Friday, July 24, 2009

Hilary St.

(oh, on any picture to enlarge)

I like this. Hilary St.
Has a nice ring to it.
I got this picture in an email today, and was told that it is in Franklin, Iowa. But when I checked it on Google maps, I couldn't find it.
Oh, well, I like it anyway.

We were invited to a barbeque the other evening, and I took my camera along.
It was a lovely evening, and the light was perfect.

And there is nothing I like more than this rock wall did it for me.

And front porches also row my boat. I want one .....a back this, at the studio.....someday.

It was a very laid back barbeque, kids. I was up for that, since I have had my granddaughter all week.

When we left, I took this picture...and I know that it is not a big deal if you are REALLY good at taking pictures, but I liked it nonetheless.
DH says that I am easily amused. That's a good thing, right?

This was a busy I said, I was Mimi all week......almost full time. My daughter needed me to watch Ava. She is a real sweetheart, and easy as pie. But then I am old.....and believe me, a four year old will convince you in no time flat, just how old you are.
But she played at the "tudio" well, (when she says this, I always want to burst into song, "Tu, Tu, Tudio"...........remember that song....that is not exactly what Phil Collins sings....but it sounds lots like it........) and I think she is lulled with the repetitious whack of the loom, as I beat in the weft on these rag rugs.
These are probably my favorite colors....purple, them.
My mother told use at lunch the other day, that she was a "beige" person.
I was not surprised at that.
She has at least........I AM SERIOUS least 30 pairs of BEIGE long pants. thanks. I am a color freak.....I LOVE color.

These rugs are 42"x60" up is blue jean rugs......I am going to put a long warp for them on tomorrow.
Hold up, Ava, ......Mimi is the one exhausted here.......


Nancy said...

What a cute post. Love the street sign, nice name. Loved the music, and your pictures were bucolic. I have a 19-month old grandson that I watch whenever I'm in Portland. And I have to agree - I think babies are born to young women for a reason. :-)

As soon as I have a place for one of those sock rugs, I'll be in touch, for sure.

bspinner said...

The street sign sure is nice. Of course the name does help with its appeal. No matter how much you love your grand children they do have a way of tiring you out. I know mine do.

Country Girl said...

Oh, I loved this post Hilary with all its colors and light. And especially that last one! It's such a keeper.

Love those blue rugs, too. 30 pairs, really?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Being easily amused is a gift... I'm the same way. Makes life so much more enjoyable doesn't it.

The Blue Ridge Gal
(likes the blurry pic too)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I found Franklin, Iowa on

Hilary said...

so much for Google maps, eh???

Life Looms Large said...

The rugs in this post are beautiful!! Love the colors! (I'm such a fan of blue!)

The BBQ looks like it was in an absolutely idyllic setting!!


Jennifer said...

My grandmother was a beige person also - it was tops, bottoms, but especially shoes!

The rugs are great!

Hilary said...

There's very much that I love about this post. I could have written much of it myself. Purple and turquoise have always been a favourite colour combination for me, I yearn for a home with a beautiful front porch, stone walls are lovely and even the street name would suit me just fine. ;)

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts