Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweatin' to the oldies. Or something.

The heat.  The humidity.  Give me October.

Oh, I know.  Some people practically faint when I say that.....but truthfully, whether I say it or not,
October will come just the same.
And I love it.
This heat.  Too much.
I am exhausted.
We did get work done at the studio, but there were slackers.
You know who you are.

I'd like to get some paper work done here, if you don't mind.

Oh, you like the desk better cleaned???

Oh, NOW you're trying to smooze me.  I can tell.

Miss Puss, Miss Puss.
Have you no shame?

Not really, says she.

All four of the cats were spread out on the hard wood floor for most of the day, trying to stay cool.
I can't imagine that it worked.
The studio was brutally hot.

Someone is quite clever in her selection of comfort zones.

L and I just worked, and sweated, or should I say Perspired.

I'm trying to get some rest here.
If you don't mind.

And then my sweet friend, Alice, came to seam a big rug. 
She still has good knees, and I do not.

My titanium knee would never allow me to kneel like that, and I envy her.  I remember that I could, before I chose to have my knee replaced.  It is a decision that I will regret always.  
But more than that, I regret the years of running on horrible feet, that ruined my knees to begin with.
Ah, regret.  Such a freaking waste of time.
Think I'll stick to bitching about the heat.  Ha!


J'Ollie Primitives said...

Have you considered having your knee replacement revised? Not that it would get you down on the floor...but it might make you more comfortable?

The cats have the right idea ~ just lie down till the heat passes!

Country Girl said...

Yeah, we should all stick to bitching about the heat.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Do you have air conditioning? We have such a long hot season from mid May to Oct. that we could not bear it without air conditioning--just spent 3 days locked in our bedroom with a window unit before our central unit's compressor was replaced! Dogs suffer from the heat, but the kitties don't seem to mind as much--

Deb said...

We are melting here too. 29+ with high humidity today. No problem getting the 8 glasses of water into you. I laugh at my cats here...they usually sleep on top of each other and now if one touches the other a full-on cat-fight starts. I'm lovin' the car these days with A/C but not the price of gas. You can't win.

TexWisGirl said...

love the honesty. :)

Reena said...

Oh, don't want to hear that about th knee .. Gotta get mine done some day and putting off as long as possible.
And you are right ... better things to bitch about ... why do kitties get to have all the fun! LOL

Carol said...

I am so right there with you regarding the heat! October? Bring it on! It is 11:40PM and it is still 80 degrees out there. My poor dog doesn't know where to go with herself. Your cats on the other hand, make me smile, they just know how to do it, to stay cool, relaxed, no matter what is going on around them...The photos you take of them are just the best! They are happy kitty's. Hang in, Fall is next...can't help itself, it just is.

Rubye Jack said...

Personally, I don't mind the 105 degrees with steaming humidity it has been here every day for the past two weeks. I simply stay inside with the AC and if I must go out, go to my AC car to an AC place. We don't fool around here in Oklahoma.
The cats all make me smile so much.
I go my knee all taped up today and am loving it. God bless tape.

Anonymous said...

Bring on October! Hurray, someone besides me loves the cooler weather. As for me, I prefer winter, bring on the ice and the snow, love it! Miss Puss is the actress extrordinare! She is one smart cookie. Totally understand about the knee, I had both bunions done about a year ago, really really wish I never did it. I can walk just fine, but the grinding feeling in the toe joints is not fun.

Anonymous said...

You need a little pool you can put cold, cold water in and set your feet in. Ice lemonade, cozy lawn chair, shade of a tree and a favourite magazine. Heaven....hunky dude with fan would be nice but not necessary :-)

I remind myself every day I can go outside in sandals that no matter how hot it is, it is not winter. Remember winter? Snow day followed by snow day..lugging wood, finding a warmer sweater to put on...no thanks!

I would be most happy if I could live in a place that has 12 months of spring followed by fall. Let me know of such a place

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for good friends with good knees. I'm sure you would do the same for her and most likely re-pay her in ways she will always love you for.

Heat is brutal here as well. I want a new year and I want it to be 12 months of October.

kelley said...

Give me cold over heat any day...summer lasts too long anymore...I'm ready for cool and dry...

The cats look quite comfy lounging about...mine are always in on the work too...computer or hooking frame, there they are...

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts