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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Never was a cornflake girl.

I look at my daughters sometimes, three of them, and wonder.  
They are all so smart, and so beautiful.  But most of all, they have character, and I like them.
That is one of those priceless things in life, that we dare not expect, and when it happens, it makes everything else pale in comparison. 
Believe me, I wasn't always the best mother.  I tried, but I know, in my heart, that I fell short many times.
Somehow, they managed to not only get through it, but to be better than me.
For that, I am grateful.

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my first baby.  I am not allowed to call her my "oldest".
But she is a sweet and loving woman with a crazy sense of humor. She works hard, and I am very proud of her.

Gabby said it best, with what she wrote on the  envelope of her card.
She calls my first born Aunt Baba.

It says, "to the magnifusin Aunt Buba."

Don't even THINK of trying to take my CUPCAKE.

I thank you for all your encouragement, but honestly, a book????
For my babblings?
Be serious.  Be nice, but be serious!

Besides, I am SOOOOOOO busy.  Cutting socks, sewing socks, cutting fabric, warping looms, weaving rugs, running the studio, being a Mimi, teaching my apprentice to be as good a weaver as she can be, driving my DH crazy, being a good daughter, and working on the mother thing.
I don't think I can write a book.
Not now.

Besides, I am writing it, right here and right now, for a limited audience of good friends, who keep coming back to hear it.
And who keep coming back to see what I am weaving up next.
It doesn't get any better than that.


Country Girl said...

Sometimes I want a do-over as a mother. Happy Birthday to your first born.

deborah said...

Happy Birthday to your first born!

Cait Throop said...

Yeah, sometimes I want a do-over as a mom, too. Even though my guys are turning out to be wonderful young men...there were times when I wasn't as grown up as I could have been! A do over but I get to keep the brain I have now? Happy birthday to your first born! I love seeing what you are working on and think you are amazing! xo

claudia said...

Happy birthday to your first.
Your pictures today are great! Those young ladies are beautiful and a testament to how great their moms and grandmom are...I mean Mimi.
I so wish I could have a do over. I was that single mom too. Ugh! Now I sigh a sigh of releif. They turned out darned great! In spite of me!

TexWisGirl said...

Sweet birthday celebration with some cute kids...

Anonymous said...

I totally need a do-over as a mom. I was way too young and far too selfish. Thank goodness for a forgiving daughter.


Hilary said...

"magnifusin" is priceless.

I think we can all do with do-overs as moms.. and possibly in other roles. You're certainly not alone.

And yet.. they turned out great in spite of us.. maybe at least in part because of us.

Sharon said...

Someone asked me just a week ago if I had considered writing a book. I told her writing the blog is fun. I've never heard anyone say that writing a book is fun. I identify with your comments on being a mother. I've apologized to my kids for my short comings and they just laugh and say that I made them who they are. My best audience :)

WeaveThings said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your 'first born'!
Hmm, a book? Yes, I'd certainly buy and read it! But I do understand about being busy and not having the time.
Cheers to a wonderful person. I so love your spirit!

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Because every thread counts