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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ta da.

So, on the Blue Ridge Gal's advice, I did just what I  p.....pickin' wanted to do on my birthday.
Unfortunately, for me and you, it wasn't very exciting.
You see last week, my granddaughter gave me a big, wet kiss on the lips.  And she had a cold.
I waited until she got out of the car, and I quickly washed my lips with hand sanitizer.  YUK.  That was pretty unpleasant,  and to be honest, I don't advise it.  And guess what, it didn't work anyway.

So, there was no avoiding the head cold on the birthday thing.  I fully intended to ignore it.
It was the back spasm that I couldn't ignore.  If you have ever had a back that 'went out', then you know what I mean.  I gave up the ghost at noon, and came home.  Thank God for "L" holding down the fort.
I promptly did 30 minutes in the hot tub, pajamas, and a heating pad.  Happy Birthday to me.
Now in case you are wondering about my back, I am not sure what happened, but it could have something to do with jumping off a snow bank, backwards.
But please don't feel bad for me.
It's a wonderful birthday.  I'm alive!  And I have a roof over my head, a couple of them, in fact.  Winter is almost over. I have a lovely family, fantastic friends.  DH making dinner while I lounge here with my lap top.
I sat in the hot tub today, with the snow blowing off the trees into my face, the jets beating on my lower back.  Life is good.  Head cold, back pain.  No big deal.  I get it.  Every now and then, I get this slap up side of my head: slow down, be BETTER to yourself, you only have the here and NOW.  Love it.
Love yourself.

And some papers were signed today that gives someone I love a whole new lease on life.  It was, HANDS DOWN, one of the  the best birthday gift EVER.   If only I could shout it to the roof tops, but I have to restrain myself, and be satisfied with sharing it with you all.
Soon, I hope to have more good news, that everyone I love is in good health.  Nothing will make me happier than that will.

A while back, my good friend Alice, asked me if she could have something delivered to the studio.   I said sure.
Little did I know.

She was very pleased that they were alive and well.
I personally think that they are disgusting.  But she loves them.  She keeps them IN HER BATHROOM, and feeds them kitchen waste.  It is her contribution to the environment.
I personally could find some other way.
Just thought you might like to know, in case you want to get some of your very own.

I  have nothing whatever to say about this photo, I just wanted to see something bright and colorful, and pleasant, after those worms!   Good Lord.

So, I may not get much done this week.  But that's OK.   Maybe I will get some knitting done, some writing, some reading.  Maybe I will get a nap or two in.  Maybe I will just get another perspective.

And you know how that goes.  Perspestive is everything.
Love you all out there.


Leslie said...

Oh gosh, from snow to red worms to potholders. Love it! It's funny but I just bought a book on composting for my NOOK and, while I was perusing through the titles, there was a book on those red worms. Ya know, I've had all kinds of animals in my house but I'm not sure if I could have worms in the bathroom. Although, as a child, Mrs. Proulx up the street let her kids keep their fish tank full of mice in THEIR upstairs bathroom. ACK!

I hope your cold and your back feel better soon. I can't imagine sitting outside in a hot tub right now, especially since I just ran upstairs to put on three layers of clothing since I'm freezing, and I'm inside!

Be blessed, Hilary......

deborah said...

Oh my, still not nice to have a head cold and a sore back on your birthday. But, you do have the best perspective on things and its always great to get wonderful news! Enjoy the rest of your day, hugs, deb

Hilary said...

I'm hoping right alongside you for your good news to report. I think about you often.

I've endured many a package of worms sharing fridge space with our edibles. You get used to the ick factor after a while.

I hope you're feeling better before too long.

PenelopeRose said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady!! Hope you get to feeling better. I have red worms, lots of them. They're one of my favorite things. Go figure. I love the pot holders. Gorgeous colors!

TexWisGirl said...

You just need to put your cares aside and rest and relax a few days. Sounds like you're well on your way!

Spreading the Love! said...

Please elaborate on why someone would keep worms in their bathtub for the betterment of the environment. I know there's a good reason.. I just want to hear it.

I have had back spasms too, and it ain't fun. The heat (and sometimes ice) are the best thing. Feel better real soon -

Karen said...

Umm, that was ME, not Roba Dolce. Sigh... hate when that happens. :-)

Janie said...

Oh worm compost..Love it..

Hope you feel better really quick...

Devon said...

Happy Birthday! You have such a positive uplifting outlook... it makes reading your blog such a treat. The worms are great for making "garden tea", but I do appreciate the more cheerful picture!

Cait Throop said...

Oh the worms had me laughing...Gary keeps them in the cellar for our food scraps--I'd rather keep those potholders--amazingly cheerful! I hope the medical issue has a positive outcome and Happy Birthday a little late!! Knitting and relaxing and gazing (not jumping) at the snow sounds good to me! xo

Country Girl said...

Isn't it, though? The perspective? Sorry to hear about your back but at the same time, glad to hear that you addressed it immediately and that you have that hot tub and you know how to use it. Good going. Also so much other good . . . praying for good news on the health front, too.

claudia said...

I wish you a speedy recovery. From the head cold right down to your back!
Aside from the cold and the back news, this was a rather fun post...all sorts of things to ponder.
I may do worms when I get my backyard cleaned up and growing some of my own food, but for now, I will just live with what is out there naturally.

DebbieB said...

I'm glad you got some good news for your birthday, sweetie! Baby that back!

WeaveThings said...

Ah, I missed it, but - Happy Belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

WORMS!!! EEK AND GADZZOOOKS WOMAN! Not in this lifetime or any other would I have those things near me...

The back going out? Too many times to even count for me anymore. We keep those Thermacare heat strips for the back in our house at all times.. if it isn't my back it's Hubby's and I swear by those strips that you just strap on and wear all day. Take care. Back pain is the pits.


Nancy said...

Hope your back is better. I decided to try a jazzercise class. Should have know better! All that hopping and twisting. My back has hurt for a week. I keep a heated pad attached to the back of my recliner. It really helps!

Sharon said...

Sorry about the birthday cold, but you took the best medicine. My doc says virus hates heat so he recommends you get warm and stay warm, but you're a nurse so you already knew that. I don't have a hot tub, so have a little envy in spite of the reason you were in it~

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