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Monday, February 28, 2011

Just another day

This is Sydney, who sneaks out on the porch every time you open the door, because that is where the outside cat food is.
And she knows it.
No there is no mouse, just Miss Piggy, looking for food.  She does look like she is starving, doesn't she?
Over the weekend, I tore apart an old rug.  It took me three hours.  This is what I got out of it.

But I have other fish to fry, so "L" is working on these.   Trying to give her all kinds of crazy experience doing all the crazy things I do.
And it's looking good.  These are going to be totes about the size of a large purse.
Sorry, are we keeping you up?????
Ah, what a face.

Raining outside, shed roof collapsed under the weight of the snow, inside porch leaking.
Just another day of weaving, listening to the radio, keeping warm.
And I think today, I will be like Scarlett O'Hara....yeah.  Sounds good.
I'll worry about that..............tomorrow.
After all, tomorrow is another day.


Michelle said...

I laughed so hard about Miss Piggy "Sydney" that I almost spit my tea across the table!!! We have a heffalump of a cat too. He weighs 18 lbs and counting. I just really got a kick out that whole story. That fact that it is the "outside" cat's food made the story even funnier! Thank you so much for the delightful laugh. I love it. I also love the rugs, bags and well, everything you make. I so wish I knew how.

deborah said...

Miss Sydney just doesn't want to share! I had to start putting the cat food into containers to keep my fur babies from tearing into the bag:)

Tomorrow is another day-

I love to see your weaving, it looks so beautiful. It is as relaxing as it seems to be?

Andie said...

THese kitties, they always have to stick their nose in stuff :) Very cute! Sorry about the shed roof and the porch roof :( Love that rag ball, what great colors! Makes me forget about the snow.... We are supposed to get more Thursday in Minnesota....

TexWisGirl said...

Ooh, sorry about the snows and rains and leaks and all! But those kitties are PRECIOUS! Even Miss Portly!!! :)

Franny V said...

I guess heater/stove problems abound this time of year. I bought a little electric heater for my studio, but couldn't use it right away because I needed a heavy duty extension cord. Got the cord last week, plugged it in and found the heater only got warm enough to heat your ankles if you were straddling it! Tried to return it this morning and since I didn't have the receipt (of course I lost THAT receipt), they could only give me 1/3 of the price back because heaters are a seasonal item and they no longer carry them. I decided to keep it and went in search of another one. Finally found one at a local drugstore. I plugged it in and HEAT, BLESSED HEAT! I can finally get some work done in there without mukluks and mittens. I have to keep that room shut off from the rest of the house because of one particular "helper" cat. He has to get into the thick of things and I don't want him to be sewn into any of my projects. He does leave my loom alone, thank heavens. It's in the living room and I can't block him off from it.

Country Girl said...

I do the Scarlet O'Hara thing all the time, too.

I love your yawning cat!

Karen said...

Cat food in a large tupperware, that keeps the critters out. And the chubby

michelle said...

Oh my those are the biggest house cats I have ever seen but dang they do look happy!

Susan said...

My hubby said "that cat has no legs ... just paws attached at the end!" Our dog looked and mumbled something about diet.. and treadmill.

No wonder you use Sidney as a weight when twisting fringes! Beats the heck out of a pile of books.

:) Susan

Rain said...

Poor little kitty-missed many meals...............?!

Tammy said...

Your cats are so cute. I have 2 cats myself and they have the piggy gene too. And they love to knit and quilt with me, although they mostly nap while I work.

Sharon said...

I love your quirky cats - fun post!

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Because every thread counts