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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A day in paradise.

Can you call two friends knitting, a "Knit In"??

Well, we did call it that, and it was perfect.
A perfect quiet day,with my bff.

On the ride there, I can feel the stress leaving my body.
A sigh escapes me.

As we sat and knitted, the birds made a ruckus at the bird feeders, the brook icy cold in the background.

The warmth of the fireplace was  beyond lovely, and the occasional whiff of wood burning was nostalgic to me.
My friend's house is bathed in beautiful, restorative, sunlight.

While my friend occasionally grumbles about the lack of cupboards, the thought of chopping veggies on this countertop in this open, sunlit kitchen is very appealing.

There is a flow to her little house, and such a good feeling.  It is tastefully decorated, accidentally or otherwise, everything is just right.

The quiet is what I miss most about my own life.  I remember living like this, and there is really nothing quite like it.
It will always be in my heart, and it will always be what I aspire to have once again.

We chatted away the rest of the morning, had a gourmet lunch of home made black bean soup, and puff pastries with broccoli, onions, and mushrooms.  Then over tea, we chatted away the afternoon.
After accepting me into their domain, Winnie (left) and Topsy (right) slept in the sun.  Like Roy, Winnie snores.

There is something so peaceful about a home with dogs and cats lying around in total peacefulness.
They are all loved, and they know it.
And it's all good.

Topsy, you may be needy, but you're very sweet inside.

Outside, sunflower seeds attracted the flock.

There are times that I am confused about what I am missing, and about what I need most, and about what makes me happy.

This was a simple, beautiful reminder, that it's not that complicated, at all.


Anonymous said...

You're so right.... life is about simplicity and the rest doesn't really matter. It throws complicated things in our path and our job is just to hurl ourselves over them and then get on with the simple things once again.

And I' going to put that on my sidebar. :)

MrsB said...

I'd say you got it just right.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I can feel the warmth and calm in your photos. I love the relative quiet in my life. I have friends who are on the go all the time. I think they consider that fulfilling every single day with activity. I don't feel that way at all.

Devon said...

What a great day. Mine was a mirror of yours. I had plans to clean, but instead called up a good friend I rarely make time to see.

She and her dog came over, we walked the beasts, then our dogs relaxed by the fire and we sat near them and knit for hours catching up our lives.

I was reminded the other day that friendships take work and maintainence. Not in a bad way, I just need to not neglect them. Is it too late for resolution making?

Mary said...

Love it.

Karen said...

Nope. SO. what's the plan? :-)

Love that green hat piece...

Country Girl said...

Oh, what an absolutely perfect time, Hilary. Sunshine, a good friend in a calming atmosphere, loving pets, and a restorative time. Who could ask for more?

Country Gal said...

Simplicity is the best , peace and quiet nothing but nature around you and your loveable fur babies beside you in a cozy little home with a fire place or wood stove going , I call this perfect . Lovely photos . I am glad you had a nice relaxing time ! Have a good day !

Hilary said...

I could just about feel the sunshine.. and the calm.

Cait Throop said...

Ahhhh...yes, throw out the complicated!

Loomatic said...

Ahhh, I so want a day like that. With a good friend and knitting.

Love it!

Deb said...

Oh, I just loved this post. I know that feeling of 'peace' in the quiet with all that you need surrounding you. A wood-burning fire close by giving you a warm and cozy feel & having a best friend, who only wants your company, nothing more, to complete the package. Nice!

June said...

Please tell your friend that I love her house. I love the couches and the fireplace and the kitchen!!! All so cozy and tidy, as if Mrs Tiggywinkle lived there.
And I love Topsy too. If she were mine, with all our mutual neediness, I would put her in a sling and carry her around with me at all times.

Anonymous said...

Ah, life on the homestead....pure bliss

Daryl said...

what a perfect day .. love love the hat .. and the dogs and her house .. perfect

i didnt forget about the runner but after measuring i realized a standard runner would be too wide .. the window sill is 10 inches wide and 42 inches long .. so i put the two little mats you made up there for now and it looks nicer than the hair cover towel ..

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

Beautifully said Hilary! So beautifully said. We who have the simplest of pleasures lead the richest lives, I do believe. I type this now with only the sound of the furnace whirring in the air - I'm in my favorite chair next to the west window in a sunbeam, and my cat is sleeping on the ottoman near my feet. I feel like the richest woman in the world. Come on over for a knit in anytime!

Susan said...

I so agree about the simplicity of just sharing a day with a friend...and I think you can call two people a knit-in! My life has also been so hectic and I've taken a few days just to find myself again, XOXO

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Because every thread counts