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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Verdict and a Surprise.

Wow, I am so glad I asked!!!!
The MAJORITY rules, and the majority says "no music playing the second I open your blog".
No music.
The surprise is that I did some research, and realized that Playlist offers me the option of NOT having the music start automatically.
So my playlist is still there, but if you want to listen, you have to click on PLAY.
How's that for making everyone happy.
Don't you love it when you find a solution to something that's bugging you???
I really appreciate all of your input.  I suspected as much, but wanted to know for real.

Yes, spring is coming on a slow boat to northeastern New York, but it's coming.
When I took my mother to church this morning, one of the songs was Celebrate.  And even though they were celebrating the whole Easter thing, I think that 'celebrate' is a good theme for a lot of different reasons.
So I am celebrating.  Spring, family, friends, good health, good food, a free country.   I have so much, and sometimes I am overwhelmed by how much I have.  How much good fortune.
So while I may not be 'in the groove' when it comes to the conventional religious sermon, etc, I am thankful, and awed, by a power greater than myself, greater than all of us.
It's a good thing.   Joy comes from someplace within, sometimes, with no preparation whatever.

The ham is in the oven, the baked beans have been cooking all day and smell delish.
The pies are waiting to be devoured.  And they will be.
The Quinoa Fruit salad is in the fridge.   DH would say that it is looking strange.

For those of you who aren't familiar with quinoa, it is a amino acid-rich protein seed, that has a fluffy, creamy, slightly crunchy texture, and a somewhat nutty flavor when cooked.
Go here to read all about it.  It is a complete protein, and so versatile. I just love it.
I like to mix it with black beans, and sauteed veggies, like onion and zucchini.  There are lots of recipes/web sites out there. I mostly make things up.

I am taking a break before the 'fam' gets here.......thinking about the coming week, and kind of getting positioned in my head.   That always helps me to get the things done that I get done.  I have to "see" it first.
So first thing is to finish the 30' runner.  Then the studio spring cleaning jamboree is back on, because I have a Weaving Bootcamp Weekend coming up the 29th.  I still have a couple of openings, but if I just have the one person, it will still be a good weekend.  They always are.
And somewhere in there, I will start weaving rugs that are waiting patiently in the back of my brain.
No wonder my brain is such a mess, eh??
So have a wonderful holiday out there........and have pie, or whatever you are substituting.
It just makes everything so much better.

Don't you think?
What are you all having for dessert??????   Go ahead, tell me, I can take it.


TexWisGirl said...

Mike 'n Ike jelly-bean-like candies...

And I liked your summation of your church-going thankfulness. I, too, am not the the conventional type when it comes to religion, but my gratitude is deep to the higher power and purpose at work in my life...

Karen said...

Chocolate cream pie! And I made a potato tart that is the bomb. Will post the recipe in the next few days.. hilary, this one can be a meal and I know you don't eat meat... you'll like it I think.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream.

Lona said...

I like the music compromise! I was wondering if that were a possibility--having the default be off, but available for those who wanted it. Great!

bspinner said...

I agree with you on the "church" summation. Don't tell anyone but we didn't have any desert. No one ever has room for it so why bother. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holday!

re'New said...

Easter dessert is by custom angel food cake with strawberries and ice cream or cool whip. Always a favorite!

Kathy said...

Thanks for keeping the music! Happy Easter to you and your family. I made a cake recipe from America's Test Kitchen. Coconut Cake. Oh, slice is enough...the cake and frosting take 9 eggs and 1 pound and 1 stick and 1/2 stick of butter.......That will be made once at year....

Someday I hope to visit your studio when we travel to see our sons in Vermont and Maine. We take the Glens Falls exit (where the outlets are) and go though 'your neck of the woods'.

Thank you for writing. I enjoy reading your blog and it has made me think alot about my own life, etc.

sharon said...

I'm not having much. Stomach virus! Blah!!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ahhh what a good politician you would make! You saw a potential problem with the masses... and made it a win-win for everyone!


Cami said...

Please post the quinoa salad! I love using it for salads, it always stumps my family-they can't figure out what they are eating!

Our dessert is chocolate fondue with fruit, angel food and potato chips!

John said...

When it comes to dessert I go for black forest cakes. They taste heavenly. Happy holiday! I too love the idea of celebrating things which I'm blessed with . There is so much to thank God for , like our parents,family and every tiny thing which gives us smile.
Your Dessert Personality
Which of these desserts do you prefer?

Sharon said...

Ian wasn't a fan of your playlist since we'd both be on computers and suddenly mine would burst into sound. I like this option - thanks. Keeps peace in my family. I like your music, for the record.

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Because every thread counts