Friday, July 1, 2011

Just a question

First, a rant.
Sorry, but I have to do it.
Nike just re-endorsed Michael Vick.  I find that very disturbing.
And I find the fact that they say he has changed now, because he is doing 'public service',
also disturbing.
It may be my 20 years working in a maximum security prison, but folks, EVERY SINGLE PERSON  who is CAUGHT, is sorry.
Sorry for what???  Ah, there's the rub.
Anyway, I just want to say here, that I will NEVER buy a Nike product again.  Nada.

OK, moving on, cause I could stump my way across America on this one.

27 more followers for 300!!  And then a giveaway.  It will be a good one, I promise.  You can even make suggestions if you like.

Does this bag scream summer, or what, with a burlap strap.

And a smaller,  bright bag, with a funky braided strap.

And how about a purple table runner??

Lois finished this one yesterday, a soft, cushy sock rug in blue, pink and turquoise.  Looks like a baby's room to me.

Here it is, July already.   In the Adirondacks, and especially in the Lake George region, the influx of tourists changes everything.
I tend to keep a low profile, as I think a lot of locals do.  It is crowded everywhere.
We are having a family picnic, and hopefully avoiding all the crowds.

And here is a wall hanging that I made some time ago.   I think I will be making more of them.  I really like them, and they are wicked fun.
And hey, isn't that what it's about, wicked fun???

Roy is settled in.  He is the sweetest dog ever.  He doesn't bark at all.  He loves his daily walk.  He is the most affectionate  little guy.  He loves everybody.   
Last night, when DH and I went out to dinner, and he stood at the door watching us leave, and five minutes later he dragged his leash in to my mother, dropped it on the floor and stood there looking at her.

Oh, yes, I think of Eddie.   It takes nothing to bring me to tears.  DH is the same.  I would bring Eddie back in a nano second, if I could, and if he was WELL.  But I know that is a pipe dream, and as I said,  life goes on.
And this puppy is here, full of life, loving and trusting.  He needs us, and we need him.
Loving Roy is a tribute to Ed.  Every day.

He sleeps curled up next to me.  I am one of those strange individuals that loves the smell of a dog.  He has a sweet, puppy smell.  I love the sound of his sigh, and when he wakes up in the morning, he throws his paw over my arm, as if to say, you're mine now.
Ha!  Who got who here???

I told you, I'm a fool for color, and TEXTURE.
Is this crazy??? or what???

Makes me shiver.
What makes you shiver?????  Keep it clean, now.  But seriously, what makes your heart beat faster?
Makes you smile.?
Go ahead, finish this sentence.......
"Nothing makes me more content than.........."


TexWisGirl said...

a dog's sigh as it goes to bed at night... :) truly.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh so many things, which is a sign that I am happy with my life. I REALLY LIKE the wall hanging!!

Casie said...

... a quiet evening sitting by the campfire.

MarthaVA said...

Holding my grand baby!
Looking into my dog's eyes, his face is like black velvet, and he knows he's my "heart" dog. :-)

Love the wall hanging - I love color and texture too!

linda said...

LOVE the summer bag!

Nothing makes me more content snoring pug. He's an old geezer, and a good boy.

Briana Shepley said...

...spending time at home with my mister and our fuzzies :)

LOVE that wall hanging!

Country Girl said...

Nothing makes me more content than pulling into this shade-covered driveway after a long day at work.
Loving Ray is a tribute to Ed. (love this, hilary)

Wicked wall hanging there, too ~

Deb said...

the sound of a cat purring. But you knew that about me anyway if you've looked at my blog. I'm so happy about little Roy. Life is good sometimes.
Gorgeous bags & rugs. I like all your work.
Have a great 4th of July. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Andie said...

watching my boys sleep, knowing they are safe and healthy.

nancy said...

when my grandson (he's 20) calls me just to chat.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Knowing at the end of the day, I have made a difference...

I think you've found the perfect pup, he won't replace Eddie, but he's already made his own little place in your hearts.
Hope you have a wonderful July 4th weekend.

claudia w said...

I just am all teary eyed over the fact that you and Roy have found each other and it was MEANT to be. You are both so lucky!Love those summer totes. I wish I had a table for that favorite color of all time.I know everyone is tired of rain, rain, rain, but my favorite sound that makes me smile (not necessarily shiver)is a light falling spring rain...when I can stay inside and watch it.

Teri said...

sitting by the water........

re'New said...

the feel of a horse's coat as you find the scratchy places, their wonderful smell and the soft little nickers of welcome as you join their herd :)

Anonymous said...

Love that Roy boy of yours and it's obvious he is completely in love with you Adopted dogs are so loving and thankful to be with a family and cared for. I can just picture him all comfy next to you. :-)

Mmm, that puppy smell.


fiberdance said...

first-hugs from my granddaughter-then playing with fiber-carding, spinning, weaving etc...
love those bags, too.

Marsel said...

...home and family.

KarenInTheWoods said...

That sweet doggie face that only a sheltie can have....

and then strumming a perfectly warped loom like it was a harp!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Reena said...

... sitting beachside at sunset with a glass of wine!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hmmm--nothing makes me more content than having a really COLD Bud Lite with lime while I talk to my friends--girlfriends of course!
I thought the same thing when I heard about Nike's decision on the radio this afternoon. Made my blood boil! Vick is only sorry because he got caught. I do not believe he is genuinely contrite. Sorry, I know I'm "judging" him, but that's just what I think! I'll never buy a Nike product ever again!!! Nike will hear from me too via e-mail, though I doubt they care. Hope others will do the same! Just a little slap on the hand--I'll bet he's laughing all the way to the bank!

Karen said...

I'm boycotting Nike too.. I think that's disgusting. He's only sorry he got caught.

I read an interview where he's upset because he can't have a family dog and he wants the rule reversed. What an a*s.

MarthaVA said...

Hey Hilary, I was thinking....Roy seems like he'd be the perfect Therapy Dog.....I know your time is already crammed full of stuff. But it's a really rewarding thing to do, and you don't have to do it full time - I go to our hospital twice a month. The joy the patients feel, about being able to pet a sweet pup, gives ME an amazing feeling....
I love LOVE love that he watched you guys leave, then tried to get your mom to put his leash on to go find you. He sounds amazing. And you're helping to give Pit Bulls the credit they deserve for being sweet dogs. I've known quite a few and they are just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes me more content than a glass of red wine, a roaring fireplace on a winter and my dearest husband reading in his chair next to me.

Evelyn said...

than coming home to the fur kids

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about Michael Vick - I have decided that there just has to be special ring in hell reserved just for him! As for Nike, well....boycot them I will!

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Because every thread counts