Friday, September 24, 2010

On the road again.

Up again at the crack of dawn, too many things to do, and sleeping in isn't one of them.

I had my car all packed, so after I fed ALL the kitties, I headed to Greenwich, to the fairgrounds.
They opened at 9am, for those who wanted to get set up a day ahead, and I got there at 9:05am.

This is the bridge over the Hudson. My DH doesn't like it, because it sways as you drive over it.
From september

It was a beautiful morning, and I was back on the road at 9:30. I wasted no time.
It was definitely a "driving with the windows down" kind of day.
From september

I ran some errands, and worked my way through a 'to do' list.
Now just over the road from me, one of my neighbor's grows pumpkins. Now I don't mean the kind of 'throw some seeds out back and see what ya' get' growing of pumpkins. I mean serious, dedicated, hard work, passionate growing of pumpkins.
From september

All of his pumpkins are HUGE. None of them can just be picked up by one person.
From september

They bring them from the field with the tractor.
Hundreds of incredibly BIG ORANGE PUMPKINS.
It is a fabulous sight.
From september

The very best part about it, is that when Mr. Pumpkin was talking to me about the pumpkins, and how he grows them, his enthusiasm was tangible. I loved it.
From september

And there are some nice gourds and corn stalks, too.
Now up the road, another family member has the "pumpkin passion".
Don't ya just love that?
Anyway, he only grows TWO pumpkins.
Yes. Two.
He babies them, and mollycoddles them. He trucks water from the pond, because they drink 50 gallons each every day.
From september

And even though his pumpkin patch is quite large, there are only TWO pumpkins growing there, because he pinches off every blossom except for them.
From september

He has little shelters built for them, so they don't get too much sun.
Putting them on a truck when they are full grown, is an event.
Here is one, and this is the color it will stay.
From september

These babies will be soon on their way to the NY Pumpkin Festival and while en route, two of the runners will be immersed in water, so they can drink all the way to Oswego.
Last year his pumpkins weighed over 700 lbs.
From september

And just so you can see how big this really is, I had the good fairy put her hand next to it.
From september

I love pumpkins, and almost brought a couple home, but my car was still full of stuff.

For the next two days, I will be demonstrating how to make a potholder on the Hip to Be Square Looper Loom, and hope to sell a car load of them.
So if you are in the neighborhood, the Fiber Festival is at the fairgrounds right on Rte 29 between Greenwich and Schuylerville, and it is 10-5 both Saturday and Sunday.

I am not going to attempt kitty capture until Monday, since I won't be around enough to monitor the action. So as anxious as I am to get them settled, it will have to wait a couple of days.
Still waiting for someone to email me saying they are desperate to adopt one of them.
I know, I'm such a dreamer.


Country Girl said...

I'm a dreamer, too.

Wishing you luck at the festival!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos and a VERY big pumpkin pair.

Gail At The Farm

re'New said...

I'm sure you'll come home with an empty car... I just took a picture of my first two potholders... And I'm going to go post that pic on my blog right now!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts