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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bubbalee and another loom.

Update on Bubbalee.

 From the antics that went on in the yard several weeks ago, the anticipated arrival of her babies is the last week of March.  Her belly is looking large.

See what I mean???
She is NOT going up in the loft though, and we think that is probably because it is not "hidden" enough for her to have her babies there.  Which is kind of upsetting, because I hate to think of her having them under the porch, or somewhere else cold and damp.
I wish we could get her to come into the inside porch, but I am not sure how we would manage that.
I guess, once again, I will have to accept my limitations.

And while we are talking about acceptance...........

Yeah, ya gotta love northeast New York.

I did a little weaving, trying to finish up a warp.

I think it's time to weave a "summer line".  Phooey on the snow, that's what I say.

Then,  in spite of the weather, my husband and I drove about an hour to pick up a loom.
Yup, another one.
This is where I raise my hand.
Hi, my name is Hilary, and I am a LOOM addict.

Made by Schacht, it is a 36" wide, 4 harness, 6 treadle jack.
Bought in the early 80's, in Colorado, it has sat unused since 1992.  It just needs a little cleaning.

I bought this loom from the same lady that I bought the Weaver's Friend from.  I was quite surprised today when she handed me the crank to the Weaver's Friend I bought a year ago........or was it two years?
Ah, time sure flies when you're having fun.

These shuttles came with it.
And these.

Fourteen shuttles in all.  Heart be still.
You can NEVER have enough shuttles.  And antique shuttles are the best of all.

Sydney says:
You done good, Mom.
I approve.

Thanks, Syd.


Marsel said...

Beautiful colors in that does evoke the feelings of a peaceful summer day.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I agree she looks quite large in the belly, although it could be all the food she eats !
If you give her a nice cardboard box lined with old clothes or hay, I'm sure she would make good use of it.
That's a very nice looking loom, and oh, what a pretty colored rug.

TexWisGirl said...

Love the soft colors in that rug you finished. And ADORE Sydney!!! :)

TexWisGirl said...

And I laughed when i saw Bubbalee as a nickname I've given for our 109 lb. black lab is "Bubbalou"... :)

Linda said...

Another loom! How exciting! I have a loom like yours. The same vintage, too. I love mine.

LA said...

Sydney's did GOOD! Love all those shuttles!

deborah said...

Yes, you did very good with the loom and the beautiful rug - the colors are so soothing!
I hope Bubbalee decides to have her litter near her food bowl-

Acorn to Oak said...

Can't wait to see the kittens! :-)

Congratulations on your newest loom and all the goodies that came with it. How fun! :-D

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Nothing better than old shuttles, and lots of 'em!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your loom addiction. Don't ever get over it, okay? Hope you are still weaving when you are 100.


sharon said...

sorry that it is snowing again. But the rug is gorgeous! hope you have many happy hours on your new loom!!

Franny V said...

Your new loom is almost identical to mine. I don't know what brand (if any) mine is, since it doesn't have any labels/marks. It's the same vintage, though. I got mine from a rug weaver through Craig's List for $175. It needed a good clean up and a few minor repairs, but it serves me well!

Love the kitties!

Barb said...

The new loom and shuttles are works of art. I was interested to read it came from CO. Looks like you'll soon have kittens!

Sharon said...

That Schact looks a lot like the LeClerc that I'm giving to the high school. I don't have the space you do and I am learning my limits. It's sure a pretty little thing and lucky to get to back to a weaving environment. I'm always saddened by looms in storage.

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Because every thread counts