Thursday, July 28, 2011

Working for.......myself.

Yes, we're open.

Ever since I put this buckboard in the front yard, and started hanging a couple of rugs on it every day, I have had more walk in business.
Go figure.

I guess that people aren't too sure what I am doing inside, but the colorful rugs outside make it more clear.

I spent the day here, in my little corner.
Bliss, I tell ya, bliss.
There is no place I'd rather be.

But now, after a long day, and a long walk with Mr. Roy Boy, I am lounging on the couch.

Jinxy gave me some tips.

She said, first, you get comfortable.

Then you yawn some.

Which just makes you want to yawn some more.

And I don't think a little ice cream would hurt, would it??

Here's a tip:   This is NEW, and DELICIOUS.

This might get me off the couch.

  Good night, all.


Deb said...

Tell Jinxy she has lovely teeth. Congrats on more business and "Good Night"

Cait Throop said...

OMG you guys always manage to make me hungry! Hey, nothing like walking in sunshine to get the customers in! And Jinxy, I'm taking her advice to heart! xo

Frank's Corner said...

Wow! Jinxy has a lovely palate.

Marsel said...

Those are fabulous cat-yawn pictures! Cats are so great! I like your sign, too -- it's very attractive.

Country Girl said...

What beautiful kitty pictures here!

Hilary said...

I could curl right up with Jinxy right about now. I've been yawning for the last half hour.

Sharon said...

I can't imagine weaving without my cat. Do you suppose they're the familiars of weavers??

sharon said...

gorgeous rugs. loved the colors. Jinxy has the right idea. At 104 degrees it's time to take a nap!

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Because every thread counts