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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just when you think you know what's what.

Up early again, in the chiropractor's office at 7:45am. Ack.
This was a maintenance appointment, trying to keep me from the pretzel shape, or trying to imitate the Leaning Tower. You know the one.
Then a 40 minute drive north to pick up blue jeans. It was a lovely September morning.
From september

The Adirondacks always amaze me. I love living here.

From september

When I got to the studio, imagine my surprise when I made the turn into the driveway.
From september

Someone has this breakfast thing down to a science.
From september

Up on the porch, waiting patiently for the food, and the water.
And as soon as it is down, he goes for it.
From september

My friend Alice commented that this cat eats like he is starving, every day.
From september

But today, he only ate for a few minutes, then disappeared. I thought it was odd. I had a little tuna 'just laying around', so I took that out on the porch,
" something special for you."

A few minutes later, I looked out to see if he had come back, and well.......


SHE had come back.
And not alone.
From september

Seems Buddy is in need of a more feminine name, and seems like she has figured out that this might be a good place for her babies to grow up.
From september

Ay caramba.
Sorry, Bill, the line has moved again.
And since I can't remember who it was that borrowed my Havaheart trap, and they haven't brought it back, I had to call my neighbor and plead to borrow hers.
Now I have to catch Momma, get her fixed, so she doesn't continue in her risky lifestyle. And I need to catch the babies, so they don't get killed in the road.
Please, if anyone lives near enough to me, help me find these guys a home. They deserve to have one. I will do what I can for them. I will get them to the vet, and neuter them, and do my part to stop what seems to be a never ending flow of kitties on the run.

It was a busy, busy day.
One good job done, was traveling another 12 miles over the country side, to pick up a huge box of loopers that I let someone take. When I realized that they were just holding on to them, and not cleaning, or looping them, and certainly not bringing them back, I called. Then called again.
So today, Alice and I went and fetched them home.
From september

I must say that a drive through Washington County, N.Y., is never a waste of time.

Now my car is packed full, and the roof is stacked with wooden racks, ready to set up at the Washington County Fairgrounds, for the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival this weekend.
Next week, I need a break. Some quiet. Some serenity.
It's time.

From september

Tomorrow: The Pumpkin Man!!!!
And I am serious.


Country Girl said...

Oh, my gosh! When you said that your cat ate like it was ravenous, I thought something must be wrong with him. But him is a her with kittens?!! What a surprise.

Your area is so beautiful. I'd love that view out my car windows on a regular basis.

Karen said...

Hilary, you're such a kind soul :-) I wish I could take the black kitty... but I'de better count on a divorce if I do.

Beautiful country side...

Delighted Hands said...

It is just a test of your 'Good Samaratan'-ism! It is funny.......!

re'New said...

Around here there seems to always be someone who is looking for farm cats... Is that an option? Just wanted to let you know I got my Hip to Be Square Loom! I've got a potholder made already! Fun! Thanks again, so much!

Sharon said...

That you for being responsible for the kitties. I have my rescue boy snugged up beneath my left elbow right now - I hate that cats are dismissed and love to see them rescued. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There's a place in heaven for you.

bspinner said...

Anyone who loves kitty is a loving person. Hope you can find them all homes.

Pictures are pretty !! New York atate is a beautiful state! I love the drive along the Hundson River when we got to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.

Anonymous said...

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

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Because every thread counts