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Monday, March 7, 2011


Treacherous roads, ice, 16" or so of snow that is as heavy as cement.
Oh, no, let's not go there.  It isn't pretty.

Let's not think about it, OK?

I managed to get to the studio after a fashion.  The bird feeders were very popular.

The crows were there in abundance.

This little guy didn't seem to mind.

And eventually, it stopped  snowing   um....precipitating.

Inside, it was pretty laid back.

Snow plowing for the last storm and this one totalled $250?  (Yawn).

Your jeans are wet up to your knees?   ICK!  Too much information.

Keep it down, would ya?  I'm listening to some good music.

Yup, another SNOW day at the studio.   I got a whole bunch of sewing done.  Ready for a big rug tomorrow.
Consensus is that Sydney needs to go on a diet at 15 lbs.
BUT Kizzy weighs 16 lbs.
 Noone in their right mind would try to put Miss Puss on a scale.
And Jinx, who doesn't have a weight problem, would never stay still anyway.
So it looks like EVERYONE may be doing a little 'weight watching'.
Who wants a FAT CAT?


Country Girl said...

No thanks on the fat cat. And the snow. I feel for you, I truly do. April, where are you?

deborah said...

I love big healthy 'fluffy' kitties! Not so much in love with that much snow.

TexWisGirl said...

The kitty listening to the music should get up and dance a bit! I'm just sayin... (And I should not be calling the kettle black...)

Sharon said...

I showed Ian the second image of the bird in flight. What a wonderful catch. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Fat perhaps, but happy I'd say.


Karen said...

Love that calico kitty, despite her attitude :-)

claudia said...

I wish I could be a cat in your studio. Ah...the life! Except for the upcoming dieting. UGH! The pics of the birds are great. You have some beautiful birds there. Ours here aren't as colorful. And as for the snow...NO thank you!

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts