Saturday, July 16, 2011

Serene on Saturday

Gee, the HEADLINE on the news is that Casey Anthony might be the most hated woman in America.
Is that supposed to be a surprise?

There are evil people everywhere, but sometimes I think that there is too much information available to us.  If this had happened 200 years ago, it would have been just as tragic, and the crime just as heinous.  But millions of us would not have heard anything about it.
I guess my point is that the benefits of knowing everything are dubious.
Whoever said that ignorance was bliss, wasn't too far off the mark.

I try to imagine life 220 years ago, when this house was first built.
There was no internet, no Facebook, no Twitter, no TV.  No cell phones, no PHONES, no electricity, no evening news.

I had a blissfully quiet day at the studio.
I worked on blue jean rugs.

Hoping to get a stack of 2'x3' blue jean rugs made and on the shelf.

Sydney says:  You're doing a helluva job, Mom. (yawn)

I am still giddy about how open and spacious and organized the studio is feeling lately.

DH took me out for dinner, and I had shrimp and penne in pesto with grilled vegetables.  It was awesome.
And I ate too much.
And now I am feeling incredibly lazy, hoping that I can beat down my inner critic, and relax with my book on the couch.
More likely.........I will close this computer and put my sneakers on, and beat myself out the front door.
Roy will be very happy.


Reena said...

A nice walk this evening sounds lovely as the temps drop a bit!

TexWisGirl said...

awww. making roy happy and getting some exercise sounds like a great idea. :)

Anonymous said...

When do you really have a slow day? Your slow days are pretty busy :-)

Ah, Sydney...she is such a charmer, if she sleeps on it does it sell faster? I imagine she is giving your weaving a bit of good luck!

Deb said...

I'd love to see more of that house. I love old homes and live in one but am ready to build a new one. I was hoping this year but it looks like next is more likely. We are still working on getting this one ready for sale. Enjoy your walk with Roy. They sure do get us out there, don't they?

Karen said...

Forever in Blue Jeans....
One of my favorite songs... and I do love my rug :-)

I still cannot believe she will walk scott free. Except, I DO believe her life is going to be a living hell from now on anyway. And she'll have to live with what she's done. To her child, her parents, etc. etc. etc.

Your house is beautiful! Love the old ones, so much more character.

Anonymous said...

I think the world has had just as much evil in it for centuries, but as you say... we were not privy to it due to not having internet. All of the social sites don't help either since negative info, true or not, travels like wildfire and incites people. I could care less about Casey Anthony, what she did, the verdict, or what happens to her from this point on.

I always eat too much when we go out for dinner too... Sitting here stuffed as I type this... ugh.

Rubye Jack said...

This is why I do not miss having a TV any longer. I didn't even recognize Casey Anthony's name until just now when I looked her up. I don't like hysteria and I have heard people talking about her, but the way they get ... I have to walk away. To me the concern is why do people get so self-righteous and indignant when there are several of these kinds of crimes committed every day. You don't hear people going on about child slavery, which happens every day. Perhaps Casey represents all these crimes in people's minds. Don't know.
Sorry, this is always such a nice light kind blog.

Sharon said...

I'm with you - 'nuff of that stuff. I don't graze at the TV news trough anyway. I'd rather be here, in the moment. Much more better.

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

I do believe ignorance is bliss for the most part. I dont' watch the news, or read the paper. It's too much. Your life sounds so nice to me Hilary - I love your jean rug! I just made my first, and it wasn't nearly as nice as yours.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts