Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Well, well, well.

That post certainly woke some people up.
I put a link to it on my FB page, something I don't usually do.
It certainly stirred up some conversation.

It's amazing to me how the supporters of this craziness respond to any criticism
at all.
Any factual information.
Not things anyone has made up, but things that POTUS has actually said, or done.

They immediately get defensive, and then shut down.

I thought a lot about that, and decided that the reason that they have to shut down, is because they
can't let their heart, or their conscience, get involved.
So closing all the doors, ASAP, makes it possible, apparently, to ignore what is public knowledge.

You know why????
Because you can fool your brain, sometimes, a lot easier than you can fool your heart.

Your heart, even when you won't admit it, knows.
Your heart knows.

And likewise, your conscience knows, too.  What's right, what's wrong.

It's like me when I come across a FB post about cruelty to animals........I either whip right on by it, or I delete it immediately.
Because I can't stand it.  I know it happens, but I can't look at it.  I will be up all night, worrying it like a hangnail.
I know that I do what I can, saving cats, adopting dogs, supporting rescues.
But I can't see the horrors.  It's too much.

Same thing happens when you talk to one of his supporters.   They can't look at it.

If they do, they will have to do something, and for some reason, some belief, some pressure, some fear, they don't feel that they can do even one thing differently.

Partisanship....such an evil parent.

OK, enough about that.  
Thank you for your comments.....yes!!  Vote!!!!  Standing!!!!!!   Women power!!!!!!

I know I'm not alone.  And that's a good thing.

So I've been making a lot of cards........and I'm still having fun.

Who knew that all my scrap fabric and thread could be so useful?

Even the waste off the serger, gets used.

It's amazing.

For those of you interested, I start like this, making a lasagna type layered mess.

I started out using Solvy, a water soluble thin stabilizer.  I put it on top of all this, pinned it in place, then quilted over the whole thing on my sewing machine.  Then I put it in hot water for 15 minutes, and the Solvy dissolved.

I then washed the piece, dried it, and ironed it.

And it looked like this.

But today, the humidity was brutal, and I imagine that was the problem.  I couldn't seem to quilt across the was just too sticky.
So annoyed, I took the Solvy off, and tried quilting it without the stabilizer.
I had to go slow at first, but it did work.  It required a little patience, and focus.
But it worked.

In fact, I think I am going to dispense with the Solvy altogether.  I think I like that the $$, and not use

I have already ditched the glue that I was originally using, and now I'm sewing the collages and the quotes to the cards.
Simplifying the whole thing makes so much sense.

I have to share this, because it makes me so happy.  Penny, the dog my daughter and her partner adopted, has quickly become a part of their family.

Yesterday my daughter texted me that it looked like Penny was going back to the shelter.

With this picture.

Yeah, imagine that.

Can you stand it???

I love it so much.

Penny, you've hit the doggie lottery, as I'm sure you know.

I made some zucchini muffins today.

And pickled some beets.

Then I walked Naya, but it was miserably hot and muggy.

I'm convinced that we are each responsible.
For our own happiness, on a daily basis.
For our conscience.

For the health of our souls......the kind you nurture every minute.

I know for myself, I have to try to  be the best version of myself that I can be.
Not perfect, no.
But the best that I can do.
I have to stand up for what I believe in.
Speak out, speak up, stand up,
for as long as I can.

Otherwise, why am I here????

Friday, August 16, 2019


First off, photos have no connection to the text.

I just have been thinking and thinking, and some things I just need to say.

Popular, or not.

Many years ago, I worked in the paper mill.....I started there when my first child was just a baby, weeks old.
It was a good paying job, and it was awful.  Boring, repetitious, mindless, hard.

But that wasn't the half of it.  In the 8 years I worked there, I put up with a truckload of misogyny.
From snide comments, to inappropriate advances, pinches on the backs of my arms, it was never an easy place to work.  I used to be afraid to go upstairs to the break room/rest room, because meeting a man on the stairway once turned a little frightening.
And always, there was the undercurrent, that you were, after all, a woman.

Until the day that I was working on a paper line with someone I grew up with.  He was on one side of this huge pallet of paper, and I was on the other.  In conversation, it was revealed that he made $.50 an hour more than I did, and had been there a year less.
Thus began a year of fighting for what I believed was mine.
Equal pay.  Equal rights.

I was relentless, and my 72 yo self is pretty impressed with what my 25 yo self was willing to go through.
Eventually, with many, many meetings with the company, the union, and many letters to  the agencies that I thought would help me, I got my place in the line of progression that had previously been only for men,
Two of my friends went with me. 
All the rest of the women who worked there were afraid, and turned it down.

I made more money, had more interesting jobs, and I felt vindicated, but  I had to endure even worse 
treatment from the men who had antagonized me all along.

It was still worth it, every minute of it.

It may be that I grew up thinking that I was every bit as good as a man, because until I was about 13,
my father treated me like a son, and even called me "Tom".

So I expected to be treated well, and I expected to have every opportunity, and I believed  that I could probably do just about anything my male counterparts could do.

By the time my father realized, or had to accept, that he had just the one daughter, well, it was probably too late to change my attitude.

So anytime, I ever heard a man say that I could not do something, or that because I was a female, I didn't qualify to even try, my blood began to boil.

I am that way to this day.
I raised my daughters to that same standard, the "you can do whatever you want to do in this world" standard.

Okay, so all that prefaces my question, the one that is burning my brain up, night after night, keeping me awake, when I really want to sleep.

It's this:  

How can women in this country support a man in the White House, who is so blatantly a

Hasn't every  single woman in the world, experienced these feelings, at some point in her life??

Haven't we all had that discomfort when we've been assertive?
Felt that our self worth was all tangled up in  our appearance, our sexuality, when in
fact, there is always so much more to us?

Haven't we all been pressured to conform to someone else's idea of what good little girls should be like?

Aren't we all kind of tired of it?  Less money, less opportunity, less respect.

I hear it all the time, "It's a man's world."

Well, F that.  To be real.  

I much prefer the sentiment in a birthday card L gave me.

"There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that two women can't do, before noon."

So there.  
Women, stand up.

Sunday, August 11, 2019


Grainy photos......I apologize.  But I think you can see what is most important.

Three 13 year olds on Christmas.  Me in the middle, my cousin Billy (one day older than me), and my best friend for my entire life, Gayle.

They are both gone.  Billy in 2004.  Gayle just a few weeks ago.

I have to say, that other than my immediate family, I loved these two more than anyone in the world.  Felt most comfortable with either of them.  Always.

Playing a board game.  Just looking at their expressions brings a huge lump to my throat.

I have to tell myself that it's ok, that we'll meet again.

Goodbye isn't forever.  Is it????

We've been busy, especially this last show in Long Lake, NY last Sunday, and another in Speculator, NY on Thursday.
My butt is dragging.

I told L that we might be getting too old for this.

The möbi shrugs are great sellers.  I think I only have one left.  This purple one sold pretty quickly.

Guess we'll be making more.

I have three pieces of "yardage" on the shelf, waiting for me to get inspired to start cutting and sewing.

I've been so into making these darn cards, I can barely tear myself away.

They are so much fun.

 A few weeks ago, when I had Naya at the groomer's, which is an extension of my vet's office, they had this little dog there up for adoption.  She was found wandering stray, and she was so matted that they had to pretty much shave her bald.  She had not been spayed.   They didn't find her chip initially, so she was there over a month.  Then they did find it, it had migrated some, and they found her owners and called them.   Weeks went by, and the owners didn't come for her.  Even though they were contacted several times, they still did not come.  So I got a call, because I had expressed some interest.
Well, it was actually my daughter who was interested, she wanted to find a friend for her dog, Walter, a little black labradoodle.

So, the other day, my daughter drove over an hour, and I met her there.

And the match seemed to be inevitable.

Here they are, after her bath, her nail trim, ready to go home.  Walter and Penny.

Look at that face.

And here she is,  I swear if she could talk, she would tell you that this is just
too freaking good to be true.

Sometimes, there are happy endings.   Despite how awful the world seems a lot of the time, there is good, all around us.

We need to remember that it's there.  We need to look for it, we need to make it happen.

This is where Naya waits, when I'm in the shower.

Yup, there are definitely happy endings to be had.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

For now.

A few months ago, I made an attempt to do some kind of fabric collage.   It was an epic failure.  
I really thought it was going to be good, and it wasn't.
I was disappointed, but just chalked it up to a bad decision.

Then I decided to make the prayer flags, I thought maybe that would satisfy whatever creative itch
I was trying to scratch.
They were ok........more appreciated by other people, me not so much.

Then, a chance email from a friend, who made this suggestion.
I was off to YouTube, then to Joann's for some supplies, and before you knew it, I had found 
that illusive endeavor I was looking for.

Introducing Crazy as a Loom Collage

First I started with cards.......  and I was totally enjoying myself.  I hardly did any weaving for several days........I made 78 cards to start, sold 31 of them on FB, and then made probably 50 more.

My only problem making these collages, was doing the quilting.  My sewing machine is not level with my sewing table, so the piece I was working on would fall off the edge, and the pieces of fabric and ribbon and thread that I had on it, would slide off.

So, my answer to a $2000 sewing table, to get my machine level, was a $9 box from the UPS store.
And some painters tape.
It really does work perfectly, and will be easily stored when I'm not using it.

I did some framed pieces as well.

I'm ready to take some cards to our next show.

And some little note books........

Some with sayings, some without.

I have to say that I don't even really care if they sell or not, though I think they will.  I am having so much fun making them.  It's an outlet for something that I was missing, and I'm using all these scraps from weaving.......fabric, thrums, all of it.
So it really makes me smile, to be making something that I like, from stuff that I would have thrown away.

Of course, my sewing room is a complete disaster, but I will just have to deal with that for now.

 It's the price I have to pay.

And right now, this is just what I need.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Heat Wave

Or, more to the point, HUMIDITY wave.
Boy, when it gets humid in the northeast, it is truly miserable.

Of course, if you mention that you like cooler weather, someone will about take your head off, but I can't help it, I like spring and fall much better than this.

I've been trying to keep the labyrinth weeded, and honestly, if I go out there more often, and take advantage of the meditative little walk around it, it's easy enough to pull a weed here or there.

I've  been very protective of my serenity of late.  There are many things on the horizon that could throw it into upheaval, and I am pretty focused on not letting that happen.  
Walking the labyrinth does help.

This next photo is just for fun....saw it on the way home the other day......and it cracked me up.   This guy apparently needed to park his truck, so he squeezed it in on a very tiny lawn, on a very busy road.

I was stopped at the stop sign, and just had to take a picture.

The last time that my littlest grands visited,  Dale made friends with a snail.

This girl.

Sorry the pictures are a bit mixed up.......blogger is NOT cooperating tonight.

This is my daughter's new puppy.  His name is Percy.

And back to the kids, Lois was kind enough to lend us this amazing hand made "digger".....and Cooper figured out how to run it in about 5 minutes.  Mimi was very helpful in providing the sand.

Back to the puppy, well, this little guy is beyond adorable.
I could just hold him all day long.

I treated myself to a new ottoman.
I have long had this really bad habit of storing everything I own on my coffee table.  I vowed many times to stop, but it was just too easy to keep loading it up.

The wooden coffee table I had there was very uncomfortable to put your feet up, so all in all, it was not the greatest set up.

So I dragged the old coffee table out, found homes for all the minutia that I had loaded on it, and here is my NEW foot rest, which I tell you is very comfortable.

My couch was looking pretty ratty, but still very comfortable.  So until I can decide whether I want to have it recovered, or buy a new one, I went for the $40 quick fix, neutral cover.

It definitely works for now.

At the beginning of the summer, I had the back of our property "deforested"......trying to keep the bamboo/aka Japanese knotweed, and the sumac, from taking over.

I figured that we could mow it with the rider, and that would be easier than trying to beat it back every single summer.

But there are roots to be cut, and stones to be dug out.  The stones, unfortunately, are like icebergs.
They look small, until you start digging.
DH thinks he is stronger than he actually is, a failing that I think befalls every older man.

He picked up a huge rock, fell over backward, and broke a rib under his arm.
So in addition to all the doctor's appointments pending, now he is in awful pain.

But he still wants to go out and pick up rocks.  In fact, he's out there right now!!!!

Men.  There's no other explanation.

I also treated myself to a new electric teapot.   Mine gets used several times a day, and to be honest, I just wanted this one.

Retail therapy.

Tonight I went to Pinterest to find out what to do with the summer squash that seems to be multiplying.
I made these, and while they are called Oven Fried Summer Squash, but really, they should just be called CRACK.

You can find it on

I will never have too much summer squash ( or zucchini) again.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts