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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a little rain.

Rain, rain, rain.  It poured all night, and all day.
The sun is shining now, and overnight, the grass is green.  Which means, I will have to mow the acre and a half around the studio.

My dear friend, Alice, had an idea.  I am mulling it over, though I resisted at first, I think she may have something.
She suggested that I NOT mow the back half of the property, that instead I mow a path through it.
It would be a meandering walk through tall grass,  and through the trees  here and there.
I like the idea because it reminds me of another walk, in what seems now like another life.
When my first grandson was a toddler, I decided to make him a "woods walk".  I had about 11 acres and most of it was meadow, but there were a couple of wooded areas.
I took a weed whacker out there, and for several days, I carved out a 2 ft wide path.  The grass was the easy part, when I got into dense thickets and brush along the brook, it was tougher.
It started on one side of the house, an finished on the other.
It was an immediate hit.  My grandson loved it,  and the smile on his little face made it all worth while.

So maybe this would work, a garden path.  I could embellish it with a bench or other found items.  And I wouldn't have to mow it all, or pay someone else to mow it.  With the price of gas over $4 already, it would be nice to have a whole lot less lawn.
What do you think??

We saw this bird on the feeder, and he was cooperative enough to let me get a whole lot closer.

This is the first red breasted grosbeak I have seen here.  Isn't he gorgeous??

Right before Christmas, a lady emailed me and asked if I could make a rug like KC277, which was on my web site, but was marked sold.
I said I could, but I was busy.  She was in no hurry, and the note to myself got buried.
She emailed me recently, to remind me.  So today, I did a fabric search, and came up with this.
I must tell you, it is a dead ringer for the rug she liked.  And I am pleased, but amazed.
I figured I could come close, but I outdid myself.  I love when I do that.  Such a good feeling.

Finished the day up with this combo of hit and miss fabrics

I have lately had a sleeping issue.  I don't have it every night, but often enough to be troublesome.
I go right to sleep at night, sleep for an hour or so, and wake up.
Then, I can't go back to sleep.  I am up, for an hour, or two, or more.  It is super annoying.

So I sent for a sleep aid that has helped me in the past.  Sleep Enzymatic Therapy.   I take one, go to sleep and stay asleep, and I don't feel drugged in the morning like I do after taking Tylenol PM.
It came today, so I will be HAPPY to go to bed tonight.
We can take sleep for granted sometimes, then when it eludes us, we are reminded how important it is.

And on another bird note, here is the mourning dove that is nesting on the rafter above my hot tub.
Silly girl.

And if you look closely, you can see her baby.  I don't know if it is the only one, or not.

I didn't try any harder to get pictures, because every time I did, she froze, and looked terrified.
Now who would want to cause that look.
Sweet little bird.

Thinking tonight of all those affected by the multitude of tornadoes in this country.
Praying for their safety, and their comfort.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy.... letting the grass grow? Do you have snakes? We do so I would never let Hubby leave the grass to grow tall. Gives me the heebie jeebs just thinking about it.

What a gorgeous bird photograph. Do you know what kind of bird it is? I'm not a birder so don't have a clue.

Great looking rug!

TexWisGirl said...

i've only seen one rose-breasted grosbeak ever and i was thrilled. i hope yours stays around! sweet mourning dove! glad she's raising at least one baby there! ooh, read di's comment on snakes. really good point. might be dangerous... we have tons of snakes here so it's nice to have the yard mowed until you get to the edge of the pond.

Cindie said...

Yes, let the grass grow and mow a path to walk on - what a grand idea. I wish we could do that here but we live in forest fire country so it's important in the areas on our property that have tall grass that we cut it down before fire season starts.

Linda said...


You could mow a maze!!

Linda said...

Ok, it has been a busy day and I am tired. That should have read....maze!!

Rain said...

I'm so glad our lawn is so tiny-woods-and gardens and chicken runs and blueberry patches take up most of the immediate acre-other 5 are woods. Beautiful photos of the birds-and the rug is wonderful as always!!

Sharon said...

We have lots of quail and doves - I love them both equally. We recently have had our first evening grosbeak. Please post on your sleep stuff thingie - curious.

sharon said...

What a gorgeous bird! I need to buy a camera!!

Need A Latte Mom said...

What if you decide that you don't like it? The amount of work you would have and the grass would give way to tons of weeds...and snakes.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts