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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Whatever you call it.

Misty, rainy, blah day.


My pup had to go to the vet's today.
Yes, my boy Roy has kennel cough.
Amazing, because it is a virus, and he hasn't been around any dogs, unless of course you count the dog NOT ON A LEASH, that charged him on the bike trail a couple of weeks ago, and bit him on the face.
I bet he was the culprit.  Him and his owner who apparently can't read signs.

 So Roy is on medication, and it makes him sleepy, and he looks at you with those sad eyes, and I hate it when he is sick.

 I stayed home most of the day, and did some work on my web site.

I have intended to put some of my finer hand wovens on my web site for awhile.  Well, finally, I got to it.
 Along with some mobius shawls, there are scarves, baby blankets, and DISH TOWELS, at least a few to start.

You can click on the link below to check it out.
I also sent out a newsletter with some SALES for January.  You knew about the newsletter, right?


This is my fave scarf.
Wouldn't it go great with my silvery hair and black bling glasses???

My life is pretty boring.  My big plans (other than meeting my new friends for lunch tomorrow)
are making some lentil soup and some bran muffins.  And hemming some towels.

I like it that way though.  Quiet.  Boring.  Uneventful.  No drama.
Maybe getting older makes that more appealing, but appealing it is.
I have had enough excitement.
Now I want serenity, weaving by the fire, kayaking on a mountain pond, walking on a country road, rocking on the back porch watching the rain.
Peaceful, sweet.
Call it old age.
Or call it paradise.


Anonymous said...

Oh shoot... kennel cough is NO FUN! Hope the meds do their thing and Roy is feeling better soon.

Acorn to Oak said...

Poor Roy! I hope he feels better very soon. How scary that must have been when that dog charged at him and bit him. I wish people could use common sense...oh, wait, they have to have it to use it! People like that are frustrating. Anyway, get well wishes to Roy!

Your newest woven scarves are beautiful! I love the colors and they look so soft.

Karen said...

Sounds like paradise to me!

Love the scarves, all are beautiful!

Feel better Roy boy.

Country Gal said...

I call it living a simple happy quiet life ! Papa and I like it that way as well . Poor Roy boy I hope he feels better soon. Miggs had kennel cough last year here it was due to no perma freeze as the winter was so mild and the virus wasn't killed off and was air born a lot of dogs visited our vet with it last year ! I do love your work so beautiful and the colours are pretty ! Enjoy your outing sounds like fun. Hope you have a good day !

MarthaVA said...

Aw, poor Roy Boy. Juggles to him and healing thoughts too!
I love your möbius shawls. They are beautiful.
Enjoy the peace in your life.

Deb said...

I bet the red shawl would look great on you, too. Give that Roy a big hug for me. I hate when animals are sick. Deb

Cait Throop said...

Poor Roy...hard to have them feeling poorly. But your know I love your weaving!

claudia said...

Awww, that sad face is no fun! I hope Roy is up and at 'em soon!
I like the sound of your boring life. That would suit me JUST fine!
And thanks for reminding me. My oldest daughter bought us a half a days kayaking trip at our local harbor for Christmas. Does she know what's best for her Mamma or what? I can't wait for a tad better weather so we can go do that!

deborah said...

Get well soon, Roy.

Anonymous said...

Poor Roy Boy. Those eyes are so expressive. Yesterday I met a dog who has just had surgery to repair the bones in his leg after being kicked by a horse. It will cost his owner big dollars, but that's what you do when you love your animals, isn't it?
I read your blog every day, but don't often comment. I too enjoy a quiet life!

Kathy from Tasmania

That Janie Girl said...

Love the scarves - they're gorgeous!

I'd be upset at the Kennel Cough…it's hard on our babies…hope Roy gets better soon.

Diane said...

Hope Roy is feeling better soon. Sleep is a good thing.

Your mobius shawls are scrumtious, and yes, the red would look great on you.

Boring? Absolutely not!! I would call it Paradise!

Country Girl said...

I call it paradise. And I love those scarves . . .

moosecraft said...

Awww... poor Roy... give him a big hug from me... Love those shawls and the scarf! Quiet life sounds like paradise to me!

Restless Knitter said...

Aww, poor Roy. Hope he is feeling better soon. I'm with you, I can do without the drama. I know some people thrive on it and it's exhausting to watch sometimes.

Vanessa1988 said...

Aww i hope your dog has a speedy recovery :)
Those scarves look lovely!

Hilary said...

There's no reason why you couldn't call it both.. except you'll have to wait a few decades to call it old age.

Please give Roy a big, healing hug from me. Maybe even a feather for good measure. ;)

michelle said...

Poor Roy. I hope he feels better soon. Question about your scarves. The first two look like they are a chenille yarn where as the red on with the tassels (which I am considering) looks more wool like. Are they the same texture of yarn?

Anonymous said...

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