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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cutting FA......?

Or FAT~~!!!!!
I have been going to post about my weight loss venture, so you wouldn't think that I had given it up.  I haven't, on the contrary, I am more motivated than ever.
I have lost 10 lbs, or TWO BAGS of cheap sugar off my hips.
I can feel it in my jeans, they kind of hang, and OMG, do I love that feeling.
I remember once reading that nothing tastes as good as THIN feels.  I never really believed it, but lately, I do.
It isn't about looking good, although that is sure a bonus, but it really is about feeling comfortable in my own skin, physically.
I am loving this new WW Points Plus. I am not hungry all the time, and it helps me to eat better, not more.
When I lose at least 15 more lbs, or maybe 20, I am going to buy NEW jeans, and cut my old ones up for a rug.  Then I am going to do a little dance on that rug.

Anyway, I have this stationary bike at the studio.  I bought it at a garage sale last summer, and I have used it sporadically.  Sporadically being the key word here.  Mostly I hate it because the whole time I am doing it, I am thinking about what I COULD be doing, something a whole lot more productive than spinning my wheels.  That's what it feels like.
But last week, when I stepped on the scale, and I had gained a pound, even after being so good all week, so I decided that I needed to get my butt moving.  My problem has been the plantar fasciitis.
OUCH.  It hurts SO bad.  I have been wearing the splint as much as I can stand it at night.  I have been using the Tea Tree mineral stuff.  I have been doing the exercises, I  take Advil, but still, there are times during the day when I can barely walk.
So I decided that I would do 30 minutes on the bike every day, until it is warm enough to get my real bicula out.
But the boredom..............ACK.
Then this morning, I had a brain storm.
I had a big roll of fabric to cut, for an order.

I did 30 minutes on the bike, pedaling quite fast I might add, and I got the whole roll of fabric cut.
And more importantly, the time just flew by.

And I was ready to weave.

You don't think I'm crazy, do you?

Do you?

Time to rest my foot, and  get ready for an exciting evening.

Yes, American Idol, and popcorn in my whirly popper.
And in between, I'm knitting a funky hat.

I am trying to contain myself.


Cait Throop said...

OMG that is GENIUS!! Talk about multitasking! Yeah, I'm needing to take physical activity seriously and move my butt too! I must say you are looking fabulous! YAY!

Janet said...

Long time Lurker coming out of Lurkdom to say "Amazing!" - to the 10 pound loss and the genius bike-riding-material-cutting-multi-tasking :)

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT... how smart are you!! Ingenious my friend.


Marsel said...

Crazy? Nope, that sounds creative to me! I love the comment about cutting up the jeans and dancing on the resulting rug, what a great mental picture!

Lona said...

What they said. I bow...

deborah said...

So creative! I love to multitask, makes the time and chores go by so much faster.
You are doing great!

TexWisGirl said...

Now THAT'S the way to do 2 things at once. No worries about productivity there - if you can keep steady enough! I'd be snipping all over the place as I wobbled... :)

Love the cut up the old jeans, make a rug, then dance on it. LOVE IT!

Karen said...

LOL..Hilary, no one will EVER accuse you of being lazy. And.. 10 lbs. is awesome!!!!... I've been doing the working out, but have not stopped shoveling the extra helpings in.. I'm a stress eater, hard habit to break.

Nancy said...

Ingenious! I signed up for the WW Points Plus but could not figure out how to use the new online site. Why do they change things that are working??

Rain said...

WOW= thats fantastic!! I cant stand doing nothing-watching a family movie my daughter always yells out we have to wait till mom has "something to do"!! Havent been to movie theater in many years because not enough light to knit or anything by! Maybe I can crochet while on the stationary bike and I could do it!!?? Great idea for you!

Linda said...

Hilary, you are so creative! What a great idea!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Clever lady, Hilary!

Frank's Corner said...

So resourceful!!!! I ride the boring bike too. But now, I just get on the phone with my sister and we talk for 30 minutes. The time sails by.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Look at you go Miss Multi-tasker!!!! That is fabulous.... congratulations on the loss, and btw, I love the "new" hair color!!!!

Bonnie said...

What a wonderful idea. Cutting material and weight at the same time.

claudia said...

There is no way you are crazy! I call that resourceful. You are a genius!
Congratulations on the ten pounds. I need to get motivated myself, I have (quite) a few pounds to lose. One day.

giny said...

great weight loss! I love WW too, I started last oktober and lost 40 Dutch pound till now, so that is 40 times 500 gram. Just keep up the good work. I still have 20 pounds to go.
you can do it!

Nancy said...

Well you really solved your bike problem. Like you, I feel that exercising for the sake of exercising is wasted time. I would rather go out and dig a ditch. Then I would exercise and I would have a ditch! But it is too early to do much outside, so I have started to do dancing/exercise to my favorite Abba music. I'm eating boiled eggs and cottage cheese and yogurt and trying to feel good about it. Nothing is as good as weight loss success!

Sharon said...

You crack me up! I so know what you're talking about, losing the same with WW and then gaining back half. I love your solution and I love WW. The program makes sense. It's me that doesn't. Who invented ice cream anyway?!

Chris said...

Hello...I don't know you but you are quickly becoming one of my weaving heroes. Those are people who immerse themselves in what they love and let it fill up all those little nooks and crannies of life. I love that there are sites like yours that I can visit so I can tell my inner critic "see! she can do it! I can too..."

Suzabella said...

I so enjoy your blog and love your work. The order of the blue rugs made me wonder where they will go in the owners home. Have you ever asked your buyers to send you picks of the final home of your rugs? I would love to see their final resting place. (Sorry for how that last line sounds. : )))) Susan

Suzabella said...

Oh, I meant Pics nor picks. Sorry.

Deb Lervaag said...

Plantar facitis---I have it too and is so painful, I have not been able to walk and gained 25 lbs. that I need to now loose. I tried accupuncture and got the best results from that plus wearing shoes with excessively high arch supports ie.Chacos sandals and Klogs shoes. What has had the best results for you? Deb in SD

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