Crazy as a Loom

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Rug that L made.

Loom warped, 8'x10' rug woven by L.

I cut the fabric, and when she was done, I tied the fringe, and sewed the three pieces together....but L made the rug.

Have to put this in her employee folder.

It did turn out quite nicely, didn't it?? It went to a penthouse in Manhattan.
I'm serious, it really did.

Today I had a student.  It went well.

She has done a little weaving on her own, but runs into trouble when warping.  She didn't have any trouble today.

There is nothing quite so satisfying as a well wound warp.

You asked about Next and Nuff..........and their new shelter.....when it's warmer they sit in their respective chairs, but now they have  a nice wind break with the heated pad.

Fifty one days until spring.
Who's counting.


Karen said...

Me!! I'm COUNTING!!!

Love the colors in that students weave!!...

and way to go, L!!

Country Girl said...

Excellent job on the shelter. And on that rug! Congratulations to L. I love your weaving pictures.

Cait Throop said...

Lovely rug, L!!!!!!! And there is nothing like a good warp as far as I'm concerned! :) Oh yeah...our barn kitty (Mieux) has a hay bale shelter in the barn and a chicken heat lamp over it and she snuggles down and seems to like it...for 13 years, now!

Anonymous said...

Perfect shelter from the wind and the cold for those two kitties. Love it! And the warp looks nice. Great combo of colors.

Unknown said...

Thank you Hilary-you are an incredible and patient teacher!
I thoroughly enjoyed my day!

The Village Queen said...

so what happened to the wonderful kitty condo shown on Oct 24th? That looked pretty windproof. Or in typical cat fashion, did they refuse to go in it? Either way Im glad they are cozy!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Congratulations L! It is a great rug.
Lucky kitties to have someone caring for them.

cb said...

Wow! I'm impressed "Aunt Lois". You did a great job on that rug.

claudia said...

Lois, That rug is beautiful! Congrats on a job VERY WELL done!
Nice shelter too. Lois, you rock! The cats thank you I am sure.
I wish I could get out there to get some lessons from you Hilary. Obviously, you are a great teacher!

Deb said...

Beautiful rug, L. I think it would be fun to weave. Love the kitty shelter and it looks warm as toast. I wish all outdoor cats had one. Deb

Gayle said...

All three events are spectacular!

I so love that the kitties are snuggy.

Country Gal said...

Awesome job guys I love it !

messymimi said...

Beautiful job! And i'm counting, although the cats are not.

Daryl said...

me i am counting .. it was so cold last night that the fur on both cats was cold to the touch ... they love sitting on the window sill, it leaks cold air .. so i put a towel to block the draft and Jack thinks its a game to 'dig' or 'bury' the towel so it doesn't block the draft .. last nite i reinforced the towel with both of the wonderful woven mats you made .. so thank you again

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Because every thread counts