Friday, September 17, 2010

The Jig is UP!

I finished more sock rugs, and that's it for them for a while.
Moving on.
Finally!!!! The Hip to Be Square Looper Loom is READY!!!!!
I feel like I have given birth.
All this waiting for this metal hook.

From autumn

And THIS is a jig.
Not the lively dance. Not rapidly, as "in jig time", not as in "the jig is up", meaning it's hopeless.......but a jig: a plate or box or open frame for holding work and for guiding a tool to do the work.
From autumn

This was made by my neighbor, and friend, Josh, husband of Barb, who sold me the house.
I stopped over today, to sing his praises. I warned him that I really could not sing, but felt moved to throw kudos his way.
I watched this jig in action, and I must tell you, it is impressive. I may take my flip camera over so I can video tape it. Four pieces of metal go in at a time, and they are bent into shape in a matter of seconds.
So I finished packing up the looper looms that have been sitting half done.
YOUR looper looms, you out there who are waiting!
From autumn

You will be getting this many loopers....enough to make 8 large potholders.
From autumn

And the loom of course, 9" square, from recycled wood.
From studio

The metal hook to draw the loops through, and the size K crochet hook to finish the edges with, and instructions.
From autumn

The lovely packaging........
From autumn

Now let me tell you why Donald Trump would kick me off his show. Which I must say I would be happy about, because I could not look at his crazy hair without busting a gut....but that's another story.
I tried to price this kit at the beginning of this venture. I 'thought' I knew what the price had to be. But then I had to pay more for the crochet hooks, which I bought in the USA, because to buy them in China I would have to purchase 5000 from someone who did business out of an office in downtown Shanghai, who wanted me to 'wire' him the money up front.
Uh, I was born in the morning, just not YESTERDAY morning.
Then the metal hook had to be made, then I realized I needed to pay someone to clean the little threads off the loopers, and on, and on, and get the picture. So while I thought I could market these wonderful little kits at $29.95, I soon realized that $34.95 was where I needed to be, if in fact I thought I should make any money at all.
That being said, for all of you who have already SPOKEN for one, the price will remain $29.95.
In fact, because I don't even like Donald Trump, the price for anyone who mentions this blog will be $29.95, until Christmas.
Take that, Donald.

I can get them in a flat rate box, so shipping will be $10.70. And please don't leave a comment saying that you want one, unless you have an email address that shows up. There are already a few on my list that did that, and as soon as I find the piece of paper where I jotted down their first names, I will give a shout out to them here.
You should have received an email today from me, telling you how to get one, and if you didn't then you were one of those 'no reply at blogger'.
So if you want to be making these
From studio

like really soon, email me at
And now, since I have been a total pig today, eating lunch out (Mexican) and dinner out (Italian), and coconut ice cream at Martha's.......well, I need to put on something way more comfortable, if you get my drift.
Good night, all.

Addendum: Here are the names of the people who emailed me for a looper loom, that I can't email back.
Lesley, Brenda, Dianne, Sandy, Benita, Edie, and Debb.


Karen said...

THese are just so joyously colorful, love them.

Country Girl said...

Love them and got your e-mail. Can't wait to play with this.

Anonymous said...

I remember having a pot holder maker as a child. Mine was red metal and made the greatest looking pot holders!


Debb said...

I got your email ... it was in the ol' spam folder; but, once I saw who it was from... my ol' heart did a little jump... thanks so much for emailing me and I really, truly want a loom... I am just as excited to see my name "Debb" on your post... whoohooo... thanks for making my day..

DebbieB said...

I just found you from Knitty Gritty Keri, and am smitten by your looms. I'm going to order one right now - I was a crocheting child, but never had a potholder loom. Must remedy this right now!

I'm a weaver with a large floor loom and numerous rigid heddle looms, but this tiny loom has captivated me. :)


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Because every thread counts