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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today was beyond nice, and it was so welcome.  There was an abundance of sun, and the temperatures were just brisk, in an almost refreshing way.

So L and I took some time off after lunch, and went snowshoeing.  We really did.
 I haven't used my snow shoes in a long time, but they are perfectly good.  I can't say as much for my poles, but they are easily replaced.
We saw lots of evidence of  deer in the area.
We didn't go down to this brook, in fact, I opted not to go down any real steep inclines.
You can't believe how sensible I'm being, right?
Well it IS the first time I've ever actually really had a hole in my head, instead of just being accused of it.


 L's leading the way.  Which is good, because then I can take pictures.

 Apparently there was a farm nearby years ago, and they dumped their old vehicle here.
Then someone else came along to add insult to injury, and shot holes in it.

It was so nice that when I came home, I changed my shoes and took Roy for a long walk.
So I guess I got my exercise today.

But I'm not too tired to throw the shuttle just a few more times, only because I'm intrigued with this crazy fuchsia color.

And then I'll call it a day.

As I was walking by the river, with the crisp wind in my face, it felt so good, and I was suddenly conscious of the spring of my step, my barely there headache, an overall awareness of being very much alive, and almost well.  More well than I've been in a long time.
And if my doctor had been there right at that moment, I would have hugged him as hard as I could.

I am so grateful that I found him when I did, and that he had the skill and the knowledge and the compassion that he needed, to do what he did.
Thank you, Dr. Rekate, from the bottom of my heart.


Country Gal said...

Looks like your getting hit with anonymous comments . I have mine go straight to e-mail so I can monitor them . I am so glad you are feeling better each and every day and were able to get out and enjoy such lovely weather . Awesome photos ! Have a good day !

Country Girl said...

You see? I told you that one day you would realize that you were walking with a spring in your step and here it is. Oh my gosh, this makes me so glad.

Karen said...

Amen again!

Love that crazy fuscia.. that color would look great on just about anyone, and especially on a hardwood floor.

Lona said...

So glad to read this! This is what we've been waiting for!

joyceetta said...

So pleased to hear how well you are feeling....emotionally and physically. That scarf (?) is beautiful. Send it to your Doc as a show of appreciation!

Sue said...

Yay! Sounds like you had a great day, and you deserve it after all you've been through. Love the fuscia!

deborah said...

Amen indeed!
Love the fuchsia

Deborah (Cobleskill) said...

Sounds like a perfect day, some time insdie weaving and some time outside. I love the scarf!!

moosecraft said...

Life is good!

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

Don't you just LOVE moments like that. So happy for you! Spring on sister...and I'm so jealous of your snowshoes! We haven't had a lick of snow here in NW. : -( BUT today is supposed to be nearly 50, so I shan't complain. Have an awesome weekend. I'll email you my address so you can send me that awesome fuschia weaving!

MrsB said...


Cupcake Murphy said...

Happy for you! AND you've encouraged me to agree to go snowshoeing with my husband when we go visit the big trees in Sequoia. He's been wanting to do that forever.

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow...that's such great news that your headache is going away and that you're feeling so much better. That's cause for celebration! Looks like your snowshoe/walk was just that...loving life and having fun! I love the colors and textures of your current weaving project. So pretty!

Granny J said...

Very happy for your progress! ...and may I just add a "Now WHY Didn't I Think of THAT?!" ...the little clip to hold the tape are a genius!

Hilary said...

What a beautiful day. Keep on springing! Carefully. ;)

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Because every thread counts