I occasionally think this old house is just too much house for us, but honestly, I can't really imagine living anywhere else.
I am also a firm believer that when older folks leave their homes to downsize, or to please their kids, it usually ends in their feeling lost and unmoored.
This old house is comfort to me, and I love it.

All I  have is today.   It's 24 hours on this earth to be happy. and I'm taking full advantage of it.

There are so many things I am grateful for. 

Too many to count.

New towels.......headed to the McKernon Gallery in downtown Hudson Falls.

OK, break is over....back to the loom.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

At last

At long last, I think I've turned a corner.  It's been 10, almost 11, weeks since my total knee replacement, and finally, the pain has dialed down enough so I can sleep more than one or two hours at a time.
I've also realized, just in the last several days, that I am not always focused on my knee.  I forget about it for periods of time.

Heart be still.

It's been a tough couple of months, but I think I can see the light, and the relief is immense.

Oh, it still hurts, but not like before.'s doable.   More and more, it's in the rear view mirror.  

Here's my new cotton warp for towels....Lois and I put it on yesterday, and I'm hoping to start weaving again, on some kind of regular routine, even if it's not for long each day.
I feel that I desperately need some structure.

Just for the record......this stuff is awful.
I was so hoping it wouldn't be, but it is.

The grands were up to visit last week, and the playhouse needed some decorating.

I am still so amazed at how much happier I am with it as a playhouse, than I ever was as a chicken coop.
Relief, it's a wonderful thing, however you find it.

Once apon a time, I had water in this fountain, in the middle of the labyrinth.  The problem was leaves blocking the water flow, water evaporating, and trying to keep the cord to the house hidden.  So I gave it up, and planted a few succulents in it, and they have taken over.

They surpassed my expectations.

Another bit of good news:  I found someone dependable to mow the areas that need to be push mowed, and he's going to do it on a regular basis.   I am beyond thrilled.
Like I said:  relief is the word of the day.

Lately, Sydney has decided that these dogs are getting too much attention, and every evening, she somehow manages to get her very large self up onto the sofa with me.

Naya doesn't mind at all, but Willie has given her the side eye a couple of times.
Sydney is not intimidated one bit.  She says, "I was here first."


Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts