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Monday, April 18, 2011


Sydney says:

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Ha!   I take liberties amusing myself here.  You are kind to put up with it.
Or you're just crazy about Syd.
Remember I was working on those blue, rose, and gold rugs last week.......I struggled with them, started them over 3 times, went searching for more fabric, because I didn't like what I had.

Eventually, I began to like what I was doing, and they turned out nicer than I expected.

They went out to Chardon, Ohio, last week, and I waited to hear how they were received.

Well, today I got the email.  I was almost afraid to open it.

Hilary - got the rugs today, LOVE, LOVE, them you did it again, Thanks again
have to run for now.  If we don't talk HAPPY EASTER
louise :) :) :)

I gotta tell ya, reading it made me feel really good.   Louise is officially my best customer ever, and I am thrilled that I made her happy.......again.

Now on to a 30ft runner that is going to Michigan.  Warp is on, I am ready to weave!

That's ridiculous, I am ALWAYS ready to WEAVE.
Silly girl.


TexWisGirl said...

well, i am rather addicted to sydney - kind of like i'm addicted to george over at kate's place...

i'm glad your customer loved your rugs. they sure looked perfect to me!

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one thought the blue rugs were awesome. Louise has great taste!

claudia said...

I liked those rugs from the get go. Louise is right! Of course she is, what am I saying???
I'm a tad partial to Sydney. She reminds me of a sweet kitty I had years ago...Buffy. Same size as Sydney!
How do you wrap all that weaved rug onto the fabric roller when you advance it? My goodness that is a lot of rug!!!

Country Girl said...

Silly girl. The blue ones are beautiful. And that cat is huge. Wowza!! That's a whole lotta cat to luv.

Hilary said...

They are lovely.. and I just adore the brilliant colours on which Sydney is lounging.

Karen said...

good LORD, a thirty foot runner???....

and Hilary, I doubt you have ever produced an ugly rug.

However, I think that would make a really cool name for a rug!.. The UglyRug. I have no idea what it would look like.

fiberdance said...

Love your rugs-and Sidney's a hoot. I just set up a warp for my very first rug (I'm a newbie weaver)I hope mine ends up half as nice as yours-any hints? Thanks

SpinMeAYarn said...

i love your blog, i just read back to the post about Ed the dog on the 12th of April,
i just love thw way you are so philosophical and at peace, even though you are also worrying about your mom and Bubalee and not enough brown fabric,
i love the way you are so grateful, i think there's a lot there for me to learn,
i hope that someday i too will have a little studio, and that i will be happy to sit in it alone one day and work and enjoy the early spring sunshine and the company of my cats and my dog, in the meantime i am very grateful that i can sit here very far away from you and read about your labyrinth and the UPS man and the road and the cats....

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Because every thread counts