Sunday, July 17, 2011


I crashed today, the past week just slid up behind me and knocked me flat.  That is the problem with an energy level that keeps you as busy as I've been.  When you get a break, it's like gasping for air.  Sometimes, I feel like I'm treading water. 
I am so much better on a mission.
I need to slow it down anyway, weave some towels, or some mug rugs, or weave some fun things that I've been dreaming up.
I am thinking of some wall hangings, and maybe some fabric rugs with bumps, and some funky shawls.

Let me tell you about Roy. 
I have never met such a happy dog.  He is happy if you take him for a ride.  He is happy if you take him for short walk, and he is happy if you take him for a long walk.  He is happy to lay under the table during dinner, and he is happy to lie next to me on the couch.  He is happy laying in the grass in the back yard, and he is happy lying on the porch waiting for someone to let him in.  He is happy on your lap, or sleeping next to you in the bed.  He is happy curled up in a ball, or on his back.
Roy is happy.  Whatever he does, wherever he is, he is happy.  He totally lives in the moment.   He doesn't bark to go out, or bark to come in.  If he has to go out, he walks over to the door, and looks at you, waiting patiently for you to 'get it'.  He is the easiest going, sweetest dog.  I know someone sent him to us.
I have to share with you a few things I don't understand.  

Leaving your truck radio on LOUD, out in the driveway, tuned to an annoying hip hop station, when you are in the house.
Leaving litter on the ground in a public park and on a public bike trail, and then coming back night after night, to sit amongst your garbage.

Not having your dog on a leash.  
Putting hanging plants with perfectly good flowers on them, out by the curb with the grass clippings.
Stray cats that leave as soon as you take away their ability to make kittens.
Why smushed mulberries on the ground smell like stale beer.

Just sayin.


Rubye Jack said...

Some things in this world are as they should be, while others just are not.
I would love to see some wall hangings.

Teri said...

An "angel" dog, cool. The neighborhood birds have been leaving mulberry presents all over the yard and deck and cars.

claudia w said...

I should try to be more like Roy. We have a dog who is almost just like Roy...Max has a tendency to woof at me instead of waiting til I "get it". I love this dog so much. He is a blessing as Roy is for you.
Wall hanging s would be fun and interesting!
Don't try to understand those things. They are part of what makes the world go round. (As aggravating as they are)

Janie said...

That's what I need..a dog like Roy...

The cats..maybe that's what they came for...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes my head just wants to explode over some of the things I don't understand. Not sure my brain could deal with some of the explanations people would give me anyway. There's just a whole lot of stupid people in this world who have to ruin things for the rest of us.

Roy is awesome.. there is simply no other explanation other than

Reena said...

Roy is the perfect dog! Can't get my head around some of the things that people do. As for cats, well, they can do whatever they want ... I'll never get angry at them!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I'm waiting for my Rikki (Wire haired Jack Russell) rescue pup to let me know when she wants to go out! Dudley is much like your sweet Roy! The perfect dog and he NEVER has an accident!
I'd just nab those plant baskets and adopt them! Oh, and those mulberries ferment after a while! Have you ever noticed drunken birds around that tree? I'm not kidding! "C" had a mulberry tree in her yard and as a child I ate lots of them! Maybe that's why I have a liking for beer!

Anonymous said...

Cannot understand why everyone is in such a rush around here, the me first attitude gets old. Cannot understand why someone brings an animal into their home and then decides to get rid of the animal just because they are moving or whatever made up reason they think of. My heart was broken this weekend when I learned of a 6 year old Old English Sheepdog girl whose family is getting rid of her because they are moving! What!!!! This is a herding dog, they bond permanently with their families, no matter who adopts this girl she will always be looking for her Mom and Dad. She lives all the way across the US from my house, otherwise you can bet she would be living her golden years here. I cannot understand this.....

spindrift,maine said...

The mulberry answer: fermentation. Our mulberry tree in late July (earlier south of Maine) became one hopping bird bar for several weeks each summer. Robins, cedar waxwings, all eating old-ish mulberries, then flying away like cartoon birds. Loopy, wobbly, almost hitting branches and tree trunks. FWI. (Flying while intoxicated.) Great reality show. ;o)

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