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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fire and Ice.

Some serious ice came off the roof, and hopefully that will be the end of the leaking problem.  It tore half my gutter off, but that can be replaced.

L came up with a fantastic idea.  She suggested that I get a new roof for the caved in shed, instead of building another one.

I honestly never thought of it, but when I called the company, I was told that they would send me the roof panels and rafters for FREE.  I would have to pay about $95 shipping.
They would need a copy of the receipt, and photos of the damage.

So I came home all pumped up and spent about 2 hours, with help from DH even, and unfortunately, I do not have the receipt.  Well, I may have, but I can't find it, and that is the same thing.
I am going to try the credit card company, if I can decide which card we used.  I think my husband used his card, and he isn't sure.
So.   It may be good news, and it may be disappointment.
It was 3 years don't hate me.

Meet Tom.   This is L's cat, although she will tell you he's not.  She will also tell you that she doesn't like cats.
Yeah, OK.
And she wanted me to check out her barn, where she put her loom, the Weaver's Friend.
It is a very cool 'barn'.  It has an insulated cement floor, which I had not heard of before.   But when I went into the solar room, I understood it.

It was gorgeous, and sunny, and WARM.  It is entirely solar, there is no other heat source in this barn.
The studio isn't this warm, with two stoves going.

Back at the studio, I had 10 totes to put together.
First I do the hemmed edges.

Then I pin the straps on all the bags, and this time I picked out different colors for all of them, instead of the black straps.
I should have them done tomorrow,  so you can judge for yourself how that is working out.

Watching Idol tonight.
My favorite, the country boy, Scotty McGreery is in the top ten.  What a cutie!!!

 Still trying to figure out why I can't find that receipt.
My filing system isn't all that good, but on the other hand, I don't ever throw anything like that away.
Ah, well, I did my best.  What else can I do.


michelle said...

I love that shed! And those close ups of the bags make me want one more than ever!

Hilary said...

I hope the roof will work out for you. They might accept just the photos since the product is obviously theirs. Hopefully.

Tom is a very handsome boy and that barn is a beauty.

Check that drawer for the receipt... ;)

Rain said...

Love the barn studio!!-such beautiful bags as always! gorgeous actually-looks like spring in a bag!!

Country Girl said...

Scotty is great ~

I hope you can find that damn thing.

TexWisGirl said...

Love that barn - solar or not! :) Good luck with the roof!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had that Barn. What a great place to weave!

deborah said...

Tom is a handsome boy!
Love the barn - it looks like the perfect place to weave!
Hope you find that darned receipt - I hate knowing that I have something and then can't find it.

Karen said...

Three years ago?? Receipt?? HA!!! My filing system is far worse than yours.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

L. has a gorgeous barn!!!! Would love to weave in that light!!!!
Scotty is my current fave of the guys, and Thea, Lauren, or Pia for the gals!

Anonymous said...

Hubby keeps every receipt forever when it comes to large purchases... I'm luck to have him because I lose everything!

Love that barn studio.... taking advantage of Mother Nature's free heat, what a smart person she is.


Brandy said...

Tell us again what kind of sewing machine you have. Mine quite and I need something that sews through rag rugs too!

Hope the roof works out--We are having the same issues here in NE SD.

Barb said...

I needed that blast of color from your fabric today! You'll find the receipt eventually when you've given up hope of every finding it...

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Because every thread counts