Crazy as a Loom

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Counting my blessings, again

This was purchased by my cousin, John, years ago.  He died of Alzheimer’s awhile back, and his wife, my cousin Joan, gave this to me,

I love it so much, and love that I have something of his.

So I put it in my dining room, but it was squished into the table, which annoyed me, until I had the bright idea, to turn the table around.

Duh. So simple.

And perfect.

I really am turning into my mother.  It is evident as I get older, that I do things she did, I like things she liked.

I totally am addicted to notebooks, and pens,

I bought this one yesterday at the show I was doing. 

The local library was selling them as a fundraiser.

The binding was removed, blank sheets were inserted, and the spiral binding put on.

The complete story was left inside.

They had many to choose from.  I was torn:  this one, or The Little Red Hen, or Moby Dick.

Up in my attic, I have totes of notebooks my mother used as diaries, dream journals, and more.

See what I mean?

Our show yesterday was in Peru, Vt.  I have never done a show as well attended as this one.

There were so many great vendors, with so much talent.  And the food was to die for, I wanted all of it!


Lois and my friend Linda, who is visiting from Georgia, helped me all day.

I could not ask for better friends. I am so blessed.

It was a good day, and Crazy as a Loom was very successful!

I love my old house.

I have an amazing family, and friends.

I love what I do.

Twenty two hot air balloons over Kingsbury.

Off to walk my sweet girl Naya.

Birthday party for a special 5 year old today.

Counting my blessings on this chilly fall morning.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Busy, busy

Yesterday was a busy day.

Good friend and fellow weaver stopped by with her toddler granddaughter.  We always can talk it up about weaving, sewing, and life in general.  I also have a kid friendly house with baskets of  toys. Naya is lovely with all children, so there’s never any worry about what she is doing.

Then two other ladies dropped in for a visit. Another weaver, that I have known for quite awhile, was looking for some supplies. We had a nice visit. 

So the studio was hopping for awhile. That’s always fun.  I love that people just feel comfortable dropping in.  That’s exactly the way I like it.

Eventually, I got back to the loom and got it threaded, and sleyed.  I was in no hurry.

It’s lace weight wool, I think it’s going to be pretty.

Today I’m going to be packing up for the show we are doing on Saturday.  It’s in Peru, Vt.

This is my new Möbi jacket, modeled by my dear friend Alice, when she stopped by the other day.

This little girl just turned five.  How is that possible?  She just started kindergarten, and she loves it.

We knew she would.  But it’s the end of something, she’s not home with Momma every day any more.

It will be harder to see her during the week.

Life just marches on.

I am convinced that the only way to live life is one day at a time.  As always, staying in THIS day seems more doable, taking each thing, good or bad, as it comes.

I watched a little video last short, the premise was this:  life is wonderful and amazing but also life is tough, sometimes it is horrible, but when it gets horrible, you find out that when you meet it head on, you are tougher than you knew.

You can handle it. 

Life is tough.   You are tougher.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ah, autumn.

This girl has probably saved my life.

On those days when I know I should walk, she gets me out the door.  She knows what she needs, and what I need as well.

We walk 5-6 times a week, three miles each time.

She’s a little huntress, looking for critters all the time.

There are turkeys, and a deer, down in these woods, and she has eyeballed them all.

Some days, I would rather not make the 3 mile trip to the bike trail.  But I do.

And once I’m walking, I’m glad to be there. It’s a mental break I need, but wouldn’t take for myself, 

If not for Naya.

And I know it’s help with the weight loss , 30 lbs total now.  I really can’t believe that, to be honest.

It also helps with arthritis pain, the more you move, the better you feel.

Still weaving the wool silk, and totally tired of these colors.

Not sure yet, what it will become.

Mixing it up, to finish the warp.

This is up next, lace weight wool from Jaggerspun

A box of new yarn is always exciting.

I bought a new rack for shows.  It’s commercial grade, and folds up for transport.

It has extensions on both ends, so it will hold a lot of clothing.

I like it because it’s great for longer items.

Well, this was a chatty little post.....I’m afraid it’s all I’ve got.

Except for a very fat cat.

Sydney says “ hey”.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Waiting for fall

I’m sorry, I’m just not a fan of extreme heat.  I’d rather put a coat on.

Because this, my friends, is too much summer.

The garden has gone jungle.  I have made the decision to forego all canning, freezing, etc.

I’m just going to make more gazpacho, since I gave a lot away.

When I wake up to cool breezes through the window, meaning August is over, it’s a great relief. 

I love autumn, every single day of it, right to the first snow. 

I only wish it lasted longer.

This is Sydney, trying to be part of my porch table centerpiece.  Though I think she may have cooled on her love of the screen porch, after getting locked out and spending a whole night out there.

When I woke up and couldn’t find her, I knew right away what had happened.  When I opened the kitchen door, she shot in like a bullet.

Then she clung to me all morning.

So yeah, I think she’s over the porch.

6:30am finds me drinking my coffee in my corner of the sofa.  Naya has been out and fed, now she’s lying at my feet.

Cats have been fed. Chickens fed, watered, let out into their big yard.

And I have no commitment to be anywhere or do anything today.


Surely a sign of getting older, when  that one thought brings joy,

Every now and again, I start a knitting project, and get interrupted part way through.

This one was started last August, 2017, and I just found it. Had to learn the stitch all over again, but I finished the one sock, and I’m half way through the second one..

It’s called cherry swirl, the pattern is free on Ravelry.

I’m hot to finish them, so I can start something I’ve been wanting to make for awhile.

The pattern was only available as a kit, it was pricey, but I finally treated myself to it.

I have been weaving with wool silk, a first for me.

Imagine my horror, when I realized the shrinkage rate was 27%. Yes, you read that right.

Sent me right back to the drawing board.  Calculating.

I found something new that I really like, so sharing it here.

You can google it, go to their web site, and they’ll tell you how they make it.

I just know that it makes a fantastic shake, only one WW point.  I use almond milk, frozen bananas, and sometimes a handful of spinach.  Turns out green, but still tastes like PB, one of my favorite things.

I came across this old photo, grandson #1 on the right, and grandson #2 on the left.

Is it just as you get older, that you are blindsided by how fast time has flown?

Here is grandson #1 a few days ago, going to be 21 in a few weeks.

Ah, life. So amazing, so humbling, so very precious.

You live it one day at a time, but then, when you look back, it seems like it went by in huge pieces.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Naya has probably been a crucial part of my weight loss.   Every morning, she performs a little ritual.

In short, it means, let’s go, Mom.

So sometime after 7am, up to 8:30am, I load her in the car, and drive three miles to the bike trail.

It’s a nine mile trail from  Glens Falls to Ft Edward, and it follows the canal.

This tower is where I start, and on the way back, it’s the sign of the end of a good hour long walk, at Naya’s chosen pace.

I’ve learned a lot.

1. If I don’t go early, thinking I might take today off, by mid afternoon, I’m as antsy as she is.   

I might as well go first thing, while it’s cool.

2. Walking is a great time to clear my head.  I resolve things that are bothering me.  I plan my day.  All I hear is the crunch of my feet on the gravel path.

3. The best part of losing 20+ lbs has been freeing up the space in my head, where daily I worried about it, anguished over it, and beat myself up for it.

No more.

Today I reveled in the cool morning, the feeling of being ok, with a dialed down headache. Days like this sustain me when those not so good days come along.

Got this from a blog I follow, and I love it.

When I got home from walking I started to weave on a project I’ve had in my head for’s a 


Wool silk cape.

As I was weaving, suddenly all the harnesses just dropped. CLUNK.

See that cable right there? Yep.....snapped right in two.

The problem......oh, there were several.....but the biggest one was getting that out, then getting another cable, then crimping the end after it was put back in.

Clear as mud?

Now you get it.

After a couple trips to my neighbor, who is brilliant, a couple of trips to the hardware store where they 

probably  hate me...........we finally got the new cable installed.

And it works. Sigh of relief.

I finished what I was weaving, then I made some gazpacho, because that has been on my mind for awhile.

One thing about hour long, daily ensures deep sleep at night.

Can you say “exhaustion”?

But it’s good. I’m here, I’m still on my feet.  I still love my life.

All good.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

A break

Random pictures, random thoughts.

This is the Kingsbury Baptist church, a few doors down from my house.  I took this coming home one night.

I try to see these little ones every week.  If my daughter isn’t up to the hour drive with small children, then I go there.

I want them to know their Mimi.

I guess it’s working, because now there’s not even a 5 minute wait, before this little guy puts his arms up to me.

Still loving my copycat Remoska.

I had all the brush growth cleaned in front of the house.  I am not fond of seeing the road so well, but it lets so much light in, and now when you pull out of the driveway you can see down the road. So it’s a good thing.

My version of potato salad.  I really shouldn’t even have it in the house.


The humidity has been much less the last few days, and my head has taken the cue. I desperately needed the break.

Today is clean the studio day. Every now and then, it just gets out of control.

My daughters seem to think I can do anything......and daughter # 1 wanted her window valance redone.  Here’s the end result.

It was a lot harder than it looks.

This was last week’s job...the closet under the stairs.  It was full, and I hauled everything out of it, went through it all, and got rid of a ton of junk.

It’s where the vacuum cleaner lives, and there’s not room for much else.

Years ago, when I worked in the prison, I had this picture done by an inmate.  He was an incredible artist, a very educated man, who got arrested with a very small amount of cocaine.  It as back in the days of Rockefeller, when they threw the book at anyone who had any drugs at all.  He had a horrific sentence, so when he got lung cancer, he declined treatment.  It was very sad.

The other part of this story is that this picture of my mother and her brother, my Uncle Syd, was only half of what I had done.  I had two photos, this one, and the other was of my father and my Aunt Lynn.  

They were taken when my aunt and uncle visited from England, back in the day.

My mother, however, always thought that my Aunt Lynn was a bit too flirty with my father.

So the fact that the other picture is missing is really not surprising to me.

They were in the house we lived in with my mother, for 10 years.  There was a lot of opportunity for my mother to have her way.

And I’ll bet she did. 

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts