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Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Friday!!

I have to remember for next time, to remind everyone to only comment once for a giveaway.
When I realized that a few people had made more than one, I went back and counted the comments, and then went to

And the winner IS.............that lucky Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl.
So Kate.....just pick a Socketbook, any size, any color.

I think the next giveaway should be for a handwoven towel.........hmmm.  I have 10 in the washing machine right now.
Today, I was still weaving on my colorful warp, listening to classical guitar, and the fire was roaring.

You know I loved these colors, but on my 20th towel now, it's time for a change.

Next up, some blues and lavenders.  I'll show you tomorrow.

The consensus on the bird sounds was that they were woodpeckers drumming, sending messages back and forth.  Today I walked down that same road, and the noise was on the opposite side of the road, in the hardwood trees, and it was sharper and louder.  When I heard them the first time, they were in the tall pines.
That's it for the bird lesson.

Except for this hawk that's been perusing my bird feeders.

Beautiful, but deadly.

Like the flu.
How do you all feel about flu vaccines??  Did you all get one?
I'm dragging my feet.  Stubborn retired nurse.  You know the drill.


Anonymous said...

I get a flu shot every year as does Hubby. He did catch a coughing thingie for about 3 weeks, but it never got me. I totally believe that getting the flu shot is a good thing and can help to keep people from ending up in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Yes, get a flu shot. I can't thing of a good reason not to and I bet you can't either. Don't take a risk with your health.
Stephanie S

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I had a very bad reaction to a flu shot so the doctors tell me never to get another one. Makes me nervous to be out and about so I stay home as much as possible. I have used so much hand sanitizer that my fingers are sore.
Love the towels!!

Paula in Michigan said...

Congratulations Kate!

Yes, my husband & I get flu shots every year. Quite a few years ago I had the flu really bad, and ever since then we get the flu shots. Just seems like the wise thing to do.

Country Gal said...

Congrats Kate ! We don't get the flu shot I am a true believer that to much med protection weakens your natural immune system and causes it to rely to much on the vaccines and not to make antibodies to naturally fight germs kind of like bubbling your kids from germs same thing . I had the flu as kid ya know fever, throwing up the usual that comes with the flu so many people confuse the flu with a regular cold . I have heard so many people get the flu after they had the shot whats with that if it is to ward off the flu doesn't seem to work from what I have heard ! But we all have our preferences don't we ? Lovely photos . Have a good day !

Restless Knitter said...

Agree with Country Gal 100%. We don't get one. I do think there are people that need to get them, but we aren't one of them. I'd also rather not take from someone else who DOES need it if there's a shortage. I don't like taking medicine anyway, not even pain reliever. We just bought a smoothie maker and have been making smoothies out of fruits and vegetables, which we've heard will help prevent illness. They sure taste a lot better than medicine too!

michelle said...

I have gotten a flu shot every year for the last 5 years and (knock on wood) so far no flu. A vaccine doesn't necessarily weaken your immune system but rather builds your immunity against the particular virus by introducing your system to the particular virus you are vaccinating against.

Nothing can top healthy living but for me it is the right thing to do.

claudia said...

No vaccine for me. I am allergic to eggs. I have never had a flu shot. I have only gotten the flu once and it was over with before I even realized what hit me! Knock wood!
Congratulations to Kate!

kelley said...

Flu shot...absolutely yes...working in the ER it helps protect me and the patients...we have been overwhelmed with flu patients the past few weeks...99% who did not get the flu shot...

my little hospital is over 100% full...means we created areas to hold admitted patients until rooms become available...all local hopsitals are experiencing this...

Congrats to Kate...a cheery treat!

rosek1870 said...

Yep we all got out flu shots. DH came with me and we went through a drive thru. I'm a school secretary in a tiny Catholic school so since we only have a nurse 2 hours a week mine is the desk they throw up on lol. My younger DD works in a rehab hospital so they were required to get them. I hope my older DD got hers as she works in a center for developmentally disabled adults so lots of exposure to the public in our house and the flu in PA is out of control. Our local hospital was on Good Morning America last week as they opened a tent in the parking lot for patients with flu symptoms. Stay well.

Karen said...

I don't get flu shots. I've known too many people who have gotten very sick after getting one. My Dr. included. He doesn't get them anymore.

Country Girl said...

Oh my gosh!! I won? I think I'm almost about to cry. Such an emotional week. Thank you my friend. I will send you a separate e-mail. xoxo

moosecraft said...

No flu shot for me. Everyone I know that gets one, gets sick afterwards. Headcold type thing. Docs always say the shot won't cover ALL flu strains... so I figure why bother? Also, the ones that folks get in their nose? I'm thinking that's a good way to spread the virus? We did give in and get pneumonia vaccines because both of us were getting pneumonia twice a year... Anyways, LOVE the dishtowels! Let us know when they are in your online store. :-)

Gayle said...

Yep, flu shots for us! Folks who work with the public (if not allergic) should, IMHO.

Love the idea of hand woven towels. LOVE the bright colors. My kitchen is exactly like your friend with the GE aqua color appliances and I think the colorful towels are spectacular in there.

Love your kitty, doggie, birdie photos. Keep 'em coming.

Hilary said...

Oh how I love it when a winner of a beautiful giveaway is someone I know and love. This makes me so happy. As do the colours of your beautiful towels. I can't wait to find our new place so I can figure out just what I want to order from you. :)

Daryl said...

go get that flu shot .. trust me you do not want to get the flu .. if stubborn waits til he is deathly ill to go to a doctor Toonman got a shot you should too ...

and hey for Kate .. you have lots of nice readers but Kate's a special lady and deserves to win this and a lot more ..

i would love to win some dish or hand towels .. someday

mudmaven said...

Hubby and I both got our flu shots - new strain of novovirus is nasty and doesn't care though! We have both been basically down and out nearly 2 weeks between us. I actually do hate to think how much worse it might have been if we hadn't gotten the shots though. Hopefully on the mend now ....

Big congrats to Kate (one of my other favorite bloggers)!!!


messymimi said...

Nasal vaccine, and took lots of vitamin D before and after. You can't be too careful.

MarthaVA said...

Congrats to Kate. Dang it though, I wanna win one!
Flu shots --- after watching my hubby with H1N1 a couple of years ago, and how sick he was, and how long it took him to get better, heck YES I get the flu shot! The flu is a lot worse now than it used to be in my opinion. To me, it's not worth not getting it considering how crappy awful it is.
Be smart, get the shot, don't put it off!

Cait Throop said...

I got a flu shot...they get quite upset if I don't (both family and physicians)...and I got the flu anyway. And no one else in the family did...go figure.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts