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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking the day, every day.

I won't lie to you.
My head does NOT like this deep freeze we are experiencing.  I don't even want to walk Roy when the sun is shining, it's that cold.

I wake up in the morning, and swear to God someone smacked the back of my head with a large stick.
Luckily for me, I am fiercely stubborn, and pig headed, and resistant to being bossed around, even by a smashing headache.
I know, a lot of people would just stay in bed, or lounge around in their bathrobes watching TV all day.

Uh, no.  Not me.
I order myself out of bed, and to the shower, where I stand eyes clenched letting the steamy hot water run on my neck.  I eventually end up downstairs making tea, dressed and ready for the day with a bit of an attitude: damnyouheadacheyouarenotthebossofme.
Eat cereal immediately, so I can put Motrin down my pie hole without getting sick, drink hot tea,  put my fave herbal rice pack that has been in  the  microwave for 3 minutes right on the back of my neck.
And then I am very, very still for just as long as possible.
And slowly, very slowly, my reward comes.  The headache backs off just a bit, and then a bit more.

It never really goes away.
But Jimmy crack corn and I don't care....if you know what I mean.  This is my life, and it may not be perfect, but damn, it is my life, and I am going to proceed, headache in hand if you will.  If that's the way it has to be, then so be it. 
I can do this.
(repeat several times for effect)

My friend, Bonnie, and I went to Trader Joe's today, about 50 minutes away.  She and I are both vegetarians, and like a lot of the same foods.
It was a real treat.  I bought so many cool things to eat, I don't know where to start.

I also bought my mother some flowers, just to cheer her up.

I decided to take the whole day off, all of it.  So we went to lunch at my fave place, the Rockhill Bakery, and then I came home to knit in a sunny window.

My cohort, is usually nearby.  VERY nearby.

That's not to say that wanting to be warm doesn't make him just a little fickle.   And my mother has a stove that he warms up to.

But he'll be back.  Cause he loves me more than that old stove.


Karen said...

They all love those looooong dachsund toys, don't they. We always have atleast one in the house.

I can't bring myself to take Ben for a walk in this cold either. Global warming my *ss.

Anonymous said...

A bouquet of mixed flowers on the table always perks me up during the dead of winter! Those are lovely!

Country Gal said...

I like having blooms in the house this time of year to ! I wonder if you headaches you wake with can also be due to how your neck and head rest on your pillow maybe it is causing to much strain therefore you wake with a head ache there are pillows especially made for this to take the pressure off of ones neck . I do hope the headaches go away for you !

Loomatic said...

I agree with head doesn't like this kind of weather either. Even my car complains.

Flowers and a sunny window is the perfect cure.

Stay warm my friend.

Cait Throop said...

Beautiful flowers! My Mom loves getting flowers...and they look like spring! Speaking of Spring...I'm not walking until then. period. -17 last night. Are you kidding???!

Susan said...

I don't have the headaches, but the joint pain is what I wake up to--I have lupus and it's just a part of me now that I don't give it the upper hand. Like you, "it's not the boss of me." However, there are some days when all I want to do is crawl in a hole, but that would be admitting to defeat and that's not in my nature. I do take days off and give myself a chance to regroup; those are good to do. I put some of my paper flowers up on my blog--Think Spring! XOXO

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I wished Asheville had Trader Joe's! I keep hearing rumors that they are getting one. I am a veggie too. Gave up meat almost two years ago. My triglycerides dropped over 50 points and cholesterol is almost normal. Feel a heck of a lot better too!
Wished those d--- headaches would go away. Admire you for being strong!!
Keep warm and cozy!

claudia said...

You make me smile so big! ;)

Lydia La La said...

Dearest Hilary.... Is this pain a normal thing with Chiara ops? I really would recommend an MRI to see what is really going on. If all is well then you know that this is the deal. If not then you at least can make some decisions about it all.

Of course... don't over do it and give ole Roy a loving hug from me, please. xo

ladyoftheloom said...

I am going to bookmark this post for the future. What an awesome attitude!

And if I were a cat I would be sleeping on the heating vents at my house.

messymimi said...

Your attitude makes me want to get up and do more, even when my elbow aches.

Country Girl said...

I think you've got some very good reasons for having that second house in warmer climes, girl.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts