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Sunday, April 3, 2011


"I survived" a weekend with a 7 year old, just a little tired.
Ya think?
She took my camera for a tour around the studio.
She was actually very good all weekend, and I can't say that I have much of a complaint about anything.

She caught Sydney Sue trying to read my pattern.



She was kind enough to take a picture of her Mimi weaving.  

These are supposed to be baby blankets.

Oh, for the perspective of a child, eh?
They see the world without all the accumulated baggage that grown ups have.
She is joyful about so much: about pancakes, or a 'short stack' as she called them, the chance to clean my desk at the studio, a ball of chained loopers  that I said she could have, her hair all washed and braided, seeing her Mom.  Everything to her is an adventure, an experience to savor.  She is totally excited about life.  
What a concept, eh?

In addition to cats, we can learn a lot from children.  Life can be pretty simple.
Life SHOULD be pretty simple.


TexWisGirl said...

oh i just want to pet that big Sydney belly! Reminds me so much of my long-time-gone cat Sybil.

what a sweet grand-daughter you have. :)

Marsel said...

How nice to get to see you weaving -- that's a perspective we don't typically get! :)

Country Girl said...

It's better when it's simple.

Sweet post, Hilary.

Anonymous said...

Love your granddaughter and your cats!! But especially love your hair!

claudia said...

I love your grand daughter's pics! My favorites? The picture of you and the last one of Sydney! I think photography is her calling.

Sharon said...

That's the best kind of week and how wonderful that you to have it. She's got a good eye, maybe a bit of her Mimi's art genes?

Frank's Corner said...

Your grand daughter is lovely. I too spent my weekend with my horse crazy grand daughter (age 10). She also had the camera and spent hours photographing the cats and me. Her idea of photographing her Grammy is not so sweet...she goes after close ups of nostrils, laughing mouths, and eye wrinkles...the pictures she turned out were liberating for illusions've just gotta laugh and let it go, right? Anyway, I love your sharing. So often I find that what you are saying is very akin to my experience. Thanks for your optimism and honesty! Candace

Karen said...

If ONLY it were simple. What are we doing wrong?

Great post, I love her pictures!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your granddaughter needs a camera for Christmas this year. Our Maddie just turned 9. She got a camera this past Christmas and like you grand is quite good with it.


Rain said...


Donna S. said...

I know it wears you out. But, they grow up sooo fast! :)

Hilary said...

She's got a good eye, that kidlet. I like her perspectives.. that first photo especially.

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Because every thread counts