Crazy as a Loom

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Game changer

  Four years ago today, I had the surgery that changed everything.  Well, it also probably saved my life.
Funny how those two things go together.
I just went back and read my daughter's post on this blog, on that day.

Amazing.  All of it.

Life goes on.  Busy as usual.

There were 7 old windows left to be replaced in this old house, and I decided now was a good time.

The old windows did not open easily, did not stay open, were filthy dirty, and there was no way to wash them on the second floor.

The new ones are awesome.  Clean,    They open, and stay open, did I say they are awesome??

Five in, two more ordered.
It's the little things.

Out on my inside porch, these old beams reside.  They were here when I bought the house..

I did not weave today.   Horrors.
I spent the morning on the inside porch, getting it ready to be my dye room.

It was an awful job, but it is shaping up nicely.

The shelves are perfect for all my dyes and paraphernalia.

I had to quit after a few hours, my plantar fasciitis was screaming at me.
So ice and rest were in order.

I read my book, "A Man Called Ove".....which I highly recommend.

Here is one of my garage sale finds this came from the house of an old pharmacist.

I love it.

This is the wrap I just finished....

And this is the one I am working on now.

Sometimes I worry that I am not packing enough into my life.

Then I laugh.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Is it over???   Summer?

Oh, sure, there are things about it that are amazing, like my huge zinnia patch.

But overall, the humidity has been overwhelming.

I know I've said it before, but I do love this old house.

The light, the incredible feeling about it.

I have been weaving hand dyed bamboo, and I'm calling it Mermaids.

Though it is one of my LEAST favorite jobs, we had another rug to seam together.

Lois has been working hard on this for weeks........three sections, altogether, it makes a 9x12 rug.

It took us about two hours to sew it together, and when we were done, I needed a crane to get me off the floor.
Can anyone say "STIFF"????

Here's the runner that goes with it.

I'm busy as usual, weaving, dyeing.

But today, I spent with this little love.
Priceless, let me tell you.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Still here.

For quite a while now, I have suspected that I was headed for a hip replacement.
I have had the MRI, the injections, etcetera.
The upshot is, I don't.
It is "years away", I was told.
Yay....that's ok with me.

The bad news is that I have a problem with my SI joint.........if you look up "Weaver's Bottom", you will see that my ischial tuberosity is unhappy.
I told the doctor that I did not want him to tell me to stop weaving.  He said, " I won't."

Good.  At least we understand each other.

So it's off for another injection, and some physical therapy, and more weaving.  Of course.

Cotton warp, hand dyed silk weft.

I had some cotton I wove a while back.   I finally got inspired to do something with it.

Three kimono jackets.

I love the loose and flowing.

 I love the clean feel of cotton.

And I love them in natural.

It's so much fun pleasing myself.  I hope for someone to come along and like it, I mean I am hoping to make some money from my weaving.
But I still basically please myself.  And that is the "priceless" part.

This morning I made some dill pickles.
But I refuse to can them.
I put mine in the fridge, and I tell anyone that I give them to:  refrigerate.
It's too hot to can, and besides, it sometimes makes the pickles limp.
I hate limp pickles.

My field is coming along's all cleared, and sometimes I just go out there and sit in my lawn chair and admire it.
Have I mentioned that I have zucchinis as big as my thigh???

I've dried them, I've grated and froze them, I've given them away.
But still this:

I do require that I keep somewhat of a schedule....even if it's just one I've made up.  So I am going back to weave a bit before the evening news.

This hand dyed tencel is waiting for me.

Is life good, or what???

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts