Crazy as a Loom

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Yes, it's been bitterly cold in Northeast New York, so cold that it's time to turn on the "red light" out in the hen house.  Hopefully, it makes a little difference.

Inside, I've been working on my natural towel warp, and hopefully will be done with it soon.

I definitely need some color.

I've been mending this old quilt in the evenings, my plan is to get it all quilted before I wash it.  It's very fragile.
I just love the old, faded fabrics.

Well, I showed you pictures of my sewing table plans.   But I have the patience of a gnat.
Ask anyone.
I really needed a table to work on, and after some careful consideration of the costs, I went to the local furniture store, where they sell used and new, and bought two very reasonable, identical  cupboards.

I used the table, because the top is still serviceable, I did have to bungee the middle legs together, as they are busted, as well.

But I think it's going to work well.  At some point, I may order a custom counter top for it, same size.

My sewing room is a wonderful place to spend time.  Unfortunately, my Bernina is getting its yearly service cleaning, so I am a little lost.

Well, not entirely.   There's always the 36 year old Kenmore upstairs.   hehe.

The sun has been shining all day, and that's something to be thankful for, even though it's brutally cold.


Hemmed, washed and pressed all these towels. stocking the shelves.

Thinking today about 2017.   Missing Roy, feeling the loss of a friend, trying to understand somethings, while fully understanding others.

Mostly, grateful for everything I have.  Still loving my life. My family.  My friends.  Hopeful for the future.

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends.

2018????         Let's do this.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Christmas is over, and I'm not sad about that.  It's no secret that I wasn't in the Christmas frame of mind.
Watching the little ones was the best part of all.  Thank goodness for toddlers and babies.

It is bitter cold here, as it is in many parts of the country.  I'm not a fan of this either.

God, I sound like the grinch.  But I can't help it, the bitter cold makes me nervous.  I'm always thinking that the power will go out, the pipes will freeze, yadda yadda.  The chickens are barely laying an egg or two a day.   It's just too cold.

I'm busy weaving on a 50 yard towel warp, all the while planning my next warp.

And I have some sewing to do, before I haul my Bernina 770 to the sewing center for its yearly maintenance.  I have made a lot of quilts this past year, so it needs to go.  And it's free, so I have no excuse.

I hate the cold SO Much, that I talked Lois into picking up a book for me at the I don't have to go.

After my bout with the flu, my first trip out of the house was to Benson's Pet Center, for the signing of John Gray's book, GOD NEEDED A PUPPY.
John is a local (Albany) TV weather man, and he has written this amazing book.
I bought one for myself, dedicated to Roy, and one for Dale, because she was having a hard time understanding that Roy wasn't coming back.

You can find him on FB,

and you can find his book on Amazon.

His daily writing on FB is always good, inspirational, and makes you believe in the good in this world.
 I highly recommend it.

Here is my towel warp.......I'm getting tired of a straight draw on a neutral background.

Remember these two..........

Where did the years go???

These Christmas gifts remind me of my mother.

Funny how holidays haven't been the same without her.

My sewing table has had the radish.........both ends fold down, and unfortunately, after a lot of use, it is just not stable anymore.

So I'm thinking of having this made instead.

What do you think???

Time for a cuppa tea.......and a digestive.   If you've never had one, well, you haven't lived.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry, merry

The house is strangely empty.   I turn and look for Roy a couple times every day.  It's like my brain just doesn't want to believe that he's really gone.

The cats seem a little confused.   Maybe he was their dog, too.

The outpouring of sympathy and love from all of you touched me deeply.   Roy was truly loved, even by all of you who only knew him here.

I am getting better every day, that was one foul flu/cold sickness.  I am still tired, and every afternoon, I want to take a nap.  That is so unlike me, but I figure that my body is telling me stuff I should pay attention to.

My Christmas spirit has not arrived, and I fear that it's really too late now.   I have done the minimal amount of shopping that I could get away with, and I have not baked one cookie, or decorated even one thing.

I decided to just accept that it is that way for me this year.   Some things you just can't change.

DH has been perusing, trying to fill the void here.   I am not ready.   I want Roy, and I know that I can't have him.   Another dog will come along, I know that, but just not right yet.

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas.  Thanks for being here when I so needed kind words.  You're the best!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

For Roy

No words.   Just this knife in my chest.   My sweet, lovable boy.  He was part of our family.   He got me through some of the toughest days of my life.  I will never forget him.   Heaven would be him running towards me, with that grin on his face.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Just when I thought it was safe to take a deep breath, the FLU hit me.

Four whole days on the couch, flat out.  Unbelievable.

And a snow storm.  I mean, really, what else can you ask for?????

It was pretty.

And wet, and heavy, and costly, and COLD.

Then DH got sick, and L would only come in the house to bring me things,  and she came prepared:  mask on her face, and hand sanitizer in her pocket.
I don't blame her a bit.

Today, I think I will live.  I'm hungry, after what seems like a long time with no appetite at all.  And I want to weave.  I can't remember being away from my loom this long, except when we went south.

This is the way I left my loom last Thursday, and it sat here untouched for 5 days.  OK, 4, I had to try to weave a little on day 5.
I was exhausted in short order.

The coughing jags are what really get to me.

This is my last baby wrap warp, so it's kind of a relief on the one hand, and sad on the other.

 I have all kinds of ideas about what I want to weave next, so I have a feeling that the freedom from custom orders will be  enjoyable, after all.

I love this loom, just saying.

When Lois decides it's all clear over here, this is what she is working on.

In the evenings, Sydney  parks herself on my body...yes, I'm UNDER her.  and she's settled in.

Tonight I said, no way, I had fringes to twist.

Hopefully tomorrow, I will feel even better, and I will be back in business.

But for right now, I need to go check out the backs of my eyelids.   Badly.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts