Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maine Part I

Our first night in Maine found us pretty tired.
Well, at least some of us.
From Loving Maine

We did some lounging around.
The house was lovely. There was a big living room, but we kind of gravitated to the sun room.
By morning, we were ready to explore.
Bright eyed and bushy tailed?
From Loving Maine

Nothing like a little aerobic exercise to get us in the mood, right Aunt Momo???
From Loving Maine

The house I found, and rented for the week, is in the town of Tenant's Harbor, just south of Rockland. Just down the road in the other direction was the lovely little village of Port Clyde.
We found the local beach, called the Drift Inn Beach. It was perfect.
From Loving Maine

Plenty of rocks, but also enough sand to satisfy even the pickiest beach goer.
From Loving Maine

From Loving Maine

And the water was actually warm enough to swim in.
Everyone seemed to have these boards that they paddled around on.
From Loving Maine

I could look at this all day.
From Loving Maine

There is a small light house right down the road.
From Loving Maine

You really didn't have to worry about entertaining the kids. As long as there was water, rocks, and any combination, they were happy.
From Loving Maine

There was very little traffic. No street lights. Minimal places to eat and shop. Just enough.
It was incredibly quiet.
And even though it was hotter than usual there, the breeze off the water was sweet.

While I was there, I didn't worry about home. I didn't worry about the studio, my dog, or my four cats. I never contemplated the orders waiting for me, or the work I need to do. I didn't think about bills, or commitments.
Now usually I have trouble with this. It used to take me a week to get past those thoughts.
But this vacation I was blessed with instant forgetfulness. And it lasted until I was on my way home.
When I'm in Maine, I have trouble expressing how I feel about it. I know that it is special to me in some unfathomable way, but putting it into words is difficult.
I don't know this little girl, but when I saw this picture I took of her, it said to me what I could not.
From Loving Maine

And tomorrow, friends, a boat ride!

From Loving Maine


Hilary said...

Beautiful photos.. particularly that little girl.. and of course your sweeties. I'm so glad you had a great time.

Gail said...

The beauty of your photos is astounding. I love the light, the water, the skies, the people...

Glad you had a great time.

Need A Latte Mom said...

Love the feeling around

Lili said...

You've captured the unmistakable essence of the Maine landscape, and I often am at a loss of words to describe how it makes me feel here too! What a fun surprise for me to find out you were just here! ~Lili

Country Girl said...

When I'm in Maine, I feel the same way. It's difficult to capture the feeling in words, but then I'm not a wordsmith.
This sounds like a lovely area to visit. Oh, so wonderful!

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Because every thread counts