Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More of a day trip

We finally got to Middlebury about 1pm....and we were all starving.
So we went to Tully and Marie's......right on the Otter Creek. We sat out on the balcony, and braved the possibility of rain.
My mother....who is 84......has become much less tolerant as she has aged. She took one look at the menu and started a spiel about "foreign food".
I had the sweet potato and black bean daughter had a tomato basil bisque with a turkey and avocado sandwich. They were awesome. Eventually, mother decided to order off the children's menu, with Ava, and opted for the grilled cheese sandwich.
She was unhappy with the wait.
And the french fries she ordered didn't come. Instead they brought an order of sweet potato french fries. Ha! You can imagine the reception they got.

But the creek was calm and lovely, anyway.

And the flowers were lovely.
Hmm....what have we here? Another disgruntled customer??
They don't have mac and cheese?????

Well, I suppose I "could" be ageeable.

Mmmm..........this frothy chocolate milk is improving my mood, let me tell you.

Maybe a little cuddling with my mommy will help, while I am waiting for my grilled cheese.

By now, it had started to sprinkle. I had already been to the car to get a jacket for my mother, who was cold. (it was 70 degrees)
After lunch, we went to our intended destination.........Neat Repeats.....just up the hill. This is a really nice used clothing store, one of my very favorites.

After we shopped at Neat Repeats, we went across town, to another consignment shop, Round Robin. It was seriously raining now.
I bought quite a few things .........a pair of cropped pants, two pairs of long pants, a couple of shirts, a bathing suit with the tags still on it. But the find of the day, and the one that made me the happiest, were these.

A brand new pair of Dansko sandals, my size, in red. Never, ever worn.........Are they sweet, or what?
Brooke and I decided that the next time we take my mother to Middlebury, we are getting a designated driver, and we are drinking a bottle of wine at lunch, which will make us so much more tolerant of my mother's intolerance.
Does that make sense?
Tammy has already volunteered.


Cindy said...

Life can be a dance, can't it.........?!

Gail said...

Souds like almost everyone is having fun.

Sharon said...

Score!!! on the Danskos. Sandal envy here~

Hilary said...

I know!!! I am still grinning!

Anonymous said...

That picture of mother and daughter is perfectly precious! And that look into the camera, I have so many of my niece with that same look when she is disgruntled. I have to say I know that she's gotten it from her mother and I!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for visiting, Hilary. I have put you on the list for Wednesday Inspiration - and also on my blog list. Call again. Your lunch sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

That frothy chocolate milk looks might tasty and would take anyone's woes away about the lack of mac and cheese.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Life Looms Large said...

The Danskos are a great find! I'm practically inspired to visit a consignment shop now! I know of just the one.....


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Because every thread counts