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Sunday, February 20, 2011

How old are you?

So......can you amuse yourself with a few cotton loopers, and some scotch tape???

I think it is an art, one that we forget as we get older.  When they asked me to help them with the tape, I said, "Sure."
Answers like that make their mothers, my daughters, crazy.
That's because they've forgotten how to be silly, and I am just remembering.
We went to McDonalds.  God help me.
And we went to the movies and saw Gnomeo in 3D.
They didn't even ask for popcorn, candy or soda.  They knew the drill.
I will feed them before the movie, I will feed them after the movie, but I will not pay $6 for a box of candy that should cost less than $1.00, and they are OK with that.  They know that when we get out of the movie I will buy them a box of donuts, or ice cream, or whatever they want, just not at the movie theater.
One thing I have found out about being a grandmother  Mimi, is that they accept my idiosyncrasies, simply because I am old.  If I am crazy, or quirky, or just plain unlike what they are accustomed to, it's OK.  I am Mimi.  And I am old.
Ya gotta love this.
I watched my husband walking across the street.  He is old, like me.   But damn, if he doesn't walk across the street like a young man.  And this afternoon, when I took Eddie for a walk, even though he is almost 14, he pranced, like a puppy.
My two old guys.   Still young at heart.  That's what I love the best.
For after all, age is a matter of mind.  And I don't, I don't really mind.  Tomorrow is my 64TH birthday.....SIXTY FOURTH???????WTH?????
Well, I don't feel, think, or act like I am that old, and because I am that old, I don't care all that much if I look that old.
Did you get that?   Whew.

My husband made my favorite, his secret spagetti sauce, just cause I asked him to.

He totally won't give this recipe up.  He is going to take it with him.  Too bad, cause it's really the best ever.  So when he's gone, we not only will miss him, we will miss our favorite comfort food.
That's just wrong.

So I am having a little pinot grigio to celebrate the day BEFORE my birthday, and then I will have another glass to celebrate the actual day.
I was weaving a bit on my "home" loom, but  I am not all that motivated tonight.

Before I give in and become more slug like, I have to tell you  a little story.
Yesterday morning, I was brushing Ava's hair.  She was yelling, making quite the ruckus, totally overreacting.  When I was finished, I turned to Gabs, and said, "So Gabby, what shall we do to YOUR hair today?"
She said, " I like it the way it is."
We're talking Miss Bedhead, here.
Bill was taking this all in, and he piped up, "She's absolutely gorgeous just the way she is."
With a mile wide grin, she turned to him and said, " Well, Poppa, you're gorgeous just the way YOU are."
I am just glad I didn't have to try to wipe the smile off his face.


TexWisGirl said...

Happy (early) birthday!!! Woo Hoo! Celebrate with those young gents of yours! And act a little silly too. :) God bless you!

Anonymous said...

What is it you are making there in white on your loom? Just curious as it's pretty!


Rural Rambler said...

I'm not wiping the smile off my face from this post Hilary! Happy Eve Before Your Birthday!

sharon said...

I love being a grandma! (umma)I have a partially deaf grandson and a hyper granddaughter, who mean the world to me! can't wait to do the "crazy" things with them! Happy early Birthday!! hope it's a great one!!!

deborah said...

Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays! Enjoy!

What are you weaving? It is lovely!

Country Girl said...

I liked that story, Mimi.

Cannot believe it. 64. I bet you can't either! Have a wonderful birthday, you spring chicken, you.

Karen said...

I'm not wiping the smile off my face either!.. Happy Birthday to you a day before, the day of, heck the day after too! I thought you were in your fifties.. so. Does that make you feel better?

tainterturtles said...

I've been wanting to go see Gnomeo myself, but I figured I was too old to go see it in the theater and people would give me funny looks. Maybe I will rethink that idea after reading your post, Ha!

Hilary said...

You've got a beautiful group of kidlets there.. and bright too. As for you, you're still a young pup. Happy almost-Birthday!

DebbieB said...

Happy Birthday, Hilary! You may be 64, but your heart is young, young, young!

claudia said...

Happy Birthday! (By the time you read this it will be your birthday)
I hope the day is all you want it to be. And how old am I? I think I am 14 most of the time. At the rebellious age. My girls roll their eyes at things I say and do. I love it, because being my age I know I can get away with it....feels so good!
Your Grands are beautiful!


Happy Birthday, remember it's just a number. Enjoy yourself and the kids, they always make everything so fun and simple.

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Hope it is a grand day. Enjoy the moments.

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday to you!

It's not only great that the kids accept you as you's even better that you accept them as they are. IMO, that's what grandparents are for.

Rain said...

A PERFECT Mimi!!!! What a wonderful time for the kids and boy oh boy they will remember it to as being as special as is was! Love-love the scotch tape and string yarn creations-that's what important! Happy happy birthday from another almost 61-who is really only 12 most days!! Got one little munchkin grandbaby-3 mos and he recognizes me!!!!!!!!!!!!! will be gigi to him!! I'm having a glass of wine right now to toast your birthday!

Barb said...

Hilary, I came to visit from somewhere else. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday - I believe today is the big day. I'm even older, but who's counting... Your Blog is lovely, and your writing is like sitting on a porch and talking to someone I don't know but think I like.

Sharon said...

That's a great story and thanks for sharing it. It made me laugh out loud and I'm still chuckling. Your 64th birthday present is that you are Mimi and have those wonderful grandchildren. I'm sure you have friends who wish they were grandmothers too - I know I do. Happy Birthday!!! You beat me to 64, but only by 8 months. I hope you're liking this era as much as I am~

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Because every thread counts