Crazy as a Loom

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kid germs.

Sicker than the proverbial dog.
My mother always said you can catch a cold faster from a child than anyone else, and apparently that is so true.  Super germs.
I watched baby Dale last Monday, she had the sniffles.  By Friday I had the sniffles, and they were deceptively mild, for days.
Then Monday night, as we were in the movie theater watching "The Revenant", I began to feel sick.
By Tuesday morning there was no doubt.  Now I am full tilt miserable.

So....." The Revenant"........I concur with a Facebook friend's comment.....the cinematography was incredible.  DiCaprio was amazing.  But on the down side, I did have to close my eyes a few times, there was no way I could intake some of it.  Very violent and graphic.
That being said, no one deserves an Oscar more than Leo.  Truthfully, he had to have frozen his butt off for the entire shooting of the film, which took MONTHS in the worst conditions possible.  The film does have that WOW factor, making you wonder how the hell they did what they did.
I came right home and googled, and found that in truth, no animals were killed in the making of this film, but you sure thought that there were.

Yesterday I spent most of the day on the couch, sleeping intermittently, knitting.  I am knitting an OWL hat that I found online.

Mine is a lighter gray than the one on the pattern, and while the instructions say it is for a woman, the one I am making will perfectly fit Dale, who is TWO.  So I have to adjust the pattern to make a bigger one.  It is really pretty fast and easy though.

Someone asked for my scone recipe, but since there was not an email to reply to, I posted it under the RECIPE tab at the top of the page.  Note that I have adjusted the recipe to suit myself, after making it a bunch of times.  And you can really add whatever you want, although I must admit the cranberries and pistachios might be my fave.

The other day I made this broccoli cheese soup, and bread.  The soup might be my absolute favorite ever.  It was so good, it didn't last long.

Both these recipes are on my Pinterest on the right side, top of this page.

I did manage to finish 10 towels off the AVL before this respiratory bug hit.

They are nice, but I like the gold warp better, it was a lot more fun.  I better learn to like it, there are 35 more towels to be made.

I don't adapt well to being sick.......I want to do things, and there is always so much to do.
But when your body says no loud enough, you sit.

This is my view when I SIT in the studio by the fireplace.

ROY, baking until he is hot to the touch.

Sydney, lounging on the BACK of the chair.

The AVL waiting for me to get off my butt and get to work.

The Schacht 36 waiting for LOIS to get here.

One thing about getting older, that I guess I should have expected, having lived with my mother for the last ten years of her life, is that we get nostalgic a lot.  It's not that I don't appreciate what I have in my life now, or that I am unhappy with it.  I love my grandkids and my daughters just the way they are, but still, there is a part of me that misses times gone by with them.

Here is a throwback, me and AVA in Niagara Falls.  She is going to be 11 next month.

 Where the hell has the time gone????

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bringing you up to date.

You probably haven't seen Jinksie in a while.  She's had a lot of adjusting to do since Kizzy died.  She still yowls in the middle of the night, and I'm sure she is looking for him.
But overall, I think she is better.  She is finally coming out of the loft more during the daytime, and lately she has even been lying in the living room in the evenings, something she never did before when Kizzy was here.

 Speaking of cats, long time followers of my blog will remember the infamous "Bubba Lee"......who gave birth to two litters of kittens that we found homes for, and who we finally caught and neutered.  She has lived across the street with the neighbors since then.  But just recently she has been hanging around again.  We don't know why, but I expect it might be because they now have a dog.

Anyway, she has happily come up on the porch the last couple of days to chow down.

I've been on a little cooking spree.......more scones???  YES.
These are blueberry and pistachio.

They might just be the best.

And then I made some beef stew.  I just didn't eat the beef.
I loved the gravy though, I guess I'm not a purist.

 I have towels on the AVL still, different warp, different pattern.

Kind of makes me think of snow and icy cold vistas.

I took a little drive today, because I needed to go to Big Lots.

The countryside was beautiful, and a little cold.

I had to buy some pots and some potting soil, so I could split this poor root bound plant that belonged to my daughter.

I got six  new climbing sea onions all repotted.
Now I just have to find homes for them.  I already have two of my own.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Little of this........

January is half over, and we just got our first snow.   It's pretty, but I could have done without it.
And it's cold.

Living in this old house is an experience. Central heat???  Ha!!!
There is heat, but the temperature in every room is different.  In the old part of the house, that is now my working studio, it is cooler, unless you turn on the gas fireplace.  I don't like to turn it on, because I think I can hear "ching, ching" of the cost of propane.   And usually, we don't need it when we're weaving in there, it gets too hot with it on.

Roy, however, thinks differently.

So we try to accommodate him.  Wouldn't you?

The warmest room in the house, and the place to be if you are chilled, is the living room.  That's where the pellet stove is, and it's toasty.

This is where we spend our evenings, and where I knit in my pajamas.
My life is so exciting.  Ha!

Even though I have downsized my business,  and slowed down my life, I am still busy, in a good way.  I guess you would say that I always have a purpose in mind.  I am not into "willy nilly".

 There is so much to do in a day.   I can honestly say that I am never bored.

There are bird feeders to keep filled.

Raw energy salad to be made.

Placemats to be hemmed as soon as Lois gets done with them.

And towels to be woven.

Cookies to be made.

And baby grand girls who need to spend time in the chicken coop.
" Come in, Mimi."

I  get afraid sometimes.  I think it's part of the human condition.
We worry about our health, our family's health.  We worry about money, and bills, and a jillion other things.  As we get older, we lose people, it's just the way it is.  I know people who won't go anywhere, in case the cellar floods, or the power goes out, or whatever. 
When I find myself persevering about some imagined difficulty, worrying about something that hasn't happened, I pull myself right back.

Feed the birds, take Dale to the chicken coop, make cookies, weave towels, make that raw energy salad...................
Do the things right in front of you, because really, that's all you have.

Worry and regret:  huge waste of my precious life.

Can I hear an amen??????

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year

I've been seeing a lot of FB  posts lately, with some famous person making a face, and the caption reads something like " almost time for that 'new me, new year' bullshit,"  which prompted me to go back and read some of my own New Year's resolutions.

When I did, I found that I was, for the most part, pretty realistic.  And that some of the things I resolved to do, I have actually done.
OK, I have done them under duress, and because the state of my head led me down that path.
But still, I have taken the steps.
At last, I do have ONE house, where I live and work.
I do take an occasional nap, or at least I take a BREAK, and knit or read in the middle of the day, alas, alack,  something I have never, ever done.
I do take whole, entire days off, without feeling very guilty at all.
I do make an serious effort to spend time with friends, even looking up old ones that I haven't seen
for years, but who always come to mind.
I have stopped the crazy roller coaster ride I was on, and I seldom do custom orders, or anything else in my weaving studio that does not make me happy.

Getting older?  Or have I learned an incredible lesson?  Or both, hitched together at the hip.

Whatever it is, I find myself spending an hour in the morning, cleaning the kitchen, with not another thought in my head.  No worrying that I should be doing something else.
Just doing what I am doing, being in the moment, and it's ok.
Snap.   I am becoming my newer self.  Intriguing for sure.

The days surprise me, I never know how they will turn out:  and somehow that's ok, too.  It totally feels right to me.

Yesterday, doing dishes, I stuck my hand in a glass and twisted, unaware that the top edge on one side had broken off.
I think I let out a yelp, and there was a lot of blood.  Pretty sure I needed stitches, but having worked in an ER for many years, I knew that sometimes stitches were more trauma than they were worth.  So I cleaned and wrapped, and spent the day babying my hand so it would stop bleeding.  I couldn't weave, but I could still read, and oh, glory, I could still knit.
I have become adept at adapting.   I love that.

I am so enamored of this book, I may have to read it again right away.

I borrowed it from the library, and 50 pages into it, I went and bought one for my daughter who loves hawks.

The other book on my coffee table is this one.....and while it's a bit on the dense side, it is full of so much incredible information, it makes my head spin.
I'm going to give it my best shot.

My daughter came a couple weeks ago, with her labradoodle 4 month old puppy.   Roy was a prince, as usual.  I swear that there is not a mean bone in his body.
This is how he looked at the end of the day when Walter had to go home.

Christmas is over for another grand baby seems to be saying something very serious here. There was a lot of stimulation going on with our whole family together.   It was the only thing I wanted, just being with them.

I'm not going to make any resolutions this year......I am just going to keep on doing what I am doing, making the best of every single day, working at what I love, staying close to family and friends, because that is where my heart is happiest.
Every day is a gift, of which I am well aware.  I have finally learned how to stop and listen: to the sound of the earth, the beating of my heart, the rhythm of my life.
It's all good.
Happy New Year to all my blogger friends.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Some weaving and THE WINNER.

A while back, I was given some bags of scraps, a cotton and linen mix.   I did a whole lot of sewing and cutting, and Lois wove them up.  We have some chair pads, and these lovely placemats.
I think they would look awesome with some lovely white dishes.

I might have to find some for a photo shoot.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to weave off a navy blue warp on the Union Custom, plus my rug inventory needs some pumping up.

  I have always had a love of weaving cotton, rag rugs.

It feels like painting with fabric, to me.

I have a project on all 7 of my looms, which feels weird to me.   7 looms is the least I have owned in 15 years.

Anyway, I am sporadically weaving on each of them, doing a little of this, and a little of that.
Here's my baby blanket warp, just a twill.

Of course, the towel warp, my fave, lives on.   I should be weaving on that one exclusively, since I have sold so many towels.

Here are some of the finished baby blankets.

Here's a random photo of a dinner idea I had the other was a HIT.
Roasted veggies with red potatoes....olive oil and some seasoning.
They were delicious.

I know that a giveaway brings lots of comments.....and that's ok.  It is so reassuring to know that you are out there and still reading.
Your words were uplifting, and I fear that I don't deserve all the nice things you said, but I appreciate them anyway.  I may not blog as often, and my blogging may have evolved in some ways, but I still love doing it, and I love you all for sticking around. 
Thank you!  Merry Christmas to all of you, and a special greeting to the winner of the TOWEL............TERRY, who wrote the following:

I just enjoy your style, period. You are a very classy woman who takes what is best in life and emphasizes it as you express yourself in your weaving, your lifestyle, your love of family, your blog, and your commitment to making the best out of life at all times. You cope and survive, making the changes that allow you to manage, turning the pain and stress into a softer, better, slower life, while realizing what your real priorities are and the order in which they belong. I enjoy your blog and love your weaving and while I look forward to reading about you and yours, I respect your priorities and understand when you don't blog or should you decide to not blog at all. I would miss it, but be happy for you anyway. Thank you for the sharing!

Thank you, email me your address.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas giving.

I have been accused of being a little grinch-like.   I am not impressed or inspired by all the Christmas hype.
I see it as mostly retail promotional manipulation, and I refuse to get involved.
I love the sentiments: Joy Peace Love...........but shouldn't those be in our cross-hairs ALL year long?
Not just at Christmas?

I did put up a few small decorations, the few I kept when we moved.  I did it mostly for the kids, so that when they come they can see that Mimi does actually have a Christmas tree, even if it is only 20" tall.
I am giving them cards with cash for Christmas, so they can buy what they want and take advantage of January sales, and get MORE for their money.

We do have a lovely Christmas get together, with good food, and a Chinese auction.  We do two of them really, one with a nice gift, one with a gag gift.  The kids love it.
Getting together, being with family that I love so dearly, is what it's all about for me.  It doesn't matter what the holiday is, or the reason.  Being with them, loving them, is all of it.

So, this morning over coffee, I decided that I should do a Christmas giveaway.   If you are a follower, and you must be to throw your name in the hat, you know what my recent circle dish towels look like.
My Christmas gift/giveaway to you is one of those towels.  I will use on Tuesday night the 15th to draw the winner.
All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what kinds of things you would like to read about on my blog in 2016, or why you read it at all.
Just picking your brains a bit.

Be a follower, and comment.  How easy is that????  I wish I could send you ALL a gift, for sticking around, and making me think even for a moment that I have something worth saying.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

What? Again?

Yup, two posts in two days.  What's up with that, you say?

My new normal makes me sometimes very reflective, more than usual.  So I come here, to tell you all about it.
Thrilling, right?

My friend, Linda, in Georgia, is obsessed with decorating for Christmas.  She has trees everywhere, inside, outside, even in her bathroom.
I admit that I don't get it, and every time we talk, she can't help but refer to my grinch-like approach to Christmas.
Well, truth be told, I have thought a bit about a "little" decorating.  Believe me, it would not satisfy her holiday frenzy, but it works for me.
While I was searching for the few, VERY FEW, Christmas decorations that I kept, I found these.

 I made a bunch of them 20 years ago, and these two are left.

I put a warp on the Wolf Pup this morning, for Lois to make placemats on.
Then I took Roy for a damp, cold walk.
Outside chores earlier this morning, on this gray day, convinced me that it was a good day to stay inside.
Besides, my neck is calling the shots today.

Sydney is my idol.
Even more than Roy.  He's good, but she has this relaxing thing down pat.

I found another one of my craft ventures from way back.   This seems the perfect place for it.

Aren't I festive????

Lately I've been in the mood to go through drawers, and cupboards, sifting through magazines and papers and pictures and other stuff that I brought over here in the spring.
Time to peruse it and ditch a lot of it.
I did NOT ditch this recipe I found for cranberry scones.

I added slivered almonds.
 DH will say they are bland, but I'm an English girl at heart, and they are perfect in my opinion.

This is what a perfect Sunday afternoon looks like.......comfy couch, animals lying around snoozing, stuff to read, my knitting, and blissful quiet.  The pellet stove keeps the living room toasty, and what more could I ask for?
Less headache?   Well, yes, always that.

 I am making mittens for daughters and granddaughters.

Brooke wants fuchsia.   Here's the first one.

MIss Puss is feeling much, much better since her dental surgery last Monday.  

While she may never really like sharing her house with other cats and a dog, she does seem a bit more laid back.

Nothing like a cuppa tea with my scone.
Life is good.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts