Crazy as a Loom

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can you hear me?

I love to read your comments, I love knowing that you enjoy coming here.
Joan, you ARE friends, and that's why it is easy to talk to  you all.
Who would come here, besides friends?  Who would care?
A crazy woman in northeast N.Y. who weaves like a maniac and tries to be sane and reasonable and simple all at the same time.
And does not get it right all that often.

Good God.

I was  loving my morning at home.  My mother and daughter  left for the Salvation Army.   I
tried not to notice the pain on my poor daughter's face.
This morning, I offered a bedspread to my mother.  I had brought it from the studio, to wash, and my mother was groaning that she needed a new, pretty bedspread. So I offered her this one....and thus began a 10 minute long monologue about bedspreads........what would I do if she took this one, and what would she do with the one she had, and what would she do when winter came and she needed a dark one, and what if it was too big and dragged on the floor, and what would look better, and what and what and what..........
You get my drift.
I folded it up, and put it in my car.
This is the kind of craziness that about puts me over the edge.  Nothing is simple in her mind.  I try to see into her mind, and it just makes me crazier.
I am not perfect, let's just say it.
Then DH kicked me out.  Yup.  It's the truth.  He was vacuuming, and I was in his way.
So much for a quiet two hours at home, ALONE.
Guess it takes more planning.

For all of you weavers......this is the piece I just took off the loom.....this is the part that was on the loom when I bought it.......  I am pretty sure this finish work right next to the red is from  Collingwood's book, but I don't know what it is.
Any ideas???
It sure looks neat, doesn't it?

I just broke down and bought a new lens for my Nikon D40.   The one it came with was in tough shape. It might have something to do with dropping the camera on the lens an accident, but it only worked occasionally, making it very difficult, pretty much impossible, to get those shots that only appeared momentarily.
So I went to Ray's Supply for some advice.  They said I should just throw my old lens away, it was beyond help.
So I bought a new lens, and I hope that I am happy with it.  It is a Tamron 17-270mm lens, which means that I don't have to take my regular lens off and put my zoom lens on every time I turn around.
It does make the camera a little heavier, but not so bad that I care.  I hope I made a good decision, I guess   time will tell.  I do have 30 days to take it back, if I don't like it.

I was standing half way across the room from the window when I took this, a shot I would have normally only got with my zoom.  So maybe I will be selling my 200-300 zoom lens.  Should I?

When I got evicted from my house, I went to the studio, and got a few things done.
I finished a dopey little handbag that I had been fooling around with.
I don't even dare put a price tag on it, it is so perfectly silly.

I tied fringe on two shawls that came off the loom, and one funky wrap.

And then I went outside, and sat in the not so secret garden that needs to be weeded or they won't be allowing it in Country Living Magazine when they come to take pictures.
That's a joke.
I don't qualify.
But I should.  At least I think so.

What got me out there was a woodchuck who darted out from behind the barn, just as I was leaving.  He scooted over to the apple tree, grabbed an apple off the ground, and ran back behind the barn.
So I sat out there for awhile, waiting to see if he would reappear, and I could use my brand new lens on him.
Or his FAM, cause ya know he's got one.

Sometimes, on Sundays, I think about what I want to accomplish during the week, just to kind of have a framework to go by.
Plans are good.
This week, I am going to get all the JUNK cleaned out from in front of the barn.  I'll show you how bad it looks, and then I will show you the grand improvement.    Anything would look grander than it looks right now.

I would like to MOVE the barn, but that's not happening any time soon.
My husband would tell me right here, to turn my brain off, for crying out loud.

And I reply, "don't you think I would have done that a long time ago if it were an option? Huh?"

Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A little (more) color, and a giveaway.

Spent a lovely day in the studio, mostly alone.
Wanted to finish my shawl warp, and I did....took, 4......shawls off the Macomber.  They are rolled up waiting for me to tie fringe....maybe later.

Then I finished the warp on the Gallinger, the one that came on it.  I could have cut it off, but I hated to waste it, especially since it was so colorful.
So I wove three table runners on it.

There was also some stuff already woven on the front beam, and I pinned the hems on that too, they are all rolled up, waiting for me to hem them.  Maybe later.......

I didn't have the same threads that were used in the warp, but I did my own thing.
Don't sound surprised now.

When I get in a slump, color revives me.  It does, I am not kidding.

My daughters are stepping up to help me with my mother.  Taking her to church, calling her to talk, just engaging her in different ways, so all her attention is not directed at me.  It gives me a break.
I have taken on the role of caretaker, and don't feel much like a daughter these days.
So this helps, it helps a lot.

OK.....July is almost over, so let's have a giveaway.
Since I have been making these mug rugs, mug mats, coasters, mini mats, anywhere mats ......all week long, the giveaway is YOUR CHOICE of a set of them.
1. Birch bark white

2. Lemony yellow

3. Rose, brown and white

4. The palest of pinks.

5.  Tan, green, red and whatever

 6. July 4th

7. More July 4th.

8. Seagreen

9. Purple-y blue

10. Hot pink.

11. Red

All you have to do is leave a comment, and tell me what you like to see or hear about the most, here at Crazy as a Loom.
I will draw a name on Monday evening, so get your comment in by 6pm, Aug 1st.
And now, I have to take that pie out of the oven...........thanks, Lois, for those yummy blackberries.
I only had to slap a couple of hands to keep them for my pie.
The nerve.

Friday, July 29, 2011


If you don't get my newsletter, and you are a weaver, or want to be, let me know and I will send it to you.

L and I are cleaning out the storage room off the old kitchen, trying to reorganize, prioritize, make space for more stuff.
Since there are bags and bags of looped socks and loopers, I decided to have a Summer is Half Over Sale.

The Solmate Sock Rug Kit  was something I came up with, to make it available to other weavers.
 It came with enough cut socks and loopers to make a 2x3 rug.  
It can also be made like a braided rug, if you don't have a loom.
It retailed for $47.50
But since we have SO MUCH of it, it is going ON SALE.

From now until Labor Day,  you can get this kit and not have to do all the prep work of looping and chaining the weft together.  These kits come with it all ready to weave.  Just wind it on your shuttle, or if you're making it like a braided rug, you can start immediately.
And it is on sale, for $39.95, and if you buy 2, they are $34.95 each.

My friend Sheila, whom I love dearly, just emailed me and said I was a marketing whore.  And she added that she said that in the most complimentary way.
Guess she got my newsletter.
I don't spend much time on marketing, and even that is too much in my opinion.
I remind myself often to keep focused on weaving, and let the marketing do itself.
As crazy as it sounds, it usually does take care of itself.
I should be sending out these newsletters every few weeks, instead, I send one out every few months.
I need a manager.

Because I would rather do this.

And this.

I have been doing mug mats this week, and I am getting geared up to do dish towels.
But not tonight.
Tonight, I can barely keep my eyes open.

Thank goodness, tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Working for.......myself.

Yes, we're open.

Ever since I put this buckboard in the front yard, and started hanging a couple of rugs on it every day, I have had more walk in business.
Go figure.

I guess that people aren't too sure what I am doing inside, but the colorful rugs outside make it more clear.

I spent the day here, in my little corner.
Bliss, I tell ya, bliss.
There is no place I'd rather be.

But now, after a long day, and a long walk with Mr. Roy Boy, I am lounging on the couch.

Jinxy gave me some tips.

She said, first, you get comfortable.

Then you yawn some.

Which just makes you want to yawn some more.

And I don't think a little ice cream would hurt, would it??

Here's a tip:   This is NEW, and DELICIOUS.

This might get me off the couch.

  Good night, all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On summer time.

One of the presents I bought myself yesterday was a handmade purse that I found in a neat gallery of only 18 artisans.
The straps are made from the legs of a pair of faded brown jeans, and inside, there are pockets, and  belt hooks from the same pants.  The sides and bottom of the bag are also made from the jeans, while the rest of the bag, is upholstery material cut in strips and sewn down the middle.
I fell in love with it, and I know how much work went into it, which made me appreciate it all that much more.

Sydney says:
SERIOUSLY?  Another purse?
Are ya kiddin' me?

I am late blogging tonight, cause I've had my nose in a book all evening.  I highly recommend it.
It's a great summer read.

The Murderer's Daughters, by Randy Susan Meyers.  I bought mine at Target.  L teases me because I am not a fan of the library.

We were busy at the studio today, but honestly, I think we are on 'summer time'.

L is in charge of Walking on Sunshine rugs.

I am continuing improving my relationship with Miss Cranberry.
We made this one today. 3'x5', browns and yellows, with a touch of maroon.

I started another rug on the Cranbrook, but this one is with selvedge.

I am enjoying my 'orderless' state.  I have so many things I want to weave, and this gives me the time to experiment with texture and color, two of my favorite things.

It's good to slow down the pace for the summer. Gives me time to think up a giveaway.
Any ideas???  Something fun!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little drive through the woods.

Hi, my name is Hilary, and I am a workaholic.
Oh heck, you knew that anyway.

I have often talked about taking days off. I talk a good story, but when it comes right down to it, I am really BAD at taking days off from what I THINK is my responsibility.

I did take Sunday off, and then I worked yesterday.......and then HOLY SMOKES, I took today off.
Went shopping and to lunch with a friend.  I can hardly believe it myself.

We took the long way, uh, the road less traveled.

I need to schedule days like this.......days away from the studio, days with no responsibility, no deadline, no agenda.
I deserve it, yes, I do.

There is nothing I love more than country roads, taking it slow.

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

You know I love stones, I am a FOOL for this stone wall.

Great ride through the country, fantastic lunch, good company, and a little browsing in some sweet shops and galleries.

I even bought myself a couple of treats.

And on the way home, I saw these two.  Grazing in  the tall grass, taking their sweet time.
I get it.
I do.

Do you get it?
Are you a dreamer, too?

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts