Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Life is good.  Inherently.  Good.

No matter what befalls us, there is joy around every corner.

Something we didn't look for, didn't ask for, never expected.
A smile so deep you can feel it deep in your gut.

A piece of us, that sustains us, and makes us who we are.

Have you noticed that most of those moments involve the people you love?
Not money, not stuff, not our wish list.
People.We. Love.

Climbing a mountain, reaching the top.
Finding out you have it in you.
Sharing it.
With someone that matters.

It's not perfect, this life.   
Sometimes it's sad, and sometimes it's unfair.

But then sometimes it's so perfect and beautiful that we are lost for words.

 Yes, on occasion, I wonder why I have had this challenge of the headache, the surgery, and what has followed, and what's to come.

But MOSTLY, I am just so grateful.  For all of it.  Every day, and every moment, painful and otherwise.

Cause the "otherwise" just makes my heart sing.

And these three, well, they are rock stars to me.
It's a beautiful life.  For sure.


Unknown said...

beautiful site Hilary <3

Cupcake Murphy said...

Nothing matters without someone else. xoxo

Country Gal said...

Lovely post and photos ! Made me smile !

Susan said...

It's easy for me too to count the joys in my life. I haven't always understood the tragedies, but faith brings me back to a purpose of being on earth. Great post, Hilary, XOXO

Marcia said...

Great post.

messymimi said...

Yes, i've noticed, and i'm noticing more each day, because i have reminders like yours.

moosecraft said...


Ashley E. said...

It's raining at my home. We're in the middle of a severe drought, so every drop is cherished. After a couple of summers of intense heat and drought and mild winters, I've come to really love a cold blast and a wintry mix. We live on a farm so it means we hustle out early to do chores and check on all the critters and then we come in and warm up by the fire. Snow or rain means the rest of the day can be spent indoors. This morning I'll be making a huge batch of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for my husband to take to work on Monday. Life is good.

Karen said...

Amen, again! A beautiful attitude about life as it really is, as it comes and goes, good and bad. It truly is what we make of it. Love these photos!

Daryl said...

happy thoughts .. the best muscles to exercise are your smile muscles . this post gave mine a good workout

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Because every thread counts