Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little drive through the woods.

Hi, my name is Hilary, and I am a workaholic.
Oh heck, you knew that anyway.

I have often talked about taking days off. I talk a good story, but when it comes right down to it, I am really BAD at taking days off from what I THINK is my responsibility.

I did take Sunday off, and then I worked yesterday.......and then HOLY SMOKES, I took today off.
Went shopping and to lunch with a friend.  I can hardly believe it myself.

We took the long way, uh, the road less traveled.

I need to schedule days like this.......days away from the studio, days with no responsibility, no deadline, no agenda.
I deserve it, yes, I do.

There is nothing I love more than country roads, taking it slow.

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

You know I love stones, right.......so I am a FOOL for this stone wall.

Great ride through the country, fantastic lunch, good company, and a little browsing in some sweet shops and galleries.

I even bought myself a couple of treats.

And on the way home, I saw these two.  Grazing in  the tall grass, taking their sweet time.
I get it.
I do.

Do you get it?
Are you a dreamer, too?


Country Girl said...

I hope some day you'll join us
and the world will be as one.

Beautiful, Hilary.


Anonymous said...

I used to be a dreamer during my working girl stage in life. I still love country roads though!


Deb said...

Love that stone wall. Enjoy your treats.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I've always been a dreamer--even my elementary teachers said so --I spent much of my time looking out the window!

Cait Throop said...

Oh yeah! Dream on!!!

Rubye Jack said...

I kind of wondered how you could work so much. :)
It looks like you had a beautiful day Hilary.

Cheryl said...

What a lovely day and such beautiful scenery!

Sharon said...

Those pictures are absolutely fabulous. I wonder - do we live on the same planet!

Two Guys and a Loom said...

That stone wall is spectacular!!!!!

MarthaVA said...

You had a dreamy day for sure! Wish I were your friend/neighbor! :-)


Anonymous said...

The stone wall garden is spectacular, I want to live there. The Mama Doe and her fawn were a sight to behold.

You had a lovely well deserved day off, now get back to those looms ;-)

Reena said...

Love country roads ... and being a day dreamer!

Susan Harvey said...

That is an *amazing *rock wall! And so is that gorgeous garden in behind. It looks well thought out and it seems to invite you to take a walk there.
I was so impressed with the look and layout that I got my husband to view your post and he's now smiling and seeing where some of those ideas would work in our orchard and lower meadow. We also have deer too but they are the small kind and are everywhere. What they eat or don't (more to the point) dictates what you can plant here on Vancouver Island!

Where about on your journey did you find this garden paradise?

Thanks for sharing...

Hilary said...

Imagine that! Beautiful images.... love those dear deer.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts