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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Day in the life.

I have tried getting Next and Nuff to come in out of the cold, but they are very resistant.

They like their boxes with the heated pads, the solar house.  They also go under the porch, although I can't imagine it's very warm under there.
And they eat well.   They are both pretty solid, and their fur is thick.
I still worry.

Lois has been busily weaving a custom order.  I wasn't thrilled about the customer's choices of colors, and I didn't hold out much hope of liking it, but I must say it has grown on me.
I now think that it is very striking.
L has come a long way in two years.   When she first came to Crazy as a Loom, she had no intentions of weaving right away, she just wanted to "help".
Now here she is weaving an 8 x 10 all by her self.
Impressive, right?
I must be a good teacher, but she is also very OCD meticulous, and most of the time she listens well.

It is a beautiful rug, and she has done an awesome job.  She had 20 shuttles wrapped with fabric, weaving them so that it "appeared" that they were random, when in fact, they were quite orchestrated.
Not easy.
I cut about 36 lbs of fabric for this venture.
(For you weavers, I figure .35 lbs per square foot of rug.)

 Then I pull the fabric towards me while "slitting" it with scissors.  It goes pretty fast, and I have cut so much fabric this way, that my precision is quite good.

On another front, I am re-warping for my next towel venture.  These will be waffle weave, one of my faves.
I used these little plastic pieces in each section, to keep my warp flat.  Aren't they cool?

How do you like my colors??  I am so done with orange.

So it was a busy, productive day at CAAL,  and even though I am still not staying ALL day, I am working on it.  
We had a great soup for lunch.....I guess you would call it vegetable rice. Mystery soup.  It was pretty awesome.
And perfect for a day with single digit temps.

 I could bitch about the weather.   Oh, yes, I could.  I could tell you how much I hate the cold.
But I have to focus on living with it, and to me, that means embracing the things that make it doable.
Weaving by the fire, lots of hot tea, homemade soups, good books, and lots of yarn.
And sunshine, all we can get.
Sunshine makes it all possible.


Karen said...

I say you're looking at it all with the right set of glasses on!

And.. those cats have warmth with the heating pad and plenty of food and shelter, they're FINE :-)

Country Gal said...

I just love all the colours so pretty . Your work is amazing . I hear you I can bitch about the winter as well but why bother it is what it is and all we can do to get through it is to do cozy things and praise the days of sunshine ! Glad your feeling much better ! Have a good evening !

Vanessa1988 said...

My cat Tibby isnt as bothered as his Friend Marley. Marley is a stray who we have made a home for in our green house, he's always in there! Then he runs in and out for food and with the snow still falling we have let him come inside for a couple of hours to keep warm lol.
Very pretty colours!
I would love to be able to make such pretty things.

Cindie said...

Did you make those little plastic pieces for sectional warping? Or are they an option with the loom? What a great idea.

Love the new towel colors - can't wait to see them woven up.

The cold is getting to me this year - we aren't used to this much cold in SW Oregon and the freezing fog has worn out it's welcome

Cindy said...

Love the colors in the rug, such happy colors! I would love to see more bright rugs offered on your website, larger rugs too. Oh and maybe some blue and neutral color towels?

Anonymous said...

Nice now you can get one color out of your system and move onto the next. The purples are great! Kitties will be okay, they have each other to keep themselves warm. :)

Country Girl said...

The sun shone today. And it felt good. Love your colors.

moosecraft said...

Sunshine is awesome! I tell people that "my good mood is solar powered"! lol!

The purples on the loom are so soothing yet say spring at the same time. These are going to be beautiful!

Soup looks yummy... i'm thinking we need some for supper here tonight too...

Susan said...

We're cold and foggy with "hopes" of some sunshine later! I love the purples and maybe because I'm getting seems to be my color of choice:-D
I made a pot of soup the other night and when I started feeling poorly yesterday was glad for it's warmth. Stay warm, XOXO

messymimi said...

Those colors are beautiful!

After almost two weeks of non-stop rain, i agree that the sunshine is what makes it possible.

Hilary said...

I love your colours. I have pretty much loved all of your colour choices through the years.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts