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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stayin' warm.

Well, hello there.....welcome back.
I'm Sydney, in case you didn't know, and I am the official 
Walmart Crazy as a Loom Greeter.

Because I don't eat meat, I try to be sure I get enough protein in other ways.  

How about a little shake?
A banana, some frozen blueberries, a couple of scoops of protein powder, and water.

I use it a lot.  It was pretty reasonable, and it is easy to clean.  That's crucial.
I have been trying to have at least one of these a day.  It is easy to do, they taste so good.
I try to keep blueberries, raspberries and strawberries in the freezer.  The frozen fruit makes for a cold, thick drink without bothering with ice.

SEVEN more followers, then the big giveaway!!!
And because I am a little crazy, and because it was a great suggestion by KATE, I am going to give the winner the rug style of their choice.  Details when I hit 200!!!

We (Lois and I) are just trying to get through this cold weather at the studio.  It isn't the warmest place.  I suppose it would be if I turned the heat up everywhere, but it seems more sensible to turn it up in the rooms that we are working in.  But when we walk through the other rooms, it is COLD.

Lois is working on blue jean place mats near the pellet stove, and she has just about finished that warp.  The next warp will be the same width, but in tans and browns, for more place mats, and some smaller bags.
I treated myself and turned the heat on again in the back bedroom.  Finished the red shawl, and started a dark turquoise one.  It isn't as fast as weaving rugs, but it satisfies me in a way that weaving rugs doesn't.
It is good to be home in the evening.  I will always appreciate how good it feels.  Being a nurse for 30 years, I worked a whole lot of evenings.  I like being home for dinner.  I like having my after dinner cuppa tea with my feet up, my husband in his favorite chair, my dog on the other end of the couch.  
No more coming out to a cold, sometimes buried, car at 11 or 12 at night, or  worse, getting "stuck" to work all night because my relief didn't show up.
 Instead of a dark ride home , I am tucked into my own warm bed.  I love it.

Such a simple thing, one that I am so grateful for.

Thanks for the suggestions about my foot........I am not sure Birkenstocks would work.....aren't the heels pretty flat?  I need a heel....and I do have a pair of Keen shoes.  And I am exercising my foot.  I should've just asked you guys, and saved myself $40 at the podiatrist.
Live and learn.


Valerie said...

Since no one mentioned it: foot massage. Not with just a golf ball or a tennis ball, tho' those help. But like this:

There's nothing like it. I give my feet a good massage before bedtime at least twice a week.

bspinner said...

You came about not eating meat pretty much the same way I did. I just lost my taste for it and since I have all sorts of digestion issues not eating meat is easier on it. Since I have seizures my neurologist insistes I eat at least fish which I do. I've never seen the Magic Bullets. I've always just used a blender.

Love your greeter!!! Does he offer the customer carts as you walk in too?

PenelopeRose said...

Nope, greeters don't come any cuter than that! I'm new to your blog and have to say, I LOVE it!

Linda said...

My berks look like clogs. I will send you a picture. I didn't like the look of the sandles.

Country Girl said...

The followers thing is crazy sometimes, isn't it? I have 3 to go before I do a giveaway. Then this morning, it changed to 4. This could take another two weeks, methinks. ha!

Linda said...

I have to say I love the cat pictures on your blog, they never fail to make me smile.

claudia said...

I signed up to follow you! I don't know why I didn't do it before.
Love that dark turquoise. It's a great color.
My little rigid heddle loom arrives tomorrow! I am like a little kid waiting for Christmas!!!
Stay warm and somfy!

Lorna said...

Okay now I want a Magic Bullet! And your cat. And your beautiful rugs. Lovely post. Stay warm!

Karen said...

I'm googling Magic Bullet- perfect! and Why didn't I think of frozen fruit instead of ice too? ...

Anonymous said...

Ya, the clean-up after making a smoothie can be not so nice... I have a hand held blender thingie that makes it pretty easy peasy.... Smoothies are my spring and summertime on the front porch drink. I swing and drink. So talented I am.


Leslie said...

Oh gosh, I started laughing because I was saying to myself "Sydney eats bananas and blueberries?" and then I realized that you had shifted from Sydney to YOU. HA! I think I need to get out more.....

I'm a gadget whore and have wanted a Bullet for a while but I'm trying to curb my impulsive buying habits. I DO have a blender, tho, but that sweet little Bullet thingy is just so neat.

Oh, and I'll take one of your awesome sock rugs because I'm gonna win. I've decided that. Yup, I'm winning. You can send it to me any time now.

Have a blessed day!

Leslie said...

Oh, and if Sydney ends up rolled in the rug, I'll take HER too! just sayin'.............

La Petite Gallery said...

Just found your post. We have a few things in common. Stop over sometime..

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts