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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hell is just a word.

Did you ever just have one of those days?  Your pants are too tight, you have a pain here, and a pain there.  You can't find anything.  You can't get out of your own way.  You KNOW what I'm talkin' about~!!!!
Nothing goes right, no matter what you do.

Today was MY turn to take my dear Mother to the Salvation Army church services.
And I did.  
I first go to the studio, to fill the pellet stove, and more importantly to feed all the cats.  The inside cats have food in their dish, but the outside cats are not so fortunate.  Other animals, one an opossum, I think.....clean the dish every night, and wreak havoc on the water bowl.  Those cats are happier to see me arrive in the morning than my own four spoiled house cats.

I picked my mother up with plenty of time to spare, and after a short drive, navigated her across an icy driveway.
Now don't think I go to church with her with a bad attitude.  I don't.  I do believe in God.  Very much so.  Only my faith in God got me through some tough times.  But just like in the family of AA and Al Anon, it is the God of MY understanding, and to me, the Bible is just another bunch of stories.   Good stories, some of them, but stories.
But I GET the whole experience, and I often feel good saying thank you.  Gratitude is a good thing to have.
I sing along with the rest of the congregation.  I listen to everything with an open mind, even though I sometimes think they are off the grid.
Now everything was going fine.  I hadn't even taken my knitting out, when my mother dropped her bulletin on the floor.  Much to my horror, she looked down, looked at me, and LOUDLY, because she wears a hearing aid that she never turns up, she said, "Now where the HELL did that go?"

ay yi yi yi yi

My daughter, when I told her about this, said "did everyone look at her?"
Well, I wouldn't know, because I was looking at the floor.  Thank you very much.

Two hours later, no, I am not joking......... I ran into Panera to get her a sandwich to eat before we got to the hairdresser.  When she had finished it, I dropped her off at the door, so I could eat my salad in the car.
With a spoon.  Which I did, without hesitation.
I figured, if my mother swears in church, then by God, I can eat my salad with a spoon.
How's that for reasoning???

By this point, I pretty much figured that I needed to just take the rest of the day off, kick back, put my feet up, say in hell with it.

So to amuse myself, I took my camera into JCPenney's.  

Money for collection plate
Lunch from Panera
JCPenney styling salon

Realizing that you have more GRAY hair than your 86 year old mother.
Freaking priceless.

Stay tuned.......8pm tonight is the big drawing!!!  You have a few hours left to enter.  You can read about it a few entries back titled February Celebration and a Big Giveaway.
I will post the results here tonight.


Anonymous said...

For me there are many things that keep my coming back to your blog - your music playlis being one. The main thing though is reading your thoughts which echo my own except you have the guts to say them. Thank you. Evelyn

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

OH MY! You have a great way of describing things and a fun personality! I hope your day has gotten better! ♥

re'New said...

Do I EVER have those kinds of days. Actually that's the normal...

TexWisGirl said...

Too funny!!! And I'm proud of my gray hair because I've earned every one of them!!! :)

KarenInTheWoods said...

LOL LOL Bwaahhaaahaaaaaa

Your mom is a doll!

Try taking an alcoholic father each week to his drunk driving classes, when he is trying to reason with the counselor that it is just fine to drink and drive????



Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Gayle said...

OMG, OMG, OMG........just catching my breath.....that was so funny I laughed and laughed and laughed. Dh had to come to the back of the house to see what the hell/heck I was laughing at. You tickle me to pieces. I love coming here. It is usually your kitties that have me wrapped around their paws.
I love how colorful your rugs/bags/placemats/twirly skirts are!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Better gray than bald!

I work in a home where a LOT of residents have their remaining hairs tweaked to an awesome shade of red....or shall we say "Flaming Sunset"?

Karen said...


TELL me somethin GOOD.....

PenelopeRose said...

Too funny! Great photos and beautiful ladies...both of you. My sister and I were in church one Sunday and right in the middle of the service we could hear a child screaming something..over and over. My sister leaned over and said, "Why doesn't someone shut that kid up?!". It turned out to be her kid..on the toilet...screaming..."I'm done!" over and over.

MarthaVA said...

I wish we were neighbors!!!!!!!!!! You are a hoot.
Love this post. Love all your posts. :-)

Weavin happy

Anonymous said...

I admit i am addicted to you blog!! My computer was broke all weekend and i was going crazy not being able to enter the contest!! Today i turned 60> I started weaving at age 56, when i was forced to retire. I have had parkinsons disease since 1998. I can't do many things, but i learned to leave when i stopped working. I am in love with weaving, with the colors, with the feel, with the movement, with the delight of being creative again. I may not be able to walk very well,,, but i can treadle.It brings me joy . Thats what brought me here, why do i stay, checking here 3 or more times a day. you, you, you.. I feel you put into words what this 60 year old can't.. i feel we are so much alike.. I love how you care for your animals and family.As a dairy farm family with 11 grandkids i understand that love !! Part of my family,,a big part lives in argyle, and i plan to get someone to drive me to your studio someday.. Until then,, i would love anything from your shop!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie from cobleskill loves crazy as a loom!

sharon said...

OMG that was freakin hilarious!!!! You just made my day today, and it started out with a whopper of a headache! Thanks for the story. I'm still chuckling over that one. hope today is a better day for you!!

Devon said...

How funny, I am still smiling... thanks for that!

I am 45 and have more gray hair than my 66 year old mother. I am pretty sure she has sworn in church also!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts