Crazy as a Loom

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work. No work.

I have an aversion to laziness.  You knew, right?
I admire those who take care of business.  I love getting the job done, and I think that the feeling of accomplishment is priceless.
I like self starters.
Like Jinx.
This girl bites her own nails down.  I kid you not.

Today I caught her at work.  It is quite impressive.   She intently spreads her toes, then she chews the nails off, and saves me the hassle of trying to trim them.  What a good girl!!!

I got NO WORK done today.  My granddaughter is visiting, and we did STUFF.  We went to the tack store to buy her rubber boots.  And we had to get a helmet to wear both horse back riding and bike riding.  Then since her riding lesson was cancelled due to RAIN, we went to the bagel cafe for lunch, and then to the  movies, to see RIO in 3D.
We stopped into Dick's Sporting Goods to buy her a bat for softball.
We came home for dinner, and now we are off to buy a chess set......guess I will have to lower my standards and go to Walmart..........and then for ice cream.
What 7 year old asks you to teach her how to play chess?

I have searched high and low, and can't find the chess set that I have had for years, and I have a vague memory of giving it to my youngest daughter.

Now granddaughter/grandgirl is flitting around taking pictures with my old camera.
She used my good camera at the studio today, but she doesn't focus much, and this little camera does it for her.
She does have an eye though.

One of these days I have to teach myself how to take a break, in addition to taking time out to be Mimi.
This may take a while.


Sandra Tyler said...

Those yarns are luscious!

TexWisGirl said...

what kind of stress do you put those cats thru where one bites off her own toenails? :)

you need to have a fun day once in a while - away from weaving. after all, you did work this weekend too! granddaughters deserve some time. wow. chess! i used to know how to play but wouldn't have a clue now!

Karen said...

All work and no play... you know the saying.

claudia said...

I think you got lots done. You taught that grandgirl of yours a valuable life lesson...she matters to you! Her self esteem is way up there now where it should be!

Country Girl said...

You're making me tired!!

Glad you took the day off, even if your cat didn't.

Bonnie said...

She will always remember the days she spent with her Mimi. Wonerful.

Sharon said...

Oh you are so wrong when you say you did no work! You did your job, Grandma. And I'm thinking you did it very well.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts