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Friday, January 25, 2013

That's the question.

Split finger tips, dry skin, scuttling from one heat source to another.
Gotta love it.

Here's my theory:
We have two houses. TWO.
The one we live in, and the studio.
They are both situated in middle of the DEEP FREEZE.

I think we need to sell the one we live in.
Then buy a small place somewhere warm........just not Florida.
I am not a fan of Florida.

But Georgia, South Carolina........both of them .......right THIS MINUTE..........are FORTY degrees warmer than it is here in northeast NY.  And both of them will be 68 degrees next week.

Then we could live at the studio from mid April to Thanksgiving, and then GO SOUTH for the WINTER.

 I could take a couple of looms with me.
L can handle the fact, she would probably love the peace and quiet.

My mother?   GET IN THE CAR.

Roy is happy as long as he is wherever we are.

 (Christa, this is the slub yarn, 85% rayon, 15% silk)

So what is the problem, you ask?????

When I bring this subject up, DH looks at me as if I have just suggested we take a trip to Mars.
He is resistant to change, and apparently would rather deal with frigid temps and what seems to be an endless winter.
My question is this:  if you don't live your wild and precious life NOW, then when will you?

Don't ask why we have TWO 31"x99" hemmed runners.

(I won't tell, L, I promise)

 So I guess I will have to just go south without DH.  I can send him lots of photos of Roy and I laying in the sun.
I'll take Roy.  I'll take my headache.
Do you think he'll keep my mother?  That sounds fair, don't you think?


Cait Throop said...

I'm still laughing about your mother staying behind but I'm with you-- even North Carolina is ok with me! And my husband won't leave either. What is it with these men?? I am not a fan of Florida but would love to be near the ocean at least part of the year! I spent all day feeding the woodstoves. sigh.

Deb said...

Certainly something to think about. I'm thinking Arizona.

Country Gal said...

Now that made me giggle ! Poor mum lol ! It has been snowing for 8 hours now but mild out . Strange thing is they say next week is to rain and be in the double digits spring like. I think the weather is wacky all over lol ! Hope you find your sunny destination ! Lovely rugs ! Have a good day !

joyceetta said...

Hey Hilary
I LOVE that runner. If it is for sale I might be interested. Let me know....I couldn't find it on your website.

joyceetta at Gmail dot com

ain't for city gals said...

Maybe you could have three houses...your DH and mother could live in one and then they would not have to change a could live in the studio and your winter house wherever that may be..btw..we are wearing shorts and flip flops today in Az...just saying

The Village Queen said...

Go for it! Life is short, every day I ask myself who's permission am I waiting for? Sometimes you have to lead and see who will follow... I bet he will if you just do it. Or at least rent something for a few weeks and see how that makes the head feel. Roy would love chasing gulls on the coast...

Susan said...

Pick me up off the floor...I just fell off my stool laughing!! We're not frigid, but I'm so ready for some warm sunshine and a beach, anywhere. I agree, "go for it!"

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I live in Minnesota and all I can say is it's cold. The temp becomes irrelevant when it's below zero. I am actually planning my move to Savannah when I retire from teaching. The older I get the less tolerant of the cold I am and don't feel like dealing with such harshness. I don't mind cold, just not the kind that here in Minnesota.


Teri said...

Maybe once he realized you will go with Roy and leave him alone with your mom then he will go along with it. Try to get him to understand that you should not wait, should not be resistant to change. I hope you can work things out. I am so glad that I am in south Texas.

Sweetpea said...

OHH, I just laughed out LOUD! you are too funny, Hilary, and I think you & Roy are in for a grand time....Bon Voyage!!


Susan said...

Hilary... Lois...
Dry Skin?? Find a bottle of a body/ hand lotion called Cerave

I have been buying and throwing lotions away for years and so bought this one reluctantly after my dermatologist recommended it. I hate to sound like a commercial but you'll never buy another again.
You don't feel like a butterball turkey, there's no scent...and the skin feels amazing. My skin gets so dry I could write my name on my leg. Not anymore..

:) Susan

Anonymous said...

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Country Girl said...

Your husband will get used to a new place. He'll have to - unless he wants to be alone. Enough is enough. You need to do what's right for you and for your health and well being.

messymimi said...

It sounds like a great idea to me -- i'm the one who wants a summer home somewhere cool, like the mountains, and a winter home in Tahiti.

Daryl said...

much as i hate this cold, its been many many years since we have an arctic blast such as this ... nevertheless i can understand wanting to live somewhere warmer ... being a snowbird might be the answer

Karen said...

Hmmm... your plan sounds perfect for your stage of the game. What's his issue with it, precisely?

Coastal said...

But if the sun were shining and the temps were in the 70's could you stay inside and work on the loom?

Debi said...

Come to Arizona! Yes, we had cold snap for a couple of days and its raining right now, but we were just in the 70's and 80's! Then go back to NY in May, win win situation! Lots of weaving here and great Guilds!

Christa said...

Thank you so much for the photos, Hilary, - its a wonderful yar, I like very much the colours and the thick-thinn effect. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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