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Monday, January 7, 2013


I feel like I've been on hold for a while.  Months.

Today, I said enough.  Had my haircut, first haircut since surgery.  I was looking pretty shaggy.
  I have been nervous about anyone touching the back of my head.  And to be honest, it has only recently felt good enough to be touched. 

Got my eyebrows waxed.  I was beginning to be distracted by crazy eyebrow hairs sticking out.

Bought new glasses, they should be here by the end of the week.  I used to buy light colored frames, or tiny wire frames, but that was when my hair was COLORFUL.
Now my hair is working its way towards WHITE. ( If you knew how much I looked like my father.
Oh, dear.  It's scary sometimes.)
So I decided that my glasses needed to kind of stand out.
Be noticed.
So I got black, with some bling on the sides.

Today there was some sunshine.  It came and it went.

But little Miss Sunshine always brightens our day.
With her little pink tights on.
I love the way this picture turned out, with O in motion.

It's amazing how sitting under the loom can make her so happy.
I might have to try it one of these days.

I did a lot today, got a lot done, and I am feeling pretty good.
And I have exciting news.  
I found another blogger who also had Chiari surgery.
And you won't believe it, but she lives about 45 minutes away.
We're having lunch on Sunday, and she's bringing a friend, who ALSO had Chiari surgery.
I can't wait to sit and chat with them, because they have been where I've been.  They know how I feel, they understand like no one else can.
I'm really thrilled.

 Yes, O, thrilled.
What a face!

DH is watching an "action" film, and I am listening to iTunes on my laptop.
And guess what, my headache is MINIMAL.
Got that????     minimal

Yes, it's true.  Hallelujah.  And amen.

Two away from 400 followers, and I've decided that the giveaway will be a Socketbook.
Your choice.  Any size, any color.

Celebrating the day. Because I can.


Deb said...

I like the glasses. It always feels good to do something different for a change. Oh my goodness, that O. She's so cute. Love the little fountain on her head. :) Minimal...excellent. This should be really good for you to meet these ladies. Funny how things work out. Hugs

Ann Boyajian said...

I know what you mean about dark glasses frames when your hair turns........ been there. They help anchor the face.
That's so wonderful that you're meeting those ladies.

sandy said...

Isn't it amazing how people connect? I think the universe is doing it's magic. You're looking good, Hilary!

Anonymous said...

Perfect! A chiari support group!!!

Anonymous said...

You look great, Hilary. And that darling O! How cool to meet with others who have been through what you have and are going through. I hope they will have lots of support and encouragement for you, though it sounds like you're doing wonderfully well.


Country Girl said...

There you are! And I am so excited for you for Sunday. What wonderful support this blog has been for you. So glad ~

Sweetpea said...

I am thrilled beyond words for you, Hilary, and your new *look* is way blastin' wonderful. And I agree with CG about Sunday & the support(ers) that comes from blogland. What an enormous relief it will be to talk with fellow comrades!

Teri said...

I used to buy light colored frames thought they would just fade into my face and not be noticeable. Now, I buy darker frames, too. Its great that you are meeting with others that had the same surgery - someone that gets it and understands.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

You are looking well, and beautiful with your light hair, and contrasting dark, and blingy glasses !
How sweet it must be to have a little one in the studio, playing beneath the loom, and enjoying life through such innocence....
Happy to see you are feeling well, and hope that 2013 is the year, the monster retreats !

Susan said...

I love your look...and your outlook! Really glad the headache was at a minimum today. Have a wonderful lunch, XOXO

deborah said...

Love the new look! I am so happy you have found someone who will understand,,, I am always on the lookout for pd people under 65, (it use to be under 55, but i guess time flies and I am older now). Love the pictures of your little loom elf, she is adorable.
Hugs, Deborah

deborah said...

PS. My grandaughters loved their new sockpocketbooks,, I am sure they are the first at school to sport them!

rosek1870 said...

Looking good! I agree with the glasses. I just traded mine for red with bling on the sides. I was nervous but I do like them. Glad things are improving and the luncheon sounds great. It will help to talk to someone who has been there. Have a wonderful 2013!

Anna M. Branner said...

Hurrahs all around! Love the haircut. :) It's a lot like mine.

LynneK said...

I'm glad that you have found a two other ladies who have had the same surgery as you. It should be interesting for the three of you to share war stories.
Love the specs and haircut. (I'm not brave enough for bling on my glasses - yet!)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful wonderful news - I hope your afternoon out with ladies who understand what you have been through is awesome.

O looks to be inspecting your tie up, she is a weaver no doubt.

Love the new glasses very cute.

Cait Throop said...

How wonderful to meet these women who had the same surgery!! I feel the same about people who have had the cancer I had...just to talk with someone who totally "gets" it...Love your hair cut and glasses...I need new glasses as well cause it's been years and I think a new look is in order for the new year! "O" simply melts my heart...I think I need to be a surrogate grandma!

messymimi said...

You've given me my smile for the morning.

MarthaVA said...

How awesome that you found others with the same issues - a mini-support group! I hope that you find comfort and help through their friendship!

Sweet baby face. Too adorable and who could feel bad with those eyes smiling back at you!

Getting yourself out and primped is a wonderful way to start the new year - and minimal is GREAT!

Hugs to Roy and Next and Nuff.


The Village Queen said...

Love the way little kids go about on their toes! So glad you are feeling better, what a blessing. And finding people to say "me too" is a great boost to healing. Cheers!

Rita said...

Bold glasses look good! I am so happy that you have connected with a couple others who have gone through this surgery!! Wow!! That is amazing!! Can hardly wait to hear how it went. :)

Hilary said...

Minimal.. yay! And I'm glad you've found some folks who can relate and commiserate and support. Excellent. Miss O is indeed a little doll and Ms, Hilary looks absolutely beautiful.

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Because every thread counts