Crazy as a Loom

Monday, December 18, 2023

A crime scene and a frog.

We are having a monster rain storm.
If it were snow, we would be buried, but it's 50 degrees outside,  so it's rain.

I don't really mind, this is where I'm spending my afternoon.

I haven't been doing much dyeing, but another weaver asked me to 
dye this for her.
My daughter said it looks like a crime scene.

It dries overnight in front of my Toyotomi heater....which also keeps the studio toasty, 
for not a lot of money.

Willie is overseeing my work.

Here it is, dry and chained.  She approved, and it is on its way to Illinois.

These towels just came off the loom, 

I seem to be into plaids lately, not sure why, but they were fun to weave.

My youngest daughter bought me this tree, and it's about as festive as I get......

Except for this little light, $1.50 at Big Lots.

It does occasionally bubble like it's supposed to, and brings back memories of being enchanted and somewhat envious of the Christmas tree that my aunt and uncle put up every year.

Ok, let me tell you about the rabbit hole that I have just fallen in.

My youngest daughter is Dale's mother, and the other day she told me
about an Instagram that she lets Dale watch, about a frog.   The Instagram
site is IndiaRoseCrawford, if you are interested. She has 1.6 million followers,
and she makes frog videos.
Dale is obsessed....addicted, to this little green frog.
When questioned, the maker of the frog, says that she does not make them to sell, oh no, 
she is far too busy making videos.  If you visit her on Instagram, you will
But she did direct me to a lady in France, owner of the pattern to make the frog.  I ordered 

it and downloaded it to my computer

My daughter says she did not ask me to make the frog.
And to be fair, she did not. 
She did, however, know perfectly well that I would take the bait.
And take the bait I did.

This little frog doesn't have a name, although I admit to calling him a few.

I admit to having great admiration for the creator of this pattern, even while I cursed it, and her.

So, here's the upshot.

Yarn in correct weight and color:  $32
Armature wire for his arms and legs:  $6
Plastic safety eyes that almost caused me to 
have a nervous breakdown putting the backs on them: $7
Polyester stuffing, smallest bag I could find:  $7.99
Knitting needles size 0,  the only needles I didn't have,
because who wants to knit on 
needles that small:  $11
Glue stick, pack of 2: $3.99

Labor:  6 hours more or less.

All I can say is that I hope her surprise, and the look on her face
when she sees him is:  Priceless.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

First snow.

This was pretty much the first snow fall, not enough to plow, but that's coming, for sure.
If I'm not paying to mow the lawn, I'm paying to plow the snow,  that's the way of it.

It is pretty.
I actually don't mind winter, as long as the sun shines.  
When it's terminally gray, like it has been lately, that gets kind of old.

The sun really makes all the difference.

We walk every morning, and this morning was pretty cold.

During the day I'm in the studio, but in the evening, you will find me and the dogs cozied
up right here  in the living room.

These pictures are actually deceiving, they look so neat......not shown is the sofa, where we ALL sit together.......and the ottoman which is covered with my books and whatever
else I am doing at the moment.

 So not all that photograph friendly.

After FIVE years of not knitting, I have started again.

My English mother taught me how to knit when I was 4, and I have knitted all my life.  For
some reason 5 years ago, I stopped.   And I couldn't get going again, even though I tried.

Fast forward, and just recently, I was motivated to try once more.  This time it worked.

I'm glad, it's very Zen, and thus very soothing, especially on long winter evenings.

I did just finish 22 towels, and hopefully will soon have the cupboard full again.

I usually have a color scheme and pattern picked out in my head for my next warp, long 
before the one I am working on is done.  
It's an addiction, clearly.

Sometimes on a gray day, I turn on all the lights in the studio, just to brighten things up.

That loom is where Lois weaves, she likes her spot by the window.  I try not to change anything in her little world over there.

This is where I'm weaving  at present, but a new loom is coming, and things are going to have to shift a bit.

On the left is my  computer/sewing  corner.   

So there was a gas fireplace here, that replaced the old wood burning one, that was falling apart, and not very efficient.   Over the last 18 years, I have used the fireplace about 5 times, and then not for long.   L and I really don't like to be quite that toasty in here.  We are working.  If I get cold, I put on a sweater....novel idea, right????   and L is NEVER cold.  Then I found a bat in the studio, because the gas insert did not fit perfectly and there was a space of about 1/2".   The bat was escorted out, with no contact, and he flew away, not happy about the whole daylight thing.
And I had the gas insert removed.   Yay.
So now it is sealed, and insulated and just waiting for "something".   I have not yet come up with something inspiring.  
I have thought of a mural, a painting, wall paper, paint......what?
 I would attempt to draw a village on it, but the idea of getting down there to do that, with my knees, is not something I really think is doable.  Guess I should have done it on the wood BEFORE it was installed.
  I need some ideas......
and you know I don't want "blah".  
I want something unique......but what????   
I know one of you will hit the nail on the head.......!!!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts