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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Door B

I had a great day.
I thought I was going to be doing an order, but I got stumped with picking out fabrics.  I was missing a color.  What I had just wasn't working for me.
Every now and then that happens, and I have to go shopping.
Yes, with all my thousands of pounds of fabric, I have to go BUY some more.
It sounds crazy, but this is for a very good customer, and I really want it to be right.
When I finally decided on what to buy, I went back to Joann Fabrics to get it.  I intended to buy 10 yards, and use the 40% off coupon they have in their flyer, good for one regularly priced item only.
But they ran out of flyers, and when I asked them if they would honor the sale, they said no.
So I left.  A little annoyed.  If you run out of sale flyers, do you penalize the customer??

So I have to wait until Sunday to go get the fabric, when the new flyer comes out.
So I decided that rather than agonize over it, I would just  fuhgeddaboutit, and instead, I would just do whatever pleased me.
So I did.

You can tell from the rolls of fabric that I went for a lovely bike ride today.  I found that I can also wind the fabric balls while I ride!!!

And since, I can't get the fabric until Sunday, I will have to continue to amuse myself  for two more days.
Oh drat.

I treated myself with a lovely salad.....pears, hard boiled egg, feta cheese, raspberry balsamic dressing.
It was so good.

And while I was sitting at my desk, enjoying my lunch, I happened to look up and see this.

Yes, it is Miss Bubbalee, sitting on the roof of the shed next door.  I ran outside with my camera, and she just stared at me.
What????   I wanted to yell at're too pregnant to be climbing up on the roof.   WTH?????
But I knew it was no use.  This girl lives on HER terms.  Not mine.

Back to my salad, and my quiet day.  I have to concentrate on this amusing myself thing.


Rita said...

I wonder if you could get that JoAnn coupon online? I haven't looked myself, but I think their coupons are available on line. I could be wrong though!

Hilary said...

I have a funny feeling that you and Bubbalee are going to get a lot closer over time. It'll take a while but I think she's going to come around. Right now you'll just have to love one another from a distance.

Love those colours in the first pic.. and that salad looks absolutely yummy!

TexWisGirl said...

Are you sure she hasn't had her kittens? She doesn't look that fat there - but it might just be the perspective. :)

claudia said...

I agree with Rita...maybe you can get the coupon online. I say Booya on those Joanns people though. they should always honor their coupons especially when they run out of not the customers fault!
Bubbalee just wanted to be close. She's so cute up there!

Marsel said...

That salad looks wonderful!

Countryside Reflections said...

Joann's will honor coupons from another company, so if they don't have their coupons on line I know that Michael's does. You can just print Michael's and use theirs. Also Joann's will take two coupons if they're not from the same publication. So if you had a Joann's coupon and a Michael's coupon, you can use both in the same sale. (at least that's how it works at the store near me in Buffalo NY. -Doreen

MarthaVA said...

Love the yarn combos! Love Miss Bubbalee....silly kitty.
LOVE that salad. TOO yummy looking! And healthy - good for you.
Love that you can multi-task too - riding the bike, cutting fabric (that blows me away) and winding the fabric. I'm going to start weaving rugs (I'm a new weaver) so maybe I can entice myself to get on our bike (it's recumbent and I dislike it - I prefer upright) and roll fabric. I would have to do the cutting before hand---riding a bike with scissors....I don't think so. LOL
Hang in there.
Oh, on the Joanns coupons -for us here, Joanns won't accept a Michaels or AC Moore coupon if you're buying fabric, because those 2 stores don't sell fabric (not by the yard). If it were some other craft item, yes.

Patience is a virtue.....or maybe check your stash again?


Karen said...

LOL... you gotta give that girl credit for living life on HER terms.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts