Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rotten apples

From autumn

Pears, too.
I bet you thought I was going to talk about something totally different, right?
But no raving about rotten apples. Even though one comes to mind immediately.
I have apple trees and pear trees at the studio, right in the back yard. And there are so many on the ground, that it smells like a cider mill out there. There are loads of drunken bees buzzing around.
I borrowed this wonderful apple picker from the good fairy when she was here helping me the other day.
From autumn

Using it was not as easy as I thought.
From autumn

It might have been easier if I hadn't had my camera in the other hand.
From autumn

Even though Sydney is instrumental in holding this placemat still for me while I tie the fringe, it is still not all that helpful. It is very hard not to tie the tail in with the fringe.
From autumn

As soon as I put Sydney down, Jinx took her place.
From autumn

I wove sock rugs all day, trying to free up a loom for an order.
From autumn

They are lovely pastel colors, and they are wicked thick and soft.

From autumn

My granddaughter went to kindergarten yesterday. First day. Last evening, her mom, my daughter, asked what was the first thing she did in school. Since it is a Catholic school, Ava said that the first thing she did was to tell God that she loved Him.
My son in law, who has an interesting sense of humor, asked her " Did God say he was really glad you came to school, and did he tell you to do all your work in school, and be a very good girl?"
Showing no surprise whatever, she answered, "No, that didn't happen today. But I sure hope it happens TOMORROW."
She reminds me very much of my youngest daughter.
One day we were having lunch with my best friend. She was talking about her husband, in a very kind way, and saying that it was interesting to her that as men get older, they bulk up around the middle, while their legs get skinnier.
Morgan, who was about 7, piped up. "Well, ya know Gayle, once you're a pickle, you can never be a cucumber again."
Nuff said.


Country Girl said...

Sitting here laughing at that last bit.
As an owner of two of your wonderful rugs, I'm here to say that I still love them. They're very soft but I had no idea that your kitties took them for test drives!

Nancy said...


Great reflection picture!

Valerie said...

Loved the pickle & cucumber comment! Guess that goes the same for cider and apples. I can almost smell those felled apples and pears!

Joy Tilton said...

Wise girl! I'm in love with your rugs..can't wait to look over your whole blog...

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Because every thread counts