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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I see you.


OK, first off, let me repeat......I cannot answer your questions if your post is a "
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The black rug will be on my web site in a few minutes, to answer one question.
The rug that L made, is green, lime green, and black, and was made with loopers, albeit very much sorted and manipulated loopers.  L did a lot of prep work to get the loopers just right.

Today I remembered why I hate putting a warp on using the EVIL WARPING BOARD.
Yes, sectional warping has spoiled me forever.
I put an 8/2 cotton warp on my new loom, for baby blankets.  I got it on, and it looks OK, but it was painful, and I do NOT like doing it that way.
I said I wasn't going to put a sectional beam on this one, but I think I lied.

The movie that I took my mother to, the King's Speech, was very good.  She loved the venue, having dinner in a comfy booth, while the movie played.  She was mesmerized, and I heard her 'sniff' a couple of times.
Tomorrow, I am going to take an extended lunch break, and take her to the bank, and to her favorite thrift shop.  And maybe we'll have a sandwich together.
Saturday we are having a birthday party for ONE of my daughters.  I dare not call her 'my oldest', but she was my FIRST.
I realized that perhaps one of the reasons my mother is acting more and more childlike, is because she is too much of a reclusive in her little apartment.  I go about my busy life, and my children don't live nearby.  She gets all wrapped up in her television programs, and living in her head. Quite bluntly, she needs something else to think about.
She doesn't drive anymore, and most of her close friends are gone, so if she gets out, it is up to me, and my daughters, to see that she does.  Just a couple of outings a week might make a huge difference in her outlook.
Thank you for all your kind words, your encouragement, your cautions.  I read them all with gratitude.
I will be careful to take care of myself, but I need to take care of my mother, or I won't be worth the trouble.

I can't believe how busy the studio is.  The internet has been very good to me.  It has allowed me to pursue my passion, without spending a lot of time on marketing.   I really appreciate that.
So to give some of that good energy back to the universe, I am having a April Fool special.
Starting on April 1st for 1 month, I will be offering Free Shipping to all orders under $100, in the continental US.
Just with the mention of "April Fool".
And I am continuing the free looper refill with the purchase of a Hip to Be Square Looper Loom, through May 1st.

Every time I say, "I just had an idea", my DH literally cringes.
Now, when I say it at the studio, L just responds, "Oh, no."

But today, I was thinking about taking 25 Hip to Be Square looper looms to a first grade class in the public school system, and teaching the whole class to weave.
Call it "Introduction to Weaving".
OK, call me crazy.  But tell me what you think.  Really.
And that's Ava, with the goggles on.  I love the picture, and sometimes, I feel like I am walking around JUST LIKE THAT.


Country Girl said...

Your dad would be proud of you, especially if you wore those glasses to the store.

* snort *

Sorry, but I was remembering one of your dad stories and I couldn't resist.

I will be careful to take care of myself, but I need to take care of my mother, or I won't be worth the trouble ~
I love this.

TexWisGirl said...

Great photo. :) Glad your mom enjoyed the movie.

Marsel said...

That is a GREAT picture! Love it!

claudia said...

I would love to be able to take my mom places. I love that you are recognizing what your mom needs and taking her here and there. Even if she never says anything I know she appreciates it.
Ava is just plain ol' adorable! I giggled when I saw that picture!
Teaching that class to weave is sooooo coll! You know you are going to start something great for those kids.

joyceetta said...

Yes, yes take the looms to the school. I think it is a spectacular idea!

deborah said...

I remember my grandmother making potholders on a little metal frame using loopers - I loved playing with the loops! The children will be fascinated and will always remember 'making' something!
So insightful about your mother, I'm glad you are enjoying time spent with her. The little things mean so much!
Going to look at your website again:)

michelle (aka typical libra) said...

I loved my metal framed "loom" when I was a kid! I have been home sick for two days and I have found myself being too much in my head just in those two days so I can relate to why you think your mom might be in her head too much too. I am just waiting for the dog to start answering me (LOL).

Teri said...

Going to the school is a good idea, maybe your Mom would want to go along. You seem to get a lot accomplished, and still take on more projects.

Jennie said...

Great pic, very steampunky!
I think its a brilliant idea to do the first grade class-thing!!

Karen said...

AWESOME idea!!! Not enough people do this for school kids - great way to start some inspiration!! Take pics and show us!...

weavinfool said...

I bought one of the early looper looms. Could I have a free refill?

My friend who was taking care of her 80 something mother said to remember that 'She isn't doing that to annoy you'.

I imagine that she must have cabin fever as much as the rest of us - maybe more. Here in No. CA we have had rain rain and more rain for weeks now and we are all looking forward to Monday when we are told he sun will show its lovely face for a few days.

Restless Knitter said...

I would never call you crazy. Well, maybe if you stripped naked and ran down the snowy road flapping your arms like a chicken. Taking the looms to the school is a wonderful idea in my opinion.

What you are doing for your mother is great, and even more great is your ability to recognize the things that may help her. So many of us get caught up in our own selves that we don't stop to think about what we can do to make it better for others, only what we can do to make it better for ourselves. I'm guilty of this as well, I'm not pointing fingers blindly at other people.

You truly are an inspiration, both in your weaving and in your words.

Sharon said...

Alexia is in the first grade and gets the weaving but she doesn't get the crochet edge-off.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts