Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Oh, for crying out loud, is it raining again????

Looks like rain, and a lot of it.
Oh, well, I was just hanging around anyway. I guess it doesn't matter all that much.

And rain means the roof is leaking again, yup....that new roof I put on not long ago.....leaking.
I am not a happy camper.
I did get a big......BIG.........shipment of upholstery selvedges, so I will be selling some to other weavers to make rugs with. They are $1.50 per pound, plus shipping. If you want a choice of colors, and I have to dig them out, they are $1.75 per pound.
You can call me, or email me, (info on my web site) If you know a weaver, tell her/him........I don't think I will live long enough to weave off 5200 lbs, which would make my husband's prophecy true. So I have to sell some.

There are tons of colors, it is very clean, and I know it will make beautiful rugs.
I intend on making a lot of them.
I was outside til way after midnight last night, because that is when these bales arrived.
I was so tired.
The bales are much bigger in reality than I imagined.
It has so far been a pretty busy week. I am hosting a "mid week" weaving weekend. I had 26 people here today all at once, for a tour.

Once again, I apologize for my amateurish photo skills....
but I just thought this one was cool.

And now folks, I will say goodnight, cause I have nothing more to say.


Anonymous said...

Exhausted? Yep, kitty sure looks like she's been working very hard there keeping all that thread neat and tidy on the loom... Better take another nap, Kitty. *giggles*

The Blue Ridge Gal
Raining here too my dear.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

....rain, rain, go away already!

If you're interested in some tiger lily bulbs for your garden, email me at They're July bloomers with ruffly flowers. prrrretty! ~ I can dig them up in the fall...

Delighted Hands said...

Love the kitty pics-it is cute and annoying that they love to lay on the warp!
Sorry you are having a wet summer! The selvedges are tempting......

bspinner said...

Poor kitty!!! You must be working her hard guarding that loom.

I'd say you have a lot of rug making material. Bet you are have a ball going through it.

India said...

Well we are having a rainy summer in Sweden too. But you can sit inside and weave when it is raining and no one can say anything about it that is the best part of all this rain. And I really hope you can sell some of the upholstery selvedges ( which I actually do not know what it is), so that your husband can´t say " I said so".

Unknown said...

Love the pictures! Sleepy kitty! I love that you can make rugs out of scraps of fabric! They are so pretty!

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Because every thread counts