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Friday, April 8, 2011

Up close.

Work, work, work.
L and I cleaned today.
SPRING cleaning.  Who's idea was that?
To clean every spring.
Anyway, the studio is definitely in need of some serious cleaning, so we started with the living room.
The pellet stove generates dust, the weaving generates dust.
We organized, moved stuff, and cleaned from the ceiling to the floor.
It looks GOOD.

Our plan is to do a room a day.  You know what they say about plans, right?

Every nook, every space, got cleaned.
Do you know how much JUNK one person can collect.
Especially a somewhat crazy person.

Three looms are really too many for this room.  We could get rid of a chair or two, but then where would the kitties sleep???
Decisions, decisions.

But why 3 chairs, you ask?   Don't you have 4 cats?
Yes, you are right, I do.  But Kizzy doesn't hang out by the stove.  He's a guy.
It's a guy thing.

Someone has just eaten breakfast and was taking her bath on the landing.  

How about a nice walk in the labyrinth??
I feel like paparazzi following her around.

I have been on a hat knitting kick.  This hat is the MOST fun to knit, and I love the way it feels.
Even though I am not really a hat person.

I am also not much into putting my FACE on here.
But I am doing it anyway.
Di over at the Blue Ridge Gal is my inspiration.
She does it, and well, all the time.  So I must live up to her standards.

You might say it is my way of being in acceptance of where I am in my life.  64 and tough.  Still going strong.
That's a whole lot to be thankful for.

Unfortunately, my hair is getting grayer by the day.

And it is kind of a mess, to boot.
If I weren't having so much fun, I would spend some time on it.



TexWisGirl said...

first, i LOVE your gray hair - i do a little happy dance when mine is cut and more and more shows... :)

second, that Snappy Di sure does post a lot of photos of herself, and i admire that. you're a beauty - and i liked the '64 and strong' - so you go, girl!

me, i haven't posted a photo of myself at all - well, one tiny one on my "about me" page - sorta the obligatory, behind the camera shot di talks about. i'll give myself a bit more time to be accepting of who i am, once i figure that out for sure.

Karen said...

I think you're rocking the gray hair.. and you are SURELY rocking your age.

Ms. B has NOT had her kittens yet??...

Country Girl said...

You are braver than I. And I like your hair.

deborah said...

You look marvelous!
What a cozy studio you have, and so nice that your kitties have their own chairs:)

Anonymous said...

Well, I wish my gray hair looked that good. As for a hat, you need one with a brim maybe? Not all hats look good on every person. Try experimenting. Thanks for the compliment...., but to be honest, I photoshop out my wrinkles. Lol. Vanity going on here big time.

fiberdance said...

Hi-just happened upon your blog-love your writing and down to earth stories--in one of your older posts you mentioned you had plantar fascitis--not sure if you've tried this-sit in a comfy chair-put a golf ball under your bare foot and roll it around-every time you sit down. It worked for me. I love your rugs, enjoy the cat stories and chuckle at your wit-thanks

Sharon said...

Cleaning here would make me suicidal since the mud I clean up from the dogs today will get tracked back in tomorrow. We should have stuck to cats - alas. I love your hat and I'm flaunting my gray. I earned it.

Donna said...

I LOVE your grey hair. I recently shaved my head for a fund raiser for pediatric cancer research - and it's been the most liberating thing I've done in 61 years! Hope mine comes back in as terrific as yours! AND, you've inspired me to head back to Weight Watchers!
Love your blog - and thanks for putting the music up near the top so I can turn it off quicker!

Becca said...

You really make some lovely rugs and things. I am a crazy cat lady, so I adore your little kitties, and of course think they need a place or chair to call their own. LOL :-) Have a lovely weekend.

Frank's Corner said...

Just catching up here and was happy to see your beautiful self photos...your such an inspiration!

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Because every thread counts